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2014 Apr 11
Thanks very much Foolish Chicken for your generous donation to the Connaught Public School Stone Soup fundraiser.

2013 May 23
I paid my first visit to the Foolish Chicken last night and I was anxious to try the chicken and ribs. I usually have to wait until the chicken and ribfest on Sparks Street to get my bbq'd meat fix so I was looking forward to trying a restaurant with comparable products.

The menu includes appetizers, salads, rotisserie chicken, chicken and rib combos, sandwiches and wraps, and a few desserts. With the exception of the desserts most of the menu items include chicken, ribs, or pulled pork.

Since I wanted to try the chicken AND the ribs I decided on a combo platter and settled for combo #1. The meal included 1/4 chicken, 1/4 rack of ribs, coleslaw, cornbread, and one side. I chose the fries. I found the quantity of meat just right and very moist and the sauce was very tasty. The coleslaw was served with a vinagrette dressing and the fries tasted like they were oven baked and also very tasty. I wasn't so fond of the cornbread since it tasted too doughy for my tastes. My only complaint is that there was a large quantity of fries (nearly half the plate) and only a spoonfull of coleslaw and a miniscule piece of cornbread. I would have preferred not so many fries and a little more coleslaw and cornbread. I would have also liked to see a mac 'n cheese on the side dish menu but that's just my personal preference.

As others have mentioned the beverage menu leaves alot to be desired but they have Beaus available and you can't go wrong with that.

All in all I enjoyed my dinner and I look forward to a return visit.

2011 Sep 16
Ate here twice in the past week. First time, I ordered the pulled pork sandwich, which came with coleslaw on a bun and a side of sweet potato fries. I will not be ordering this again. The pork was bland and tasteless. The sauce gave a bit of flavour to the pork but only a little bit. The coleslaw had a creamy dressing and was pretty decent. The sweet potato fries were not crispy and definitely not warm. They were also bland but heaping on some pepper, salt and the chipotle mayo helped give the fries some flavour.

On the second time I was here, I ordered combo #4 which is half a pound of chicken wings and half a rack of ribs. It also comes with cornbread, coleslaw and a side of your choice. I chose sweet potato fries again for my side. Once it came, my friends made the remark that they thought there would be more food for the price. I didn't particularly care at that point because I was starving. The cornbread and coleslaw were decent. Nothing special about them. The sweet potato fries had the same problem as above: limp, cold and underseasoned. The chicken wings were good. They were medium-sized wings with a spicy kick and a crispy exterior. The ribs were just as good as the wings. The taste was smoky, sweet and tangy at the same time and they were not dripping in sauce. The meat was tender and easy to cut from the bone. There were some nice charred bits as well. However, I do find the ribs to be on the small side.

I don't want to come back here but my office seems to like it. So, I would recommend the ribs and the chicken wings but not much of anything else.

2011 May 6
I have been in serious withdrawal due to lack of good chicken wings.

I recall back in the 90's when the buffalo chicken wings at La Cage Aux Sports first came out, since I've been in Ottawa (10 years), I've yet to find really really good chicken wings. I've had some with a good sauce, but they were often overcooked (unless breaded). I prefer my chicken wings to not be crispy. Since they are so small, you lose much of the wing if overcooked.

I went to the Foolish Chicken the other day and decided to order some chicken wings - honey garlic.

They were cooked to perfection! The sauce was pretty tasty too! I requested an extra dipper of sauce as I find restos do not usually put enough sauce. I did not need the extra sauce even though I used it.

I noticed they had been watching the wings as they cut into one to ensure it was done correctly.

The only negative thing I have to say is that the portion was kinda small.

Since I wasn't hungry enough, I only ordered wings, but I do wish to return to try the Dr. Pepper sandwich as well as the snickers dessert which looks wonderful. I also hope to try their hot wings.

Service was very nice as well.

2011 Jan 27
I was there the very first day they opened. The owner remembers me every time I go back and loves to chat me up. Well, who doesn't really.

They are a pretty good restaurant and I love the desserts, made fresh daily by one of the owners. She really knows how to make a dry cheesecake. The rest of her creations are crowd pleasers, too.

The mains are generally good and I think I've only had one or two criticisms which were rectified immediately either on my bill or the menu. He got me to try the beef ribs before they were put on the menu and while they weren't to my taste, they were still good. I prefer the pig ribs.

I'd much rather go there than the Royal Oak around the corner.

If there is a play going on at the GCTC, be prepared to be disappointed because you won't find a table before or after.

2011 Jan 27
My most recent visit to the Foolish Chicken was a delight! We couldn't get in to Tennessy Willems with no reservation so headed here. No looking back! My chicken and rib combo was delicious. Fall off the bone ribs and the chicken skin was crispy. The side sauce they provide has a nice kick. Ceasar salad was well executed (crispy fresh lettuce, real bacon bits, appropriate amount of dressing) and a nice portion. The homemade, warm snickers pie was great. My companions all enjoyed their meals as well - mostly from the very affordable sandwich part of the menu. Service was friendly. My only quibble is that the corn bread muffins, while tasty, are quite small and would be better served warm. I will definitely return.

2010 Sep 9
Their home made snicker pie was to die for. Nom. Nom. Nom.

2010 Sep 5
We have been going here for the past year or so when we are in the mood for chicken and ribs and do not feel like driving to Baton Rouge or similar. The food is good, not great, not bad, just good. I must admit though we have only ever had 1/4 chicken and 1/2 ribs. The atmosphere is cosy but can I draw your attention to the wine menu and glasses! WTF, I want a glass of wine that actually opens up with the taste of chicken and ribs. I hope to see some Zins, and new world Shiraz someday on the menu...and please serve it in a glass that is bigger than my son's juice glass. It's ridiculous to drink wine from those taster glasses! Having Beau's on tap does save some face.
The wait staff are friendly but they don't dress like they work in a restaurant serving food. A more professional look would be welcoming to the naked eye, or just don't wear tights!

2010 Jul 31
re: Pulled has been our experience that pulled pork is always served on a plain white hamburger bun in authentic BBQ joints. The soft bun makes it easier to bite into the juicy, messy pork, and is best at soaking up the sauce.

2010 Jul 30
We dined at the Foolish Chicken for the first time tonight and, like others in this forum, were not particulary impressed with the rotisserie chicken. It was just okay. The ribs were better, but not fantastic. I agree that they could definitely use a bit more spicin' up. The pulled pork was good, but the plain white hamburger bun that accompanied it ruined the dish in my opinion.

The portions were an adequate size, but certainly not overly generous and I agree with the writer who pointed out the TINY size of the corn bread - bascially a mini child-size muffin.

Most disappointing though was the service. It may just have been an off night, but the waitress told us that the reason for our almost 1/2 hour wait (despite a fairly empty restaurant) was due to a printer error which resulted in the kitchen not receiving our order. We were not offered anything as compensation.

The food itself is described above. I was a bit put off by the pink colour of the chicken at the bone, but was told that that was normal.

Then came the bill and this is where my beef lay primiarly. My pulled pork sandwich, which was advertised in the menu at 10.99 was priced at 12.99 on the bill. I remembered being told by the waitress that to "upgrade" to a ceasar salad would be one dollar extra (not sure why as there was nothing spectacular about it) and I agreed to that. But, I was trying to figure out why the extra dollar. The waitress said the problem was that the menu had changed, but that she couldn't get in to the computer to change the price there. Huh? She then offered to give me the difference out of her tip money: something which I didn't feel was right.

For our second main course, we were also charged one dollar extra for ordering a half side of salad and a half side of fries (instead of just fries or salad). When I complained that the waitress hadn't advised us that there would be an extra charge for doing so, I was told that it was written in the menu. Neither myself nor my husband noticed this so perhaps it was in small print somewhere. Still, I think the waitress should have advised that this would be an extra charge.

After much discussion, the waitress agreed to take the $2 extra we were charged off the bill. I know it's not much money, but it was the principle that really bothered me - especially after we were made to wait for our food which was only average, in my opinion.



2013 Feb 2
New User 5293, did you mention any of these problems to the staff? Every time I've been to Foolish Chicken I've had no problems with the food, and the first couple of times the owner came round and checked on us to make sure everything was all right (which it was, and then some). If you don't tell them there was a problem, how will they know?

I'm all for voting with one's wallet, but I'm also fond of giving places a chance to improve if they don't satisfy, especially if they've impressed me before.

2013 Feb 2
I've been to the Foolish Chicken 5 times and last evening was the last time I will be going. The first visit was great. I had the pork ribs with sweet potato fries. Since then I've had one other good experience. But last evening I had the rotisserie chicken, and I must say, Costco's rotisserie chicken is MUCH better and less expensive. The chicken was dry, and the sweet potato fries weren't freshly made. The whole meal seemed to have been made earlier in the day. This is not the first time my meal has not been freshly made. This is very dissapointing given that my very first experience was terrific. I don't get how it could be so bad when this is what they do-chicken and ribs. Take pride in your food!