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2010 Jul 30
We dined at the Foolish Chicken for the first time tonight and, like others in this forum, were not particulary impressed with the rotisserie chicken. It was just okay. The ribs were better, but not fantastic. I agree that they could definitely use a bit more spicin' up. The pulled pork was good, but the plain white hamburger bun that accompanied it ruined the dish in my opinion.

The portions were an adequate size, but certainly not overly generous and I agree with the writer who pointed out the TINY size of the corn bread - bascially a mini child-size muffin.

Most disappointing though was the service. It may just have been an off night, but the waitress told us that the reason for our almost 1/2 hour wait (despite a fairly empty restaurant) was due to a printer error which resulted in the kitchen not receiving our order. We were not offered anything as compensation.

The food itself is described above. I was a bit put off by the pink colour of the chicken at the bone, but was told that that was normal.

Then came the bill and this is where my beef lay primiarly. My pulled pork sandwich, which was advertised in the menu at 10.99 was priced at 12.99 on the bill. I remembered being told by the waitress that to "upgrade" to a ceasar salad would be one dollar extra (not sure why as there was nothing spectacular about it) and I agreed to that. But, I was trying to figure out why the extra dollar. The waitress said the problem was that the menu had changed, but that she couldn't get in to the computer to change the price there. Huh? She then offered to give me the difference out of her tip money: something which I didn't feel was right.

For our second main course, we were also charged one dollar extra for ordering a half side of salad and a half side of fries (instead of just fries or salad). When I complained that the waitress hadn't advised us that there would be an extra charge for doing so, I was told that it was written in the menu. Neither myself nor my husband noticed this so perhaps it was in small print somewhere. Still, I think the waitress should have advised that this would be an extra charge.

After much discussion, the waitress agreed to take the $2 extra we were charged off the bill. I know it's not much money, but it was the principle that really bothered me - especially after we were made to wait for our food which was only average, in my opinion.

2010 Jun 18
I have only one complaint. My buddies at work and I today were really craving our favourite lunch spot in Ottawa, The Foolish Chicken today. So, realizing that it's 11am, I called to get a table for 4.

I found out that people love their amazing bbq chicken and ribs so much that they were completely booked for lunch today.

So we didn't get to have their amazing food.

I would like to spread the word that they suck, so people will stop taking up tables :)

2010 May 20
We had the Dr. Pepper pulled chicken and the TFC club. They were both fantastic. Chatted with Rick for a while when we waited for the take out, he's fantastic.
Highly recommend the place. nifty, unpretentious (for the area) and great food.
Fries were phenomenal. Actual potatoes!

The prices are actually very reasonable. I don't know where some people get their chicken-fix, but this place does interesting marinades and is absolutely delicious.

2010 Jan 19
I tried this place last Friday AND............
*drum roll*

It was JUST OK. I was really expecting something AMAZING and all we got was OK. The restaurant is REALLY cozy and the atmosphere is warm and welcoming - like eating at a good friends place for dinner.

The service was awsome! Big shouts to the waitresses over there - they did a fabulous job!

The chicken -- honestly...I feel a little bad for saying this... but it was just ok. It wasnt super juicy or anything. It was good - we did enjoy it but if i could suggest anything at all to the chef at this place would be to MARINADE the chicken over night. It would make it FABULOUS!

The Ribs - AMAZING! that is all i'm going to say!

The veggies were fresh and crisp which is always awsome! (got the house salad)

The dessert....from the reviews that i read it was suppost to be my opinion it was alright....not even good, just alright. I tried the phillo pastry banana.

So basically - yes, I might go back, but i just wont have the high expectations i had the first time.

2009 Jul 4
i'd been so looking forward to checking this place out ever since it opened. when we finally got there, maybe it couldn't live up to the build-up? my ribs were okay (just), but the accompanying sauce was not. let's just say you really have to LOVE clove to appreciate dipping your meat into that, and i don't. my companion's quarter chicken was "rubbery" and "off", apparently. neither dish was worth the wait (and the place was fairly empty). i'm pretty sure this was more than a case of 'anticipointment' -- the next time i'm craving knock-em-dead ribs, it'll be back to baton rouge.

2009 May 18
We went here for supper last night. I had the quarter chicken with wedge cut fries. The chicken was superb. They cook it fresh and as we had to wait a little longer than expected the manager gave us complimentary corn chips and a free dessert.

The chicken was flavourful and succulent, the fries were also fresh; crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. The corn bread muffin was tasty (also fresh) and the desserts were very good: Chocolate fudge brownie and a fried banana with rum soaked cherries in philo pastry.

They also have Beau's Lugtread on tap which was a welcome bonus.

The service was excellent,attentive and friendly We will definitely be back soon.

2009 May 8
A week ago, a friend and I were craving some good barbecue chicken, and we stumbled across this place through Google and decided to give them a try.

We were definitely not disappointed! The chicken was very flavourful, and even the white meat was succulent and tender, cooked just to perfection. The sauce was tasty and the added container for dipping was much appreciated.

I'm not much of a salad person unless the salad is something quite special. That being said, the Foolish Chicken's didn't strike me as particularly interesting, so I refrained from having any: I didn't want it to threaten valuable stomach real estate that could instead be occupied by chicken and fries. My more health-conscious friend, however, was quite impressed, and reported it as being very well done and made with quality ingredients, which we didn't expect, given that most places like this where the emphasis is on the meat generally throw together some completely dull iceberg lettuce with trace amounts of other veggies and call it a salad.

The fries were definitely fresh cut, but not quite to my liking, although by no means particularly bad. It was difficult for me to pinpoint exactly why this was the case: they felt a little dried out and overdone, perhaps?

The mini cornbread muffins were a nice touch, but the portion size and quantity was a bit too small. I would have loved to have packed back a little army of the buggers.

Great value, too: the family pack was enough for both of us to pig out with enough leftovers for us to have a light lunch the next day.

All in all, the Foolish Chicken completely satisfied our urges and left me feeling quite pleased. I'll definitely be back.

2008 Oct 27
wow wow wow
"The pulled pork sandwich was drenched in sauce and mayonnaise from the cold was a mess to eat.. The sauce was so sweet and there was just too much of it on the meat.. "

My Love and I have tried every out-let that sells pulled pork in the city as it is our most favourite thing to eat. and the Foolish Chicken is the only place in Ottawa that does it RIGHT! drenched in sauce and coleslaw is exactly the way the sandwich should be, the way the south intended it to be... the way it was invented! messy? i damn well hope so. i am sorry if i sound outraged... it's because i am. Let me assure you, The Foolish Chicken has the best pulled pork in the city... and we have had a lot of pulled pork.

2008 Jun 3
The women ate the sandwich without any chicken on it? I would have sent it back and said "this is missing the chicken, please get me a new one". Why on earth would the owner not say 'Oh, I'm sorry, let me get you a new sandwich that has some chicken on it/have the kitchen add the missing chicken to it"? Maybe I'm missing part of the story lol :P

2008 Jun 3
We went to The Foolish Chicken for a birthday party. We all had read the great review in the Citizen a few weeks back and we all were ready for a great dinner...

The whole experience left us feeling foolish to say the least..
The service was fair, but the waiter could have been a bit more chatty, smiley and talkative - he was to say the least luke warm...
There was 14 women in our was a large party and the waiter did not once ask if this was a special occasion.. etc. Actually, not sure if he had a pulse...
When we all recieved our drinks we ordered. Several women ordered the ribs and all said that they were good, not great, but good.
A few ordered the half chicken and again - good, yawn....
The pulled pork sandwich was drenched in sauce and mayonaise from the cold was a mess to eat.. The sauce was so sweet and there was just too much of it on the meat..
Three guests ordered the Chicken Club Special - which arrived in a single layer of bread, with only tomatoes and lettuce on it.. There was not a spec of chicken... The owner came up to give us his apologies and said that he'd take 2.50$ off of the club sandwich, because that's how much chicken costs. The tomatoe sandwich cost over $8.00.. pretty steep... Even though the owner did take a few dollars off the meal, it left us thinking that this was really not the correct course of action... 14 women were sitting there pondering why he didn't just take the cost of the 3 sandwiches off the bill.
This would have gone a long way in our minds..
Not one of the women at the table will return to the Foolish Chicken, which is too bad - we were all anxious to welcome a great rib/chicken place into the neighbourhood..

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2013 Feb 2
New User 5293, did you mention any of these problems to the staff? Every time I've been to Foolish Chicken I've had no problems with the food, and the first couple of times the owner came round and checked on us to make sure everything was all right (which it was, and then some). If you don't tell them there was a problem, how will they know?

I'm all for voting with one's wallet, but I'm also fond of giving places a chance to improve if they don't satisfy, especially if they've impressed me before.

2013 Feb 2
I've been to the Foolish Chicken 5 times and last evening was the last time I will be going. The first visit was great. I had the pork ribs with sweet potato fries. Since then I've had one other good experience. But last evening I had the rotisserie chicken, and I must say, Costco's rotisserie chicken is MUCH better and less expensive. The chicken was dry, and the sweet potato fries weren't freshly made. The whole meal seemed to have been made earlier in the day. This is not the first time my meal has not been freshly made. This is very dissapointing given that my very first experience was terrific. I don't get how it could be so bad when this is what they do-chicken and ribs. Take pride in your food!