The all-you-can-eat salad bar completely disappeared in the mid 90's. Places like The Keg used to have a salad bar, which you could add to your meal at nominal extra cost. Great for topping up starving teenagers.

Salad Bar at Farm Boy
Where to get Salad Bar


2018 Oct 20
The options here are fantastic. My favourites are the Kale Caesar and the Mock General Tso's Chicken (better than the actual chicken version). The falafel are okay, if a tad dry.

I can usually get a decent lunch serving for around $8. When I'm really hungry I splurge another buck on a square of sweet cornbread!


2011 Apr 17
Does anyone know what brand of pickles they use for their salad bar? I tried them last night and they had some great tang!

2009 Jul 13
I found the salad bar to be pretty boring. I didn't really enjoy the offerings, as well the number of salads/toppings were pretty limited.. However I did enjoy the chicken soup. I found it to be quite flavorful, and had lots of big chunks of chicken.

2008 Jul 9
A decent Salad Bar, and yes a throw-back to the 1980s (actually at Scores they call it a Soup, Salad & Fruit Bar), which on the night we were there was full of fresh ingredients, lots of selection and plenty of extras like toppings, pickles, etc. The Tomato Vegetable Soup we had was wonderful, and the Chicken Noodle looked equally good. There was a good grouping of Salad Dressing (I had the Ranch, and it was tasty). They also feature Fresh Fruit, but quite honestly, I had no more room either on my plate, or in my tummy.

2008 Jun 29
Although it is all you can eat Soup, Salad and Fruit Bar, the quality of their dressing was below average. I tried their Caesar Salad dressing. It was no way near Caesar Salad. I can't understand why they don't invest in a good salad dressing.

I also tried their chicken noodle soup. It tasted like water (don't know if the staff just put hot water to dilute the soup). The cream of mushroom was okay.

Anway, for the price tag of $8.95, I have no complaint. But I would recommend the restaurant management to consider including a better quality caesar salad dressing.