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2013 Nov 1
Addendum to my note below (I can't seem to edit it, so my apologies for taking up more space in a new note): I am rather amused that as the up votes increase, the down votes seem to mysteriously catch up...

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2013 Oct 31
Went to the Glebe location with a group of friends for a pre-birthday celebration on Sunday. I had the Keg Style pizza with dusted cornmeal crust. I love the crust here because it's not globs and globs of dough. The toppings (steak, green onion, caramelized onion, bacon) were delightful, and I had the "lumpy feta" dip for my crust. It's my favourite of the many pizza's there, and although I try to pick a new pizza every time I go, I couldn't pass up on enjoying the Keg Style again.

2013 Oct 19
Opt for Tennessy Willems instead [Zazaza, Hintonburg]
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The food was OK, just nothing to write home about especially at their price point (which rivals the tastier & better executed Tennessy Willems across the street). Don’t get me wrong – you might have an good experience here (service was great, staff were friendly, neat looking restaurant with a pretty good vibe; fun pizza names / theme). I just found it a bit gimmicky (check out the menu), and my rule for eating out (or returning to a restaurant) is only if it blows me away and/or is a tasty dirt cheap hole in the wall / hidden gem of a mom and pop shop and/or something I don’t make (or can’t make better) at home.

SALAD – Their version of a Caesar salad (“Romano”) was OK – definitely nothing offensive, but generic. Dressing was mild (I like Caesars rather zippy and garlicky). Pancetta’s a nice touch in lieu of bacon.

MAIN – Cat Stevens No 2 (on regular “dusted cornmeal” crust), with tomato sauce, tomatoes, garlic, grilled eggplant, snow peas, hummus. Unimpressed with the “drizzle” of hummus – more like how ketchup gets zig zagged on hot dogs – but the combo was interesting and goes well. A bit too much hummus, though (overpowers everything). Tomatoes and eggplants were sad (eggplant should really be sliced thinner as a pizza topping); couldn’t really taste the garlic (except on the hummus. Maybe the resto should start selling hummus? It’s pretty good hummus, just unbalanced with the pizza). Similar to my comments about the salad, I’d say flavours were generally mild (or a bit unbalanced) / not as punchy (in a subtle details kind of way) as I’d expect. Crust was OK (nothing offensive, but nothing to write home about).

With Tennessy Willems across the street, I won’t be coming back here if I’m craving ‘gourmet’ pizza.

PS: I’ve read the owner and brand manager’s responses to negative reviews (see Beechwood location on While I’m sure they might be lovely in person, the tone of those notes make me think twice about returning, regardless of my views on the food.

2013 Jun 17
Back Sun pm, mid June. Had the strawberry/goat cheese salad, Penny's Pizza on dusted corn and Italian Too on grain.

Utter satisfactipon right across the table.

The salad was loaded with fruit and cheese, spinach was fresh, not a wilted leaf in sight.

Penny's is a nice combination of tomato sauce, proscuitto, arugula and i'm forgetting what else. Totally enjoyable.

The Italian Too was pesto sauce with various grilled veg and boccocinni. Delicious. Veg were slices thin and grilled thru but not burned.

Service was great.

French press coffee a nice touch.

Fast becoming my fave za place in O-town.

2013 Jun 14
Was always curious after seeing white pizza on so many menus in the U.S. Took the plunge tonight at Za and tried the carbonara. I can say I'm hooked. The way the white sauce melted into the crust making an extra crispy light texture was definately different than the norm. Snow peas,pancetta and bacon. Salty ,savoury without the sweet great combination. Great light summery meal. Tried the Heller High Water again and can say it s not my taste, bit too much malt.

2013 Jun 10
We tried out ZaZaZa for the second time on Sat night (first time was years ago).

It was surprisingly not busy and staff were actually leaving early while we were there.

We started with the cross-cut sweet potato fries and chose two dipping sauces: Chipotle and Honey n' Spice. Both were really tasty but the Chipotle was MUCH spicier than the one at The Works. Usually I finish my whole sauce at The Works. Here I could only dip a corner of a chip in or else smoke would come out of my ears. LOL


He ordered: ITALIAN TOO
Pesto Oil – Parmesan,
grilled eggplant, grilled zucchini,
tomatoes, fresh basil, bocconcini and he added Italian sausage.
He went with the Honey Oat crust.

The crust was really tasty but a bit doughy - makes for a heavier pizza. The toppings were a bit bland. Not a ton of flavour on this pizza.

I ordered: CHEEZBOIGA!
Tomato sauce – mozza, ground beef, strip bacon,
tomatoes, onions, cheddar, pickle garnish,
ketchup drizzle

I subbed out the ketchup drizzle for BBQ sauce drizzle and chose the Gluten-free crust.

First can I say: Best gluten free pizza crust I have tried so far in this city. In fact I double checked to make sure they used the right crust. That's how much it seemed like a traditional crust. Will go back for that alone.

Second - this pizza was tasty! Best part were the bread and butter pickles (added after baking) and the bbq drizzle. Will order this exact combo again for sure.

We would have stayed longer and had more drinks / dessert but they were playing AWFUL music (in a tiny space). Not in any way geared to the type of clients occupying the 3 tables and in fact, we couldn't even figure out who working there would like that music as no one seemed "the type". (I won't elaborate on the music as I don't want to offend anyone - just happens to be our most hated music style).

Anyways, restaurants should be REALLY careful what type of music they are playing. Try to adjust it based on the type of crowd you have and for pete's sake, please don't play your own "personal" preferences. This is not your living room and you have to keep alot of varied clients happy. Stick to something as neutral as possible. Just my two cents.

2013 Apr 26
Had to stop in for this months feature before it ended. The Vodka Martini Pizza. Most of the ingredients available at Jacobsons. A rich vodka tomato sauce with belvatino balsamic cheese,manzilla olives,tasty in house fennel sausage,mozzarella and a hint of basil. This is the heaviest one yet I have tried here. Wish this would be a regular feature but sadly only till the end of April. We always enjoy our visit and usually get the same server. Next month Tony Greco is inspiring a healthy pizza. can't wait for the new Kichesippi Heller High Water coming soon. Between the pizza, beer and goat cheese balls this is one of our go to spots.

2013 Apr 22
Been to the Glebe location twice now, once to eat in, once takeout. Totally happy both times.

The place has a nice look. Stone, funky seating, big garage door window up front, cool lighting. Would fit in no problem on College St in TO or downtown Mtl.

Service in restaurant was friendly, helpful and prompt. We weren't rushed, didn't have to hunt for the waitress and got everything we asked for, water, spicy oil, extra napkins.

Takeaway was ready exactly when they said it would be. If i'm going to be nitpicky, the space to wait for your takeout is a bit crampped and either in front of the bathroom or the only path for the servers, which isn't ideal either way.

On to the za... Tennesey Willems and The Grand have held place 1 and 2 in Ottawa for pizza for me for a while. TW gets the slightly chewy just made crust and awesome toppings just right, and the Grand does classic thin crust w/tasty toppings the way i like. Zazaza now throws my list out of whack. Have tried the dusted corn bread and the wheat crust, both were tasty, just the right balance between soft and crispy.
Tried the Cowboy (i think - it involved chicken and pesto), Cat Steven's #2 (i can't be the only one who chuckled at that name, but the veg/cheese combo is super tasty) and the Lover's Leap (pepperroni AND sausage, yesplstnx) all nailed it. Toppings were fresh and ample and the combinations well thought out.

Nice starter salad available. Haven't tried the evil fried things served in shoes yet but they looked good.

Shared salad, 2 zaz, glass of wine each was approx $30pp. Totally worthwhile. Will be back, will send others.

2012 Dec 5
ZaZaZa is opening a new location in Hintonburg, in the old Vina Del Mar restaurant.

2012 Sep 14
Brought the inlaws for dinner tonight. We all had pizzas. I noticed something off with mine it seemed smaller than the others brought to our table and when I had a slice of the cajun coboy Ididn't really want mine it didn't taste as good.Our server came over and apologized that I was brought the wrong crust. I know now what gluten free tastes like. Luckily they caught the mistake before the other patron dug in to my pie.We were charged for the pizza but were given a coupon for a free pizza next visit now that is how to fix a mistake. Great service.

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