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2009 Dec 1
I have tried those Sauerkraut and Mushroom Pierogies and Rachelle is correct about that strands of sauerkraut being visible. I found them generally tasty, though I didn't find them significantly better then the Supreme Pierogies (the really good frozen ones which Warsaw also sells).

2009 Nov 30
Damn I'm sold! I have been driving by here every day for years - need to hit myself in the head for never stopping in before! Going to make a point of it in the next few days.

2009 Nov 30
Best pierogies ever!

Someone recommended this place to me for their pierogies. I tried to get the meat and sauerkraut ones they raved about but they only had mushroom and sauerkraut. If the meat ones are any better I may overdose on these tasty treats.

Anytime you buy pierogies in the supermarket they're filled with stuff that's so ground up it's hard to really know what you're eating. You could see, and taste, every single strand of sauerkraut in these, and even separate the mushroom flavour. I've seriously never had a better pierogie.

My husband fried these up with some onions and spinach and served with a side of broccoli. YUM!

2008 Jan 18
Has anyone gone here yet? On the search for great polish food. I was told by a friend that it is the best polish specialty food store in the city...anyone else's comments?


2013 Feb 23
More info on the types here: