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Habesha Restaurant
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Habesha Restaurant
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2009 Sep 23
I was very sad to hear that they will be moving down to Rideau St. They just lost this regular customer and his wife and kids :-( Well, they will lose us when they move because we try our best to keep our dollars in the neighbourhood. Will be sad to see you go, if any of the owners are listening. Not sure yet when the move is, but we'll have to get out to visit you before then.

2009 Jul 16
I just visited Habesha for the first time with the girlfriend last evening. It was her first time trying Ethiopean and it was my second, so we ordered the Habesha Platter for $13 and shared it. It was absolutely astounding; the Injera was freshly made and delightfully tasty. There was exactly enough bread for the given amount of other food. Almost everything on the plate was wonderful, varying from the meat dishes to the vegetarian ones.

Seeing as I felt a touch ill after the _previous_ time I had consumed Ethiopian, I was overjoyed to find this restaurant producing tasty and gastronomically-friendly food. This got rid of all of my unfortunate first impressions and I am now a fan of Ethiopean food as it should be.

2009 Jul 10
We liked it so much that we went back again this evening, only this time with the kids (5 and 7). We'd gotten them psyched up for it ahead of time by describing for them how they'd get to eat with their fingers. They both ended up loving it - our oldest gleefully ate just about everything, while the youngest just stuck with the meat (and bread of course)

Oh, and I forgot to mention they have air conditioning! Is there a tag for that, because if not their should be! I consider it important in the summer when looking for a place to eat.

2009 Jul 8
this is one of my favourite ethiopian places. the other i like is blue nile at gladstone and bronson. what sets this restaurant apart from the other ethiopian spots is that i find it a real family restaurant. the are often family members helping out, or sitting, eating and visiting. that really contributes to the atmosphere in the restaurant - in a good way, i think.

i always get the vegetarian combo. it has the most variety of veggie offerings.

i haven't had any bad ethiopian food in this city. it is definitely something to be experienced at least once.

edit: i see that in january i said blue nile had the best veggies options, now i am saying habesha does. i think i must be torn! best to go back to both and then report back.

2009 Jul 7
Wow! This is honestly the most exciting new food experience I've had in years! My wife and I both agreed it is going to be our "new regular". Especially since they do take-out, though I just don't think it would be the same experience that way.

Neither of us had any idea what Ethiopian food was, but when we walked in around 5:30 this evening we were already on cloud nine just from the smell of the spices in the air. Putting it into terms I'm somewhat familiar with, it smelled almost Moroccan, but yet something unique all on its own.

I ordered the combo platter for 13 bucks, and my wife ordered something with beef. We enjoyed a really nice Ethiopian tea while waiting for our food to arrive - spicy with lots of cinnamon.

After only about 10 minutes the platter arrived - it was huge and almost filled up the entire table space between me and my wife sitting across from each other. Not having any idea how this works, my first thought was "they aren't leaving much room for the plates". Oh, silly me. A few moments later my wife's dish arrived on a sizzling cast iron platter like how some Mexican food is served, and it was dumped onto the main platter.

Next they brought a plate with rolled up crepe sort of things on them. Looks like a huge crepe had been cut into strips, and each strip was rolled up. But they were really thick but light and fluffy, so not crepes per-se.

Then upon closer examination I noticed that the huge platter had one of the same crepes covering the bottom of it, and the various foods ("curries", for lack of a better word) were spread across the crepe. My platter came with 6 or 7 of these "curries", which in appearance were very similar to what you might get at a Sri Lankan place. But the taste ended up being completely different.

Even though my wife had never had Ethiopian, she knew right away what to do. You take one of the rolled up crepes and tear off a small piece, and use it between your thumb and index finger to pick up food off platter, then eat it.

I could not help but think about the recent thread here about finger food :-)

The taste was exquisite! Completely unlike both Moroccan and Sri Lankan food. Each of the 'curries' were spiced differently, but the spicing was not at all piquant - but rather diverse and exotic. Wow!

I really am sold, and hooked. We shall return!

Oh, and the price was pretty cheap too. We both stuffed ourselves very well for $30 including taxes. The same amount of food could have easily fed 3 people.

Also worthy to note was that when we arrived at 5:30 the place was empty, but by the time we left it was packed. We then went across the street to the Elmdale for a beer (even though they have beer on the menu here), and when we left the Elmdale there was actually a lineup in front of Habesha! I would strongly recommend reservations!

2009 Jan 4
Went here recently, had a few of their veggie offerings (lentils, cabbage & veg) and the chicken berbere. Whoa. Really good. Really, really filling with all of that injera bread. What a great place to take vegetarians as well, so many options! All of the food is very reasonably priced, it does take a while to prepare so it's not a great place if you're in a rush. The atmosphere is pretty spartan, but the servers are very friendly. I will definitely be back to explore more of their menu options, and if you're already a fan of ethiopian food, definitely check out Habesha!

2008 Jul 21
My girlfriend and I absolutely love ethiopian food so we we're thrilled when we discovered Habesha.

We were previously regulars at East African on Rideau. However after a sub-par meal at E.A. on what I expect was an off night we decided to try Habesha for our next visit.

Well we tried Habesha and we absolutely loved it! Even though the Ethiopian restos on rideau are closer for me, Habesha is the only one I'll ever visit again. We've probably returned 6-7 times for dinner in the last 4 months. This place has the best Ethiopian food in the city period! :)

It's all about the food... I agree with the previous poster that the decor is basic. Importantly, however, the place is also very clean and well ventilated; ie. you don't feel like you're walking into the kitchen (important when eating at a restaurant with spicy food)

It's a great place to eat with a friend or as a foursome. The food is served on a large communal platter and you get to eat with your hands, soo fun!

Personal favorites include: the Doro wot (chicken and an egg in the spicy berbere sauce, and the beef in a spicy berbere sauce (can be ordered with beef cubes, or ground beef). The veggie platter seems popular as well but we've prefered the chicken and beef dishes and usually order one of each to share and just ask for salad on the side.

Sorry that I don't have any pics yet, I'll try to get some on my next visit. I wanted to give this place props and I hope some people on this site try it and give their honest opinion. Because in my opinion this place is the perfect example of a hidden gem in the city. Delicious, high quality food made with love a care and oh yeah it's very inexpensive. Although the customer base is still growing, I seem to see many repeat customers during my repeat visits, and that's always a positive sign. Go with an open mind, good friends, and an appetite and leave satisfied and with enough money in your wallet for your next visit.

2007 Dec 5
I ordered the platter which I always order my first time at any Ethiopian restaurant. Came with the usual chicken and egg doro wot, ground beef, lamb (I think - see later), lentils and a few other veggie lumps on injera - a type of flat bread. We also ordered marinated lamb cooked with onions but they were out of lamb so substituted with beef. It was very good but the tiniest bit tough - I would have preferred the lamb. One or both of these dishes came with salad which was piled onto the injera along with the other 2 dishes but it was on a huge serving dish so there was lots of room.

My friend ordered the veggie platter which came with more veggie stews than the other Ethiopian places. But this was the only veggie dish on the menu. One of the veggie stews was green and a slight bit bitter. Refreshing once you got used to it and complemented my meat well - but if you're vegetarian...

I think the food tasted as good (maybe a bit better than) Horn of Africa and East African (although I haven't been there in a while) and almost as good as Blue Nile. Blue Nile is still my favourite.

Habesha is definitely solid. Very good food. Good service. The place is very basic though.

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