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Taylor's Genuine
Taylor's Genuine
Taylor's Genuine
Taylor's Genuine
Taylor's Genuine
Taylor's Genuine
Taylor's Genuine
Taylor's Genuine
Taylor's Genuine
Taylor's Genuine
Taylor's Genuine
Foods from Taylor's Genuine

2016 Mar 24
Had a nice Lunch recently at Taylor's - The roasted cauliflower soup was the real winner. Rich Flavour's and some great spices made this a great warmer upper for a cold damp day on Bank st.

The Burger was delicious medium-well but still juicy. Delicious onion Jam and aged white cheddar with Bacon. The house ketchup was a great garnish and the greens were nicely although plainly dressed.

The Beet Salad was popping with flavour and had some tasty spiced almonds - the mustard garnish on the plate was a little contrasting with the sweet dressing but I just avoided it.

Our meal came with nice warm bread with a fresh oil dip and was really a nice touch.

I'll definitely be trying this again (proximity to work is excellent) and the good service and relaxed vibe was quite nice.

2015 Sep 24
This was probably our 6th or so visit since rediscovering Taylors.

Mains were up to their usual standard, but today we went for a dessert, which we don't normally do.

This flourless chocolate quinoa cake was just spectacular. I'm not a fan of quinoa, but if it hadn't been mentioned in the description I'd have never known. A perfect, moist mound of chocolatey heaven covered in chocolate & caramel sauce, topped with chocolate ice cream and surrounded with more chocolate bits, biscuit crumbs and a few berries (so I can claim it was actually healthy ...).

I could die happy right now.


2015 Aug 3
We decided to try Taylors again after a disappointing dinner a few years back. Previously, I would echo Delizioso's comments regarding value for money and not leaving feeling full.

I'm pleased to report they have upped their game, and we've had two excellent dinners in the past few weeks.

The food is very fresh and local. I think it must be 'pea week' as all four of our dishes included really crisp and tasty peas. Not shown are the chilled pea soup and the risotto starter (also available as a main) which included peas, mint & garlic scapes.

For mains, I had the fish special (top) which was a duo of seared arctic char & a crispy fishcake. Wilted greens, beans and those tasty peas are hidden underneath, as was a tasty but very solitary half of a grilled potato.

Mrs Rat had the beef from O'Briens. Apparently the cut changes and tonight it was sirloin tri-tip which was perfect for her picky palette. Again, peas, scapes & wilted greens were on the side as was a very tasty potato mash. I was fortunate to sample what Mrs Rat couldn't finish.

No room for dessert, we both left stuffed and happy (as we did a few weeks back).

Service was pleasant and relaxed, and both times (both Monday nights) were nicely bustling without being too busy or quiet. They have a small patio (not that the restaurant inside is massive) and we sat there both times. It's a busy intersection, but you are just far enough away from Bank so that you can watch the world go by rather than being distracted by the traffic.

Can't speak to the wine list, but they had 4 craft brews on tap, which keeps this rodent happy.

We will definitely repeat.


2013 Sep 21
Can’t say enough good things about the crispy pig ears that I had here the other night. I’ve never experienced such a dish before – nothing like I was expecting. The pigs ears where small strips of coated crispy scrumptiousness atop a creamy coleslaw like concoction of carrots, celery, kohlrabi and radish. The intermingling of hot sauce on the pig ears and ranch dressing on the vegetables made the most perfect combination.

I will be having this dish again very soon.

2013 Apr 8
We went out to Taylor's over the weekend for a celebatory dinner and were sadly disappointed in our experience. It wasn't terrible by any means but it failed to live up to our expectations.

- Endive Salad: My boyfriend said it was OK, I thought the bitterness of the endive made the dish inedible but that's more personal preference. However, it was essentially sliced endive and not much else...for $15, it was way overpriced.
- Beef Tostadas: Very good. Some might consider it a small portion, but to me it was decent.

- Duck breast: Served medium rare, this was okay but not great. A little tough and the fat was not crispy at all.
- Braised Beef: Really liked this. Super moist and tender.

- Elvis Tart: Peanut butter, banana, and bacon tart...yummm, I would go back and order the dessert and nothing else.

- We had the Tollgate Sauvignon Blanc. The wine list was a lot smaller than I would have expected.

- I was not a fan of the server at all. We felt extremely rushed. We had an 8pm reservation and paid our bill by 9:15. The server was also not very attentive or helpful with food or wine recommendations however the table next to us recieved amazing service and was given several samples of things. Felt a little unwelcome after seeing that.

- My biggest complaint about Taylor's is the value. The food was okay/good, but the portions are way too small in relation to the price. Before tip, our bill was $160 for 2 apps, 2 mains, 1 dessert, and a bottle of wine. Not a cheap meal, it wasn't horrible but neither of us left full. I don't think we'll be back and I would have a hard time recommending this restaurant to anyone based on the fact that you can get much better food at many other restaurants at a more reasonable price with significantly better service.

2013 Mar 22
I had a lunch with my friend at Taylor's.

I ordered House Smoked Trout $22
Warm potato salad, lemon truffle aioli, market vegetables, and poached egg.

Trout had a hint of smoked flavour which I liked so much. Broke the yolk and it drizzled down the meal like sauce. Very tasty! I found potato was bit salty, but I think it would goes well with fresh dry white wine...I couldn't drink wine because I was the driver.

Server was very friendly. It was also fun to be able see chefs cooking my meal.

I will come back soon!

2013 Jan 29
My companion and I were looking for something in the area that was a little on the nicer side, but was still accessible for a quick, casual dinner.
So we went to Taylor's last week after about a year hiatus.

I have to say this most recent dinner was pretty much perfect.

I had a craving for the lamb shank, but wanted it with the delicious sounding garnish on the duck plate (blue-cheese mash and spaghetti squash).
So I did something I rarely do and requested the swap. Not a problem!
Lamb was tender, fall off the bone, and not overly "gamey". Blue Cheese Mash had flavour without being over powering.
My companion had the Arctic Char which she said may have been the best prepared fish dish she's had in an Ottawa restaurant, although it was definitely the whitest char I had ever seen.

Not a lot of specifics or technicalities to comment on.
Good, well-paced service, excellent wine and beer selection for the venue size, and a well prepared, delicious dinner.

I think Taylor's has nudged it's way onto my top 10 list with this past experience.

2012 Dec 29
Beer Braised Ontario Beef Shortrib with a honey glaze. Our server was on the mark when she reccomended it even with my anti sweet and meat preferances. I had to order anything that came with house made onion rings. House Kimchi, King Eryngii Mushrooms, and onion rings topped with the house ketchup that added a whole other dimension to the dish meshing with the richness of the beef to make this one memorable main. Sorry about the pic lighting was just dimmed.

2012 Dec 29
On to the Beef Tri Tip Tostadas all I can say is yummy! O’Brien farms tri tip steak, mole sauce, micha goat cheese, turmeric pickled onion. No overly swwet flavors or chocolate taste to the mole a nice blend of flavors. This should be served as a main on a larger scale I would be there every week.

2012 Dec 29
Finally got here for dinner. The Seed to Sausage lomo was wonderfully spicy. Salsa added a bit of acidity and chutney cut the heat. Some like it hot and this is a dish for us heat seekers.



2010 Nov 16
Went there on Thursday and food was good!
But the 4 item charcutrerie plate was $25 for 4 items and I found that a bit much.

-the bread slices were all too crisp and it would have been nice to have some softer bread too.
the bread was fresh though.

I has one Canadian cheese (forget the name),smoked trout ,sable fish smoked,prosciutto.
My only small peeve was the waiter made a very big deal of how prosciutto was me that is very annoying.

Guest had the tofu curry dish, that was good-but was $22 for that and would have looked nicer if there was a small side like a few fresh veggies to add more interest to the dish (or maybe some fresh bread to mop up the curry sauce?).

The only desserts I was told there was that day was Strawberry sorbet,raspberry sorbet,blueberry sorbet and those were $10 at this time.

Did not really want sorbet for dessert,so got ice cream at another store down the street that also has homemade ice creams.

It was also the birthday of one of the people there and the staff did nothing for that at all-not even a free tiny scoop of ice cream.
-did not expect anything big,but a little disappointed by that.

Maybe I will go back for brunch sometime, but not too sure as there is another place on Bank st I want to try.

2010 Jul 8
It's simple: babies don't belong in fine dining establishments. Thankfully this will help keep these three annoying bourgeois ladies out, too. Take your infant child to a wading pool.


2011 Oct 1
Sold on the “Genuine" burger served here (had it the last 2 visits!) – the combination of beef, Grey Owl cheese, bacon and house-made ketchup is fantastic.

It is served with roasted fingerling potatoes and a salad. For $16 this is a great well rounded, filling lunch.