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2019 Feb 14
I like Lagoon, but my visits tend to reflect the below review. As an aside, just my $0.02, but I think Ceylonta gets each of those things right... bigger portions, more reasonable prices for what youíre getting, genuinely great service.

2019 Feb 12
With its many rave reviews in news outlets and social media, Coconut Lagoon has long been on my list of must-try restaurants in the city. However, I found myself underwhelmed after my first visit.

While the food was decent (we ordered Naddan Kohzi Curry and Butter Chicken), the flavours seemed almost identical to those found at other Indian restaurants. I will concede that perhaps I don't understand the nuances of Indian food; however, that, coupled with the relatively small quantities and steep prices, makes it hard to justify going back again. The things they do differently, like serving Porathas over naan bread, are interesting but aren't enough to entice me to return (I prefer my porathas more buttery).

The one dish we were impressed by was the Tandoori Lamb Chops (regrettably, I forgot to take a picture). Although they were delicious - well-seasoned, juicy, and tender - it doesn't seem worth the price ($14 for literally 2 RIBS of lamb or $7 per rib).

Located in Vanier, the restaurant is modest in size but more modern in design than its counterparts. While the ambience was that of a fine-dining restaurant, our interactions with the waiters left something to be desired. The waiter who took our orders seemed impersonal and distracted, seeming to barely care. That is, until he began to pressure us to order more - first, an appetizer, then, drinks. While this interaction didn't make a big impact on our experience, it certainly didn't add to it.

All things considered, I think Coconut Lagoon will be a one-time thing for me.

2017 Mar 29
Went here for dinner with friends and it was better than ever, such delicious flavours, the lamb kurma was stellar as was the Kerala Malabar coconut shrimp. We started with the veggie samosas, the onion fritters, and the shrimp kakkan shared among the 4 of us. We enjoyed the flavours and textures of all. Then on to the delicious lamb kurma and Malabar shrimp curry, chicken Nilgiri and a beef dish, name not remembered but it was a suggestion from our server to replace the beef curry as he thought we needed more variety. One of our friends was not happy with the naan and talked to the server about it and he brought a fresh basket to replace it but it was pretty much the same issue she had with the original - some of the bread seemed undercooked, looking a bit doughy. What I had was fine. I was too full for gulab jamon, that tasty sweet fried dried milk dessert I so enjoy, but I ate too well to regret it.
Got a date here with my daughter when she's visiting in April for lunch and am really looking forward to it.

2015 Jun 16
went last night, so good. shared 2 apps - chicken pakoras and aloo tiki (potato and panner patties) both really good! and 3 mains - spinach paneer was ok, lamb kurma, i really liked but 2 other parties found meat a little grissly...and lamb fat doesn't have a pleasant taste. nilgiri chicken also really good....different from getting butter chicken variations all the time. porathas we're amazing, like naan but so flaky and good.

2014 Mar 3
Had the Chicken Thali for $19. Way way way overpriced for what your getting.

1) All the dishes were extremely small.
2) The lentil dish and dessert (rice pudding) were watered down.
3) The chicken was good, it was in a creamy sauce that used only breast meat.
4) Their was an eggplant dish that was OK at best. 5) Rice wasn't even basmati :| ..?

Won't go back to get the Thali, not worth it. Seemed like the owner was on the cheap side that watered down his food and served really small portions.

2012 Apr 12
Here's another pic of the buffet.

2012 Apr 12
I stopped by here this past Tuesday for the lunch buffet and was very satisfied. The restaurant's interior was pleasant and comfortable, and I thought the food was excellent: I tried the butter chicken, pepper lamb, chicken tikka masala, chickpea curry, veg. korma, naan, rice, veg. salad, as well as a variety of chutneys and pickles. At $14.00 and change (after taxes, before tip, without beverage) I think that eating here for lunch is excellent value.

2011 Sep 11
We went for the traditional feast of Onam today and what a delightful experience it was.
Tables were set up family style got to meet and share our experience with some very nice people from all over.
A couple drove up from NY, a family from Montreal filled the table.
The beautiful banana leaves with an assortment of appetizers was at each place setting.
The owner took the time to explain all the items in front of us and what else we would be served.
Spoons were offered to those who did not wish to use there
hands to eat with, which is the traditional way to eat.
I can't remember all the items but a few really stood out for me.
Loved the cabbage and pineapple dishes and the red rice was off the wall - good.
Papadams where light and useful to scoop up the food.
Great chutneys also accompanied the dishes.
It was a total vegetarian meal in keeping with tradition.
At 20.00 a head it was a steal. Can't wait for next year !


2010 Jun 22
The servers are very attentive and take the time to explain the dishes and make recommendations. I've never had a disappointing meal at the Coconut Lagoon.

2009 Aug 4
A gem considering the neighbourhood. There's really nowhere else good to eat so we eat here a lot. Very similar to Ceylonta downtown . The dishes are healthy and varied in ingredients and flavours, usually well-cooked and well-priced. While I rarely make the trip here without a reason for shopping, if you're in the St-Laurent area you can't really do better. 7/10.




2010 Feb 21
Totally disappointed after hearing so many good things. The food was lukewarm, chicken in the butter chicken was dry, vegetable korma was basically just sauce. The only thing that saved it at all for me was the excellent gulab jamin I ordered off the menu for dessert, the Chai tea, and good service.
I have decided to give it another go and order off the menu, we'll see what happens.

2009 Oct 24
Long wait, but good buffet, and well worth the price ($12). One plate of rice, chickpea salad, chicken masala and butter chicken kept me full all afternoon/evening. Awesome naan.

2019 May 22
The vegetable thali was very good. I donít remember all the items but it included eggplant, chickpeas, lentils, among other things with a couple of spicy items. It came with a bread.