Scores opened in Centrum Plaza in late fall 2007. It's a Quebecois-style rotisserie chicken and ribs menu, with an all-you-can-eat salad and fruit bar, and big screen TV's scattered around.

A second location opened at the Trainyards in fall 2010.

The Kanata location closed in 2017 and became a Ren’s Pet Supply store.

Foods from Scores

2013 Apr 17
The management gets a thumbs up from me. I had a poor experience at the Trainyards location (with service, not the food) and actually took the time to complete the online feedback survey (I never do these - does anyone actually take the time to fill these out?). I received a follow up phone call from the general manager and he sent me gift cards for our trouble.

Personally I don't care if I am reimbursed or not, I just like to know that my feedback is being acknowledged and in this particular case steps are being done to improve deficiencies (like in this case, the general manager seemed unaware of the issues I brought up)

Going out on a tangent, but why have a Contact Us link when you are not going to respond at all? (Not going to name names of offending parties here , but I will give kudos to Domus who sent a me a detailed recipe when I asked for it)

2011 Jul 15
Went tonight for the first time, Trainyards location. If you are thinking of a quick family meal of rotisserie chicken, Scores is a good option. The chicken was actually quite nicely done, moist and tender (even the white meat) with a richly browned and crispy skin. I preferred Scores' chicken and their sauce to either Swiss Chalet or St. Hubert. The last couple of times I've been to Swiss Chalet the potatoes were a turnoff - rock hard in the center, even when we sent them back, but The Scores version was properly cooked, hot and fluffy inside. Along with the potato there was some kind of unremarkable grilled flat bun and the salad bar. The salad bar was decent, with caesar and garden salads, and a range of other items including: couscous, orzo with peas, potato salad, pasta salad, coleslaw, vermicelli, fresh crudites, pickles, olives and whole and sliced fresh fruit. Nice thing about the salad bar was that the containers were small and replenished often, so the offerings were quite fresh. The price for all this was $11.75, and it may not be fine dining, but it is decent quality food, and offers friendly service that is so fast you will not have time for a second visit to the salad bar.
PS there is the Quebec specialty, pouding chomeur, on the dessert menu.

2011 Jan 19
Yes and as chain chicken (chicken in chains!) places go, it's REALLY good.

2011 Jan 19
FYI I see there is another location now at Trainyards.

2011 Jan 18
I went a month ago with a friend. The server was fast and friendly.

I ordered the tender chicken breast fillets and half back ribs. The ribs were good, but the chicken, which was breaded, tasted pasty and the french fries were dry and a chore to eat.

Unless I have a crowd of friends dragging me there I don't think I'll be going back.

2010 Feb 16
I liked Scores. Food is inexpensive, there's a salad bar buffet and the chicken is delicious. I'd go back again.

The only thing I have to argue that is bad is the waitress we had. She was rude and took too much time.

2009 Aug 25
I have been to Scores dozens of times and it is okay, especially nice for families with young kids. The free salad bar with entree is a good value as well. I do have a few issues with th food. Once I went there and the pasta tasted like, well, swamp water. Really gross. They replaced it but it made me wonder. Also, I much prefer the sauce at Swiss Chalet and St. Hubert to the sauce at Scones. Lastly, there are no vegetarian choices on the menu, which is really surprising and a shame. Only items are on the kids menu, which is odd. One item I really enjoy is the chicken strips with dipping sauce. The dipping sauces are really tasty. Overall, I like it, but I like SW and SH much more for taste.

2009 Jul 13
We went here for a large group lunch. I have to say they were very accommodating and the service was good for such a large group (over 20). This included getting us our bills, before we finished eating so we could make a fast(er) get away.

The food itself looked pretty avg. I stuck with the soup/salad bar (see comments below). I did enjoy the free piece of dessert that came with lunch.

2008 Aug 28
Was recently here with some friends for lunch. Same great menu options as in the evening, but they also have a "lunchtime deal" where one can get the Soup / Salad / Fruit Bar, a choice of Main, Coffee (or Tea) and Dessert for one low price.

The place was very busy for a weekday, with a lot of people dropping in from work, and even a couple of group tables.

2008 Jul 9
Went for a late dinner. Scores is located in “Restaurant Row” at Kanata Centrum, between Boston Pizza and the AMC Theatre.

We were seated quickly with our menus by a friendly hostess. Scores has a feeling very similar to other family restaurants, the Dining Room décor (lighting, colours, booths) is very similar to Swiss Chalet (albeit Scores has the added bonus of tvs ??). “The Man” ordered a beer, and I had a glass of red wine. Nothing exciting (or interesting here in the beverage department).

Before arriving we had decided we were going to try the Rotisserie Chicken, as everyone has been saying how there is now a third competitor in the market currently held by Swiss Chalet & St. Hubert. We both had the Quarter Chicken Breast Dinners that come with a Side (Fries is the default), Dipping Sauce and Bread, additionally you also get the Soup – Salad – Fruit Bar with your meal. The SSF Bar is well laid out, with similar items on both sides. There were two soups featured the night we were there… Chicken Noodle and Tomato Vegetable. Both were chocked-full of ingredients, I noticed the Chicken Noodle had chunks of chicken, big noodles and lots of veggies. The Tomato Vegetable (which we both had) was more like Minestrone, it was a bowl full of tomatoes, veggies and pasta, not a lot of empty broth. Both “The Man” and I thought it was delicious. Then it was another trip back to the SSF Bar for Salad. As a foundation, there were two types of greens offered, basic Iceberg and a bowl of Mixed Greens. There were the usual veggies; shredded carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, and an assortment of salad dressings. There was also a nice mix of pre-made salads; Potato, Pasta, 3 Bean, Chickpea, Couscous, etc. And lastly there was a wide variety of extras offered; olives, pickles, hot peppers, bacon bits, etc. All combined there was plenty to choose from and a well rounded bowl of salad developed. Shortly after our salads were finished, the mains arrived.

Scores chicken is your standard Rotisserie Chicken, however we both commented that we thought the portions a good size, moist and yummy. The fries were plentiful. The Dipping Sauce tasty, a sort of mix of flavours somewheres in the middle ground between Swiss Chalet and St. Hubert. The required bun, was the toasted hamburger round (like St. Hubert). Although everything was delicious, there was no way either of us could finish. We basically could have done without the sides (Fries and Bread) and just gone with the Chicken, Soup and Salad. When the server came back later to clear away our plates, she commented that many patrons have taken to filling up on the SSF Bar and having their Chicken Dinners packed up for take-out. LOL, two meals for the price of one! At under $ 11.00 per person (pre-tax) I can see where this might be considered a bargain (and might just cut into Swiss Chalet’s hold on the Senior’s market). Alternatively, one can purchase just the SSF Bar for about $ 8.00 a good value for those wanting lighter or healthier fare. Scores also offers Ribs, Chicken & Ribs and Family Dinners (whole Chickens), and according to the brochure I picked up on the way out the door they also do Take-Out and Delivery. All-in-all the food was tasty, service was ok, and the place was clean (including the bathrooms). We will add Scores to our list of Chicken Joints.



2011 Apr 17
Does anyone know what brand of pickles they use for their salad bar? I tried them last night and they had some great tang!

2009 Jul 13
I found the salad bar to be pretty boring. I didn't really enjoy the offerings, as well the number of salads/toppings were pretty limited.. However I did enjoy the chicken soup. I found it to be quite flavorful, and had lots of big chunks of chicken.

2008 Jul 9
A decent Salad Bar, and yes a throw-back to the 1980s (actually at Scores they call it a Soup, Salad & Fruit Bar), which on the night we were there was full of fresh ingredients, lots of selection and plenty of extras like toppings, pickles, etc. The Tomato Vegetable Soup we had was wonderful, and the Chicken Noodle looked equally good. There was a good grouping of Salad Dressing (I had the Ranch, and it was tasty). They also feature Fresh Fruit, but quite honestly, I had no more room either on my plate, or in my tummy.

2008 Jun 29
Although it is all you can eat Soup, Salad and Fruit Bar, the quality of their dressing was below average. I tried their Caesar Salad dressing. It was no way near Caesar Salad. I can't understand why they don't invest in a good salad dressing.

I also tried their chicken noodle soup. It tasted like water (don't know if the staff just put hot water to dilute the soup). The cream of mushroom was okay.

Anway, for the price tag of $8.95, I have no complaint. But I would recommend the restaurant management to consider including a better quality caesar salad dressing.


2008 Jul 9
Had the Quarter Chicken Breast Dinner which comes with Fries, Bread and Dipping Sauce, as well as the AYCE Soup - Salad - Fruit Bar (SSF Bar). The chicken was a large portion, perfect on the outside, moist on the inside. Fries were standard fare. Dipping Sauce is tasty, somewheres in the middle ground between Swiss Chalet & St. Hubert. Bun is toasted hamburger round. The BONUS at Scores is the SSF Bar, it sets them apart from their competition. At $ 10-something for a Breast Quarter Chicken Dinner with all these extras the food here is a real bargain.

2008 Jun 29
I tried their Quarter Chicken (leg) ($8.95). The price includes all-you-can-eat soup, salad and fruit bar. Price is pretty good.

No difference than Swiss Chalet. But the skin was quite crispy. In fact, I prefer Scores' gravy sauce than Swiss Chalet (Swiss Chalet's gravy has way too much herbs in it and I am not a fan of it).

2008 Apr 25
The chicken is very similar to what you get at Swiss Chalet, although the pieces seem a little larger. The fries are pretty much the same too. And the chicken is served on a half hamburger bun.

The saucy gravy stuff though is very good. I'm not crazy about the herby Swiss Chalet stuff so I prefer this cup of more meaty sauce.