2280 Carling Ave., strip mall close to Woodroffe Ave.

Foods from Pookie's

2008 May 4
Addendum (May 18th): i've now been back for som-tam and sticky rice, and will say its the best i've had in Ottawa (and perhaps outside of Thailand). A great dish to have with a beer or two, Pookie's som tam brought together spicy, sour, sweet and salty elements into a single salad. The rice was also v. good, fresh and the right consistency!

Based of a return visit (take-out) to try other (veggie) dishes, including gang pah, aka"jungle curry", and a stir-fry, I can say Pookie's shows a lot of promise for a newly opened restaurant.

I requested my gang pah hot-spicy, and Pookie's accommodated. Spicy it was, but it was also a very balanced, flavourful curry made tangy-sweet w/ galanga (and tamarind?) & coupled with the right amount of Thai basil: my fav. (Thai) curry in recent memory (and maybe the best i've had in Ottawa). The stir fry was also flavourful (if a bit more generic) and the jasmine rice was perfectly done.

The service was polite and amiable.

Alone on both visits (and being vegetarian), i can't say i've had a broad enough sample to recommend across the board. Som tam (green papaya salad) or other eastern Thai specialties are for return visits. And on that point, I hope Pookie's is not plagued by its location (off Carling).

2008 Apr 4
Pookie's Thai occupies the same location at the now defunct Cumin 'n Goan restaurant.

I ordered Pad Thai to go, so i can't comment (yet) on the other menu items. Mine was good, but in general, I don't find Pad Thai to be a particularly good indicator of a Thai restie's worth since its a pretty blunt dish compared to other Thai specialties.

I can say, though, that the restaurant is a nicely decorated, friendly, bright room. A nice addition to that strip.

Spoke briefly w/ the friendly owner and learned that she's "Issan", i.e., eastern Thai; she mentioned that they can make off-menu food from that area if requested (in advance). Somtom (papaya salad) and Roast Chicken are but two examples from that region, which generally heralds the spiciest food from thailand.

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