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2012 Feb 4
New location opening in the Glebe, near Holmwood. The sign is out and declares:
Our mission : To rescue the Glebe from bland pizza.

(It is 2 doors down from Pizza Pizza)

2010 Sep 10
Got a chance to visit Zazaza this week. It was a nice experience overall.

The room is tiny, it seats about 20. I think it will be tricky getting a table here in the colder months, once patio season wraps up.

The menu is straightforward. There were quite a few pizza options, mostly with "gourmet" ingredients, though there were a couple of options that were more ordinary. I was happy to see the variety, as I had read a few reviews suggesting the choices were not that interesting. We ordered the freshly fried chips with a dipster as an app. The chips were good, a bit spicy, nice mix of crispy and softer ones, and the garlic dip was delicious.

Everyone enjoyed their pizzas, which ranged from the KD&hotdog option, to the Carbonara, the veggie one with feta drizzle, and one with bacon and pickles. One member of our party changed her order at the last second, and the server acknowledged the change. But, when the pizzas came out the "previous" choice was brought, instead of the revised order. The friendly waitress instantly apologized, arranged for the correct pie to be made immediately, and left the wrong one for us to nibble/share YET it was still taken off our bill. Classy.

We will return.

2010 Aug 11
Went with a friend for lunch and sat on the 'patio' (it's nice for what it is, though probably not so much at times with a lot of street traffic) a couple weeks back. Overall, the pizza was great. The pizza itself was delicious.. thin crust, good crispness, and structurally sound, though I found that the toppings almost buried its taste.

We skipped the apps and went straight for the pizza. We ordered one personal each. My friend had the Cat Stevens (eggplant, garlic, peppers, mushrooms were the highlights) and was looking forward to the 'fresh humus drizzle' mentioned on the menu.. though it turned out to mean an aluminum portion cup of humus from the fridge. It was good humus, though, and worked for dipping and spreading.

I ordered the Crazy Horse (pesto oil, chicken, onions, pine nuts, goat cheese), and it was so good that I'm worried that I'll order it again next time rather than try any others. The proportions were right on, and the goat cheese and pine nuts made the dish.

They had Big Rock beer, which was a nice touch.

Looking forward to going back to try another.. seems to me like it will be a success. One of the better pizzas of this style that I've had in the city.

2010 Jul 24
My wife and I went with a friend last night based on the recommendations from here and enjoyed it.

The salads are good and the pizzas are well made with quality ingredients. The selection while not earth shattering is way better than average.

You were smart to order the lemonade, the wine they serve is just drinkable.

For an inexpensive and casual dinner, it cannot be beat.

2010 Jul 19
We finally got to go and try this little place and had an okay experience. We went with another couple without a reservation and they were able to seat us promptly (Wed. evening). The menu had some good choices but I have to say that I was disappointed. I thought that considering The Works menu having sooo many unique items to try there would be more choice, or more 'crazy' pizza combos. There were approx. 10 different types of pizza, none out of the ordinary really.
We all ordered a different personal size pizza and were pleased with the crusts and toppings. The crust actually for me, was perfect. Crisp, thin, and coated with corn meal YUM.
Unfortunately I dont think their service was up to par that night. Two of us had wrong or missing toppings on our pizza, water was not refilled, pizza took about 60 mins to arrive at our table, and they came out at all different times?...
I think I would get take out from here (saw LOTS of people picking up their orders) but maybe not sit in again.

2010 Jun 25
Enjoyed a nice little meal on the patio with friends. The lemonade is tasty. Salads are very well priced and quite tasty, although my husband mentioned his caesar salad had too much dressing on it. The pizza menu is vast and has some very interesting combinations, some with chicken, others with fruit, lots of cheese and sauce options. Our server was accommodating with some of the diners' requests for changes. My friends and I enjoyed a variety of orders from the plain to the super-inventive, all of which were well executed. Service was a bit questionable and our bills were really messed up but we all dealt with it. Price point is excellent. Two people can split one of their large pizzas for $15!! I would recommend ZaZaZa for a laid-back, fun meal.

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