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Taylor's Genuine
Taylor's Genuine
Taylor's Genuine
Taylor's Genuine
Taylor's Genuine
Taylor's Genuine
Taylor's Genuine
Taylor's Genuine
Taylor's Genuine
Taylor's Genuine
Taylor's Genuine
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2012 Dec 29
Finally got here for dinner. The Seed to Sausage lomo was wonderfully spicy. Salsa added a bit of acidity and chutney cut the heat. Some like it hot and this is a dish for us heat seekers.

2012 Jun 30
Buddy had Taylors Genuine Burger ground beef burger, bacon, Blackburn Cheddar, rideau bakery bun, mixed greens,and roasted potatoes. He simple said the best burger he has tried. I will be taking him to Art Is In next week to see if that one still stands.

2012 Jun 30
Heading down Bank for lunch this place jumped out with a parking spot just waiting to be had.Early Summer Pappadelle with Mill Creek Sweet Peas, Seed to Sausage Bacon, Bekings Farms Poached Egg and Micha Goat Cheese sounded tasty. The egg was cooked perfect as a slight poke and it and let all that yellow goodness shower the pasta for a nice rich treat. The dish could have used a tad more parm but that is just my personal preference. Pasta was cooked just past dente and went well with the bacon and egg combination. I would definitely order this one again. Surprisingly it was not as heavy as I thought it would be out on the patio there was even room for some gelato at Stella.

2012 Apr 22
There are several chef-owned restaurants around town these days but it is not often that you get to see them in action (exceptions that come to mind are Kevin Mathieson at Art-is-in and Ross & Simon Fraser at Fraser Café). I was therefore surprised and delighted the other night when John Taylor appeared in full chef’s gear and prepared our Arctic Char dish in the open kitchen as we sat close by at the bar. An extra wonderful unexpected part of an already very satisfying evening.

2012 Mar 24
Went for lunch this afternoon and had a really pleasant experience. I had the ploughman's lunch, which included goat cheese, a few pickled/antipasto-ish items, elk salami, pork (pâté? wrong word), smoked arctic char, greens, and more deliciousness that I am sure I'm leaving out. And alongside this spread, Beau's stout. Super great. Encouraged to relax and stay around by the server. Casual, relaxing, comfortable atmosphere. Spent around $35.

2012 Feb 5
The casual neighbour atmosphere of this place is one of the things that keeps me coming back (as well as the high calibre food, of course) and for some reason, I particularly like the mood at lunch. However, during my last few visits the “feel’ of the place has been somewhat diminished due to a server with an “I’m too cool” attitude. Normally I am pretty good at ignoring these types of things but when it leads to forgetting to bring a glass of wine to the table and leaving the water glasses empty for most of the meal it is hard to overlook. I was therefore pleasantly surprised to see a different server attending to customers during my last visit – everything was restored to wonderful.

We thoroughly enjoyed:
- the fish special of the day - a perfectly cooked piece of trout with crispy skin on one side and accompanied with two individual polenta cakes and smears of squash puree
- flank steak - slices of medium rare steak sitting on a bed of peeled brussel sprouts and a mixture of mushrooms

2011 Oct 31
We went to Taylor's on Friday night. The service was solid - relaxed but professional. They were very good accommodating my wife's Gluten free requirement. There were 4 of us and everyone enjoyed their meals.

My meal - I went for the 5 course blind tasting menu with wine paring. Course 1 was a pate, onion relish, pickled beet, blue cheese and salad. Nicely done, I'm not usually a huge fan of beet, but it popped up throughout the meal and was always very tasty. Wine paring was hidden bench Riesling - which was excellent, maybe my favorite of the night.

Course 2 was sable fish. I don't remember off the top of my head what it was served with - there was a bit of chili oil and I believe a miso broth. I found the fish to be under seasoned, and the accompaniments did not make up for it. The wine paring was a chardonnay, which I didn't feel worked well with the dish.

Course 3 (probably my favorite) was a pork belly. Again I can't remember what exactly it was served with (my alternate career as a food writer is now in jeopardy) but the accompaniments for this course I do remember as being awesome. Overall all the relish/foam/sauces were delicious, this is the strong point at the restaurant. The wine was a pinot noir - I believe from Norman Hardy - which was pretty good.

Course 4 was a flat iron venison steak. Again I found the protein under seasoned, however it was served with an amazing beet hollandaise, and caramelized onion relish. These finished the dish and went really well with the venison. The wine for this course was a meritage from organized crime.

Last course was a flourless chocolate cake. Served with a tiny bit of ice cream (a slightly bigger portion would have been nice) and a yummy peanut butter and stout (or dark ale?) foam. Very tasty. A rose ice wine (forget the exact varietal) was served along side.

Overall a very enjoyable evening - generous wine pours but best of all a fun night out with friends.

2011 Sep 19
I checked out Taylor's for dinner over the summer and it didn't disappoint! I'm a huge fan of Domus so I was eager to try John Taylor's new place.

A lot of restaurants in Ottawa try to take a regional & seasonal approach, but no one does it better than John Taylor. Taylor's is a smaller, more casual restaurant than Domus, but the food is just as delicous :)

2011 Sep 3
I was lucky enough to be treated to lunch here this week. I like the feel of this place, quite small but with a nice sized bar and open kitchen.

Service, as always, was professional, knowledgeable and personable.

Food, all up to John Taylor standards, was all wonderfully flavourful and seasonal:
- Daily soup - corn based with bacon
- Flank steak with carrot puree, roasted fingerling potatoes and le coprin mushrooms
- Pasta of the day - Pappardelle with a mushroom mixture and kale

A glass of Niagara's Vineland Estates (featured winery) Chenin Blanc topped off the celebration! A magnificent break in the day.

2011 Apr 19
Had a light meal at Taylor's last night, the first time for both my friend and I.

We both ordered the vegetarian special: phyllo pastry stuffed with mushrooms and kimchi (their version is basically cooked pickled cabbage) atop tofu puree and green vegetables with a dollop of smoked tomato relish on the side. The dish was delicious! The 'kimchi'/mushroom melange was a bit strange but it worked in the phyllo pastry and most definitely with the puree and veggies.

The virgin caesar drinks were good.

The service was alright, nothing special whatsoever.

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2010 Nov 16
Went there on Thursday and food was good!
But the 4 item charcutrerie plate was $25 for 4 items and I found that a bit much.

-the bread slices were all too crisp and it would have been nice to have some softer bread too.
the bread was fresh though.

I has one Canadian cheese (forget the name),smoked trout ,sable fish smoked,prosciutto.
My only small peeve was the waiter made a very big deal of how prosciutto was me that is very annoying.

Guest had the tofu curry dish, that was good-but was $22 for that and would have looked nicer if there was a small side like a few fresh veggies to add more interest to the dish (or maybe some fresh bread to mop up the curry sauce?).

The only desserts I was told there was that day was Strawberry sorbet,raspberry sorbet,blueberry sorbet and those were $10 at this time.

Did not really want sorbet for dessert,so got ice cream at another store down the street that also has homemade ice creams.

It was also the birthday of one of the people there and the staff did nothing for that at all-not even a free tiny scoop of ice cream.
-did not expect anything big,but a little disappointed by that.

Maybe I will go back for brunch sometime, but not too sure as there is another place on Bank st I want to try.

2010 Jul 8
It's simple: babies don't belong in fine dining establishments. Thankfully this will help keep these three annoying bourgeois ladies out, too. Take your infant child to a wading pool.


2011 Oct 1
Sold on the “Genuine" burger served here (had it the last 2 visits!) – the combination of beef, Grey Owl cheese, bacon and house-made ketchup is fantastic.

It is served with roasted fingerling potatoes and a salad. For $16 this is a great well rounded, filling lunch.