Scores opened in Centrum Plaza in late fall 2007. It's a Quebecois-style rotisserie chicken and ribs menu, with an all-you-can-eat salad and fruit bar, and big screen TV's scattered around.

A second location opened at the Trainyards in fall 2010.

The Kanata location closed in 2017 and became a Renís Pet Supply store.

Foods from Scores

2008 Apr 25
We came here for a work lunch today. While not everyone was thrilled with their food, I can safely say that this place compares favourably with places like Swiss Chalet or St Hubert.

The salad bar is the gimmick. Large, central, and redundantly stocked, it offers all the usual salad bar fare. Quality is a little higher than I remember from those heady salad bar heydays in the 80's and early 90's. The soup is pretty good too. Definitely something for everyone.

There's a little secret embedded in the menu. You can get just the soup/salad/fruit bar for $7.95. Or you can order any number of main dishes and get the salad bar for $2.95 more. However, there's a tiny section of chicken-only dishes that *include* the salad bar. The cheapest of these (quarter leg dinner) is just $8.95, a buck more than the salad bar on its own. Of course this is what I chose. :-)

2008 Apr 23
Husband and I went here in March at his request. It was pretty decent! I loved the salad bar, the produce was actually pretty good quality and the fresh fruit was delicious! The chicken soup was good too.

The entree was basically the exact same thing as St-Hubert and Swiss Chalet, at around the same price too (BUT you get the salad bar included)

It was good value for money and tasty, albeit basic, food.

2007 Nov 5
I didn't realize there is a Scores in Ottawa too bad. I only went to Scores once while visiting my Dad in Montreal and was his turn to pick the restaurant that time. I recall the big attraction was the AYCE salad bar but was disappointed to see mostly iceberg lettuce and white tomatoes but was impressed to see fruit (for those of us who aren't big dessert eaters...). The chicken was good although I prefer Swiss Chalet. Not sure I personally would go back since I prefer something a little fancier. It's a family style restaurant with alot of kid friendly dishes and buffets always seem to be popular with the kids...

2007 Nov 3
This is owned by the same group that owns Baton Rouge, Pizza Delight, and Mikes.

Anyway, I'm just thrilled to find a place that still offers an AYCE salad bar. Most of my teenage dining memories involve a plate piled high with pasta salad, pickled beets, and croutons. :-)

Will try to drag the family out to this place sometime for a review.

2007 Nov 3
Went for lunch this week with a group from work.

This place feels like it has an identity crisis. They have the standard St. Hubert's / Swiss Chalet style chicken and ribs and fries, but they also have an all-you-can-eat salad bar. And, there are big screen TV's scattered around the dining area.

It's a new building, so everything is fresh and clean. Good mix of booths and tables. Might be a bar over on the other side - didn't see.

Service was fast and friendly, but you could tell that it was newly opened. There were some things on the menu that our waitress hadn't tried yet.

The chicken and fries were nothing special. Not dramatically different from St. Hubert or Swiss Chalet.

The salad bar had regular green salad with all the veggie add ons you could think of, plus pasta, bean, chick pea salads, etc.

The salad bar also had fruit (cut melons, plums, etc) but the cut melons looked a bit rough around the edges.

I really couldn't figure out what market they're going for... Those nights where the Kanata wife is craving chicken with poutine on the side, but the dad just wants a big salad, with a kids menu for the runts, all without missing the Sens whip the Leafs in high def?

Price was fine - under $10 for most entrees, some of which include the salad bar, some had it as an option for another ~$3

I wouldn't go back.

PS - they didn't have their liquor license yet, but I expect that'll be resolved shortly, if it hasn't already.

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2011 Apr 17
Does anyone know what brand of pickles they use for their salad bar? I tried them last night and they had some great tang!

2009 Jul 13
I found the salad bar to be pretty boring. I didn't really enjoy the offerings, as well the number of salads/toppings were pretty limited.. However I did enjoy the chicken soup. I found it to be quite flavorful, and had lots of big chunks of chicken.

2008 Jul 9
A decent Salad Bar, and yes a throw-back to the 1980s (actually at Scores they call it a Soup, Salad & Fruit Bar), which on the night we were there was full of fresh ingredients, lots of selection and plenty of extras like toppings, pickles, etc. The Tomato Vegetable Soup we had was wonderful, and the Chicken Noodle looked equally good. There was a good grouping of Salad Dressing (I had the Ranch, and it was tasty). They also feature Fresh Fruit, but quite honestly, I had no more room either on my plate, or in my tummy.

2008 Jun 29
Although it is all you can eat Soup, Salad and Fruit Bar, the quality of their dressing was below average. I tried their Caesar Salad dressing. It was no way near Caesar Salad. I can't understand why they don't invest in a good salad dressing.

I also tried their chicken noodle soup. It tasted like water (don't know if the staff just put hot water to dilute the soup). The cream of mushroom was okay.

Anway, for the price tag of $8.95, I have no complaint. But I would recommend the restaurant management to consider including a better quality caesar salad dressing.


2008 Jul 9
Had the Quarter Chicken Breast Dinner which comes with Fries, Bread and Dipping Sauce, as well as the AYCE Soup - Salad - Fruit Bar (SSF Bar). The chicken was a large portion, perfect on the outside, moist on the inside. Fries were standard fare. Dipping Sauce is tasty, somewheres in the middle ground between Swiss Chalet & St. Hubert. Bun is toasted hamburger round. The BONUS at Scores is the SSF Bar, it sets them apart from their competition. At $ 10-something for a Breast Quarter Chicken Dinner with all these extras the food here is a real bargain.

2008 Jun 29
I tried their Quarter Chicken (leg) ($8.95). The price includes all-you-can-eat soup, salad and fruit bar. Price is pretty good.

No difference than Swiss Chalet. But the skin was quite crispy. In fact, I prefer Scores' gravy sauce than Swiss Chalet (Swiss Chalet's gravy has way too much herbs in it and I am not a fan of it).

2008 Apr 25
The chicken is very similar to what you get at Swiss Chalet, although the pieces seem a little larger. The fries are pretty much the same too. And the chicken is served on a half hamburger bun.

The saucy gravy stuff though is very good. I'm not crazy about the herby Swiss Chalet stuff so I prefer this cup of more meaty sauce.