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2012 Sep 14
Brought the inlaws for dinner tonight. We all had pizzas. I noticed something off with mine it seemed smaller than the others brought to our table and when I had a slice of the cajun coboy Ididn't really want mine it didn't taste as good.Our server came over and apologized that I was brought the wrong crust. I know now what gluten free tastes like. Luckily they caught the mistake before the other patron dug in to my pie.We were charged for the pizza but were given a coupon for a free pizza next visit now that is how to fix a mistake. Great service.

2012 Aug 4
Had lunch there today at the Glebe location. It was pretty hot outside so we were a little worried that the garage door at the front was wide open and we would melt from the heat but it ended up being very comfortable. Started with the sweet potato cross-cuts with chipotle dipping sauce. Tasty and intriguing (how do they cut the fries like that and who thought of serving them in a sneaker???). I got the Fancy Mushroom pizza. Thin crust, lots of mushrooms and mozzarella and goat cheese. Spousal unit got the Italian Too pizza - grilled eggplant and zucchini, tomatoes, bocconcini. Both pizzas were delicious. Crust was good but we both still think that Tennesy Willems' crust is the best in Ottawa. This place though has a bigger selection of pizzas and the option of a gluten-free crust. Service was friendly and efficient. Oh and prosciutto was spelled properly on the menu.

2012 Jul 3
FYI : they have their liquor license now.

2012 Jun 25
Yes Tourist that is a tennis shoe they are served in. I am wondering what the large order is served in. I will be going back soon to find out.

2012 Jun 25
Hey Ken, can you confirm what I am seeing ... do they really serve those goat balls of fire in a SHOE?

2012 Jun 24
We ordered the LOVERíS LEAP with tomato sauce,mozza, pepperoni, hot italian
sausage, tomatoes, black olives. The black olives were really Kalamata and that made for a much better choice. Everything was top quality,finally real pepperoni has come to Ottawa. Sausage was not to hot with nice spices. It was lunch so we split a 12 inch on white corn meal crust. The thin crust was crispy light and let you taste all your toppings that are actually toppings not underings. No wood oven here but more toppings more choice simply more food than the competition for a great price. A 12 inch would be perfect for supper just enough to fill up and not leave hungry. They also have a hot spiced olive oil for drizzling that makes everything slide easily. Can't wait for ournextx visit pizza and beer heaven close to home.

2012 Jun 24
On the search for some decent pizza we decided to give this place a try. Cool little spot with some funky decor and some super pleasant service. No beer yet but our server said Kichesippi Blond will be on tap soon. We started with Goodness Gracious Goat Balls of Fire and these as the menu states were heavenly. You just need to be careful when biting into them that the cheese doesn't squirt out onto you shirt. The chipotle dip is not afraid to give you some kick and the hot mama tomato dip stands up perfectly to the flavors of the goat and parm cheese these nuggets are filled with. We will be back to get the large order nest time.

2012 Jun 14
I visited the new Glebe location yesterday. I have been to the Beechwood location once before and enjoyed that experience (except for the shoebox size of the place).
This time the toppings on my pizza were very sparse. Each slice had only one quarter-sized piece of chorizo on it and one loonie-sized peice of chicken. Could not really see or taste any of the carmelized onions that were also supposed to be on the pizza. For $15, it did not seem worth it.

The decor and layout was a bit puzzling. There was a huge mirror on one wall of the restaurant that was reflecting the sun into people's eyes so much that I overheard numerous requests to change tables. The place was full though with no open spots to move to. I spent half of my meal holding up a menu in front of my face to block the blinding glare.
There was also 3 or 4 seating arrangements of leather club chairs with low coffee tables. It looked rather awkward for the people sitting there as they were trying not to drop toppings into their laps. Strange choice of seating for a pizza joint.

If I were to go back, I'd order one of the pizzas with the inexpensive toppings (potatoes, veggies etc) as they seem to skimp out when you order one with chorizo, steak etc.

2012 Jun 12
FYI... The location in the Glebe just opened. Fun place cute decor and ambiance :)

2012 Feb 11
As HipFunkyFun noted, there will be a second location in the old Civic Shawarma (opposite Kettlemans Bagels) opening in May 2012.

Great news for me, I currently trek from Old Ottawa South up to the New Edinburgh location.

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