A newish Ethiopian restaurant located on Gladstone, between Percy and Bay. It also delivers pizza.

Ph: 613.321.0774

Blue Nile
Blue Nile
Blue Nile
Blue Nile
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2008 Jan 18
Last week I was for dinner at Blue Nile with my girlfriend. This African restaurant is really nice. The staff is friendly, the dishes are tasty and spicy.
This is my girlfriend's vegetarian plate. The Ethiopian injera was very fresh.

2007 Dec 7
My bf and I decided to go out for a late dinner to try this restaurant earlier in the week. We had a good dinner, but I wasn't as impressed as I expected to be based on the reviews below.

I had the vegetarian platter, and bf had the beef platter. I enjoyed the two spicy red lentil stews and the yellow pea stew, but I found the green beans and carrots to be a little over cooked. Bf also enjoyed his platter. The injera was incredibly fresh and tasty!

We were the only ones in the restaurant, and the service was very friendly and prompt. The food arrived quickly, and the server returned a couple of times to see if there was anything that we needed.

We will likely return to eat at Blue Nile if we're in the neighbourhood.

2007 Nov 17
This restaurant truly is fantastic!! My husband and I love Ethiopian food and we've eaten at our fair share of Ethiopian restaurants, but we both agreed that this was the best we've ever tried so far.

We went there for dinner, and it wasn't busy at all. We were greeted by a very friendly man who sat us down and took our order very promptly. I had asked about the Tej (honey wine) and he insisted that he bring me a small glass to try it before I ordered. This wine was fantastic and so sweet - a must try! So I ordered a glass. :-)

We had the veggie combo platter (a combo of different veggie and lentil dishes) served on injera for the main course. Delicious!!! We always find that Ethiopian food is deceiving because it really fills you up quickly and this was no exception. We were stuffed!!

For desert we decided to try their home made Coconut ice cream and that is what sealed the deal for us. It was the most incredible ice cream we have ever had. Another must try!!! If you are a fan of coconut, you will not be disappointed!

As Elizabeth says, this is seriously a great place to eat. Its a small place, and doesn't seem to be overly busy or well-known but it should be. Its one of those undiscovered gems of the city!

Also worth mentioning: it appears that they now have a new location on Gladstone or have undergone renovations? You no longer have to walk through a pizza shop to eat there. Not sure what the place looked like before but the place where they are now is lovely and very inviting!

2007 Aug 6
My vegan friends invited me out for dinner here. You must first walk through the pizzeria / delivery section of the restaurant (and if I recall correctly, one can also buy various other Ethiopian foods at the counter) to the sit-down portion of the restaurant.

New to African foods, I was excited to try the various offerings served on edible injera bread. Yummy! The vegetarian platter came with various servings of spiced (and familiar) veggies: corn, cabbage, spinach, carrots, green beans, and lentils. Delish!

Homebrewed honey wine (presented in Orangina bottles) was a fantastic treat. I hope to return someday with a party of at least five people, to try out the "traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony".

Service was attentive and polite - there was only one other group present that evening.

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