SushiGo has various locations around Ottawa. See website for details.
Sushi boxes to go at this sleek little spot right in the Byward Market.
They also carry interesting loose teas.

Sushi Go - Byward Market
Sushi at Sushi Go - Byward Market
Sushi at Sushi Go - Byward Market
Foods from Sushi Go - Byward Market

2007 Aug 2
Thanks to all your comments, I decided to try this new sushi shop last night. I went in around eight thirty, and it was pretty quiet, although people came in pretty consistently while I was there. I was looking at the prepackaged stuff, when one of the employees mentioned that I could order anything from the menu and they would package it for me to go. I wasn't aware this was an option, so that was great. In any case, I got the Salmon Kamikaze roll and the Spicy Tuna roll. Whomever mentioned that the rolls are huge was spot on. However, they are SO tasty. The ingredients were fresh, the rolls were perfectly spicy, and they used fresh tuna as opposed to the canned/flaked stuff you find in cheaper places. Very, very good. Try it!

2007 Jul 26

I was delighted to see a new sushi place open up in the market, where I happen to eat a lot of lunches. I went with a coworker yesterday and ordered off the menu rather than choosing one of the pre-made boxes. We shared a spicy tuna hosomaki and one of the regular maki (I think it was called "Sunshine") which had smoked salmon, crabstick, avocado, mayo, tobiko, and other good stuff I don't remember. And we each had two pieces of nigiri--salmon and tuna for my friend, white tuna and "spicy scallop tempura" for me.

Everything was good; the spicy scallop tempura nigiri was fantastic. It was made in the style of uni or fish roe nigiri, but with a big scoop of fresh scallop dressed in spicy, kind of citrusy tasting mayo, with crunchy little tempura bits mixed in. The white tuna was nice and fresh, and quite a generous slab. The spicy tuna hosomaki was excellent; it's the smallest size of maki on the menu, but this and the nigiri would have made a light but satisfying lunch. The regular maki are very substantial, impossible to eat in one bite, but very tasty.

The two of us ate our fill for $21, which is pretty impressive for this kind of quality. And we waited probably less than ten minutes for sushi to arrive. I think I'll be filling up my frequent-eater card rather quickly. And as foodlover says, the decor is great--it reminded me of the kind of hip Asian eateries you'd find in London (UK, not Ontario!).

2007 Jul 23
I was in the market today and noticed this new place which had a sign outside saying 11 piece sushi boxes starting at $4.95! So I had to check it out and I must say, I really like the decor in here. Super simple and sleek clean lines. Black shelving accented with red. White walls...behind the counter is exposed brick. Very could see the chef's behind the bar making sushi too. There is an open unit where they store the assorted sushi to go boxes and they range in price anywhere from $4.95 to $17.00 (I think). Read my comments on what I had....

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2010 Sep 24
I tried SushiGo on Albert Street today and am thankful I did. I sampled the Tom Yum and Miso/coriander soup; both were very fresh and delicious tasting. I then tried a variety of salmon kamikaze and maki rolls. Everything was fresh, service was prompt, efficient and friendly. The ingredients and quality of salmon and rice were fantastic. Restaurant choices in the government/ business sector of downtown Ottawa are extremely limited, so I will definitely return to SushiGo on Albert Street (near Kent).

2009 Jan 17
Just finished eating, bought the new 50pc platter for 30$ on baseline/clyde. The girl who was taking my order was nice enough to let me substitute some of the rolls(the 50 pc's are pre chosen), the platter consist of (10 futomaki lrg, 24 maki med, 16 hosomaki small. Everything was super fresh and made really nice, all the fillings were well portioned, even the hosomakis which had big pieces of tamago(egg) and the kappa(cucumber) had a lot. For a student who likes to get his monies worth I definitely feel I got it and even more.

2008 Mar 31
I think this was a California Classik, and it was very enjoyable. Interesting because it was not made "inside out" like most California rolls.

The sushi here isn't the world's best but it's pretty darn great and very convenient. I'll pop in again for sure!

2008 Mar 31
The Pacific maki (salmon, smoked salmon, avocado, tempura, masago, mayonnaise) was super tasty and tender. Yum! You'd better like lox though -- the taste is quite strong. Highly recommended as a snack or light meal.

2007 Jul 23
I had the Go Chef's 11 piece box to go. It included 5 futomakis (Boston, California classik, Spicy Salmon) and 6 hosomakis (Chef's favorite). Very fresh and reasonably priced at $5.75 + tax which came to $6.00. The Spicy Salmon piece wasn't remotely spicy which I find in most sushi I eat where they claim to be a spicy roll :(