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Taylor's Genuine
Taylor's Genuine
Taylor's Genuine
Taylor's Genuine
Taylor's Genuine
Taylor's Genuine
Taylor's Genuine
Taylor's Genuine
Taylor's Genuine
Taylor's Genuine
Taylor's Genuine
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2010 Jul 22
Last night we decided to try Genuine, John Taylor’s new restaurant. I was so excited to be going to a restaurant I hadn’t reviewed yet that I forgot my camera. So unfortunately you’re just going to have to paint the mental picture in your head. Which probably isn’t such a bad thing.

I’ve been looking forward to the opening of this restaurant. And judging by the filled up little space on a Wednesday night, many other people have been too. I even ran into someone who said that last night was their 3rd visit. Not bad for a spot that’s been open less than one month.

My first impression was that of comfort, here for a good time with friends. At a first glance, the mains on the menu didn’t get me as excited as I thought they would. But once the food came it was a different story. The descriptions do not oversell the actual experience, which made me very happy.

A delicious list of charcuterie presented itself upon our arrival – the perfect sharing option for a group of 4. Although the quantity that was served was slightly less than expected, the quality was 100%. Flavourful, traditional Berkshire pork terrine, slivers of salty Ontario grass fed beef bresaola and double smoked Ontario Berkshire flat pancetta were the chosen meats. In the cheese department, strong and super tasty Cape Vessy organic goat’s milk from 5th Town Cheese, Pine River 7 year old cheddar and Lancaster 2 year old gouda, all local and all amazing. Our bottle of Ca’del Solo, a Sangiovese from the Bonny Doon vineyard, was the perfect pairing. I planned to go Ontario the entire time, they have a nice selection of Prince Edward County and Niagara wines. But when I set my eyes on this Californian red, I couldn’t pass it up.

We were all delighted with our mains. My husband and our friend Paul both had the hanger steak, pan seared and soy marinated, market vegetables, carrot purée and Le Coprin mushrooms. I think rare was the way to go on that piece of meat. I tried a bite of my husband's and it was so juicy. Sue had the pan roasted quail, also a winner (I tried a bite), served with citrus thyme Israeli couscous, seasonal vegetables and smoked tomato chutney. I've never had Israeli couscous but it was super fun! Like pellets with an orzo texture. And even with all these wonderful dishes in front of me, I still feel I made the best choice. Mouthwatering Lake Ontario pickerel with yummy Chorizo polenta cakes in the shape of mini muffins, wilted earthy greens and fresh market vegetables.

For a restaurant that hasn't been open very long, I think they're doing a great job. In a year from now they will surely be a staple in the neighbourhood. Who knows, maybe some others will follow suit and build up the restaurant scene at that end of Bank. Service was good and prices reasonable. The small charcuterie plate (4 items) is $20, medium (6 items) is $30 and the large (8 items) is $40. Apps range from $7 to $12 and mains from $20 to $25.

2010 Jul 12
Pork loin with potato salad, smoked tomato chutney and fresh Market vegetables @ Taylor's Genuine Food and Wine Bar.

2010 Jul 12
Quail with couscous, fresh peas and Market vegetables @ Taylor's Genuine Food & Wine Bar.

2010 Jul 12
My boyfriend and I dined at Taylor's again, and once again were delighted by the food, atmosphere and exceptional service. Although it was a Monday night, the place was once again almost at capacity; we were lucky to snag a place at the bar (make reservations!). We started with a fantastic Caesar salad topped with pickled egg and fried capers. For our mains, I had the quail with jumbo couscous and fresh market peas, while my boyfriend had the pork loin with potato salad and smoked tomato chutney. Both were delicious! For dessert, I had the mixed berry tart with a scoop of Pascale's goat's milk vanilla ice cream. It was heavenly! Although the mixed berry filling was light, fresh and delish, I was especially impressed with the crust, which too often tends to be a bit soggy or difficult to cut through, but in this case was perfectly baked - it tasted like it just came out of the oven moments before.

2010 Jul 9
You and your sister were not discriminated against. In fact it was your sister's infant that was not welcome. And why should an infant be welcome in a licensed wine bar full of other adults drinking liquids the law reserves for adults?

Perhaps if the infant's mother and aunt were more adult themselves, the infant's mother and aunt would understand how inappropriate it is to take an infant to a wine bar.

Responsible nursing mothers with diapers to change do not inflict their needs on the patrons and staff of a wine bar (except in an emergency).

Your complaint to the Human Rights Commission trivializes the real and serious acts of discrimination faced by some Canadians, and is a misuse of the Commission's funding and purpose.

The next time you and your sister want to go out for dinner or drinks, get a babysitter or go somewhere more able to accommodate the needs of selfish young women with children, and an undeserved sense of entitlement.

I would submit that you both owe Taylor's staff and customers an apology, but since it is very unlikely that you or your sister will ever attend their premises again, that is probably more than enough thanks for the favour of taking your children somewhere else.

2010 Jun 30
I too am curious as to what makes my earlier comment objectionable. It is an opinion. I'm not sure I understand why those supportive of a claim are within their rights to say so, and those opposed are not.

This is all a bit off topic, though. My experiences at Taylor's have been wonderful. I have tried several items from the regular and charcuterie menus, and have thoroughly enjoyed all. The service has been friendly, and has become more confident over the barely 2 weeks that the restaurant has been open. I'm thrilled with this addition to the neighbourhood.

2010 Jun 30
why on earth has Jo Jo's comment been flagged as questionable? This is her opinion, like the rest of the comments about this story on here and in the forum.
I'm on the fence on this one, I agree it's not right to tell someone they can't bring their baby, however they weren't told NOT to come. Just discouraged and advised they weren't well set up for infants (no changing table, etc).
I agree the article in the Citizen is not fair, and it's definitely not going to prevent me from giving Taylor's a try. In fact I (and several people I've talked to) are even more keen to go sooner than later with all this going on. I've heard the food is fantastic :)

2010 Jun 30
Are you kidding me? My tax dollars are going to be spent processing a human rights complaint because someone is unhappy that they were discouraged (not forbidden; discouraged) from bringing baby into a wine bar?

Restaurants have reservations for groups under a certain size, jacket and tie required, etc... If you don't like the policies of a particular venue, don't go there. Tell all of your friends not to go there. Just don't waste my money with nuisance Human Rights complaints.

2010 Jun 30
If more kids rave that this is the place for the best meal of their lives, let's hope to see soon a Kid's Menu!!!


2010 Jun 30
I've been to Taylor's Genuine Food & Wine Bar twice. Once with my husband on a Friday evening and recently had lunch at Taylor's with my entire family, including my two kids. The Staff, the food and the atmosphere was wonderful. The Chef was attentive and took time to ask the kids if they liked their meal given the sophisticated menue.. Both my kids thought it was the best meal they ever had. We thoroughly enjoyed our entire experience at Taylor's.

The article in the Citizen is not fair and simply being relayed by an irate customer but does not accurately reflect Taylor's. Our experience with our kids was much different. This wine bar / restaurant is small and the seating is cozy. The weekend evening vibe is definitly geared to an adult lifestyle. I like that. I enjoyed my date night with my husband at Taylor's without kids. I would have been one very angry customer had my husband and I on our date night been seated next to a screaming infant.

I'll be going back. My kids and I can't wait to try their weekend brunch. My husband and I are looking forward to our next date night at Taylor's without kids. Great spot. Love the Vibe. LOVE the food.

Thank you John and Sylvia Taylor.

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2010 Nov 16
Went there on Thursday and food was good!
But the 4 item charcutrerie plate was $25 for 4 items and I found that a bit much.

-the bread slices were all too crisp and it would have been nice to have some softer bread too.
the bread was fresh though.

I has one Canadian cheese (forget the name),smoked trout ,sable fish smoked,prosciutto.
My only small peeve was the waiter made a very big deal of how prosciutto was me that is very annoying.

Guest had the tofu curry dish, that was good-but was $22 for that and would have looked nicer if there was a small side like a few fresh veggies to add more interest to the dish (or maybe some fresh bread to mop up the curry sauce?).

The only desserts I was told there was that day was Strawberry sorbet,raspberry sorbet,blueberry sorbet and those were $10 at this time.

Did not really want sorbet for dessert,so got ice cream at another store down the street that also has homemade ice creams.

It was also the birthday of one of the people there and the staff did nothing for that at all-not even a free tiny scoop of ice cream.
-did not expect anything big,but a little disappointed by that.

Maybe I will go back for brunch sometime, but not too sure as there is another place on Bank st I want to try.

2010 Jul 8
It's simple: babies don't belong in fine dining establishments. Thankfully this will help keep these three annoying bourgeois ladies out, too. Take your infant child to a wading pool.


2011 Oct 1
Sold on the “Genuine" burger served here (had it the last 2 visits!) – the combination of beef, Grey Owl cheese, bacon and house-made ketchup is fantastic.

It is served with roasted fingerling potatoes and a salad. For $16 this is a great well rounded, filling lunch.