The branch restaurant is an upscale casual restaurant, art, and music venue in Old Town Kemptville, Ontario, the Ottawa valleyís fastest growing community. It is a home for well traveled comfort food and a rendezvous for global flavour and local colour. It is owned and operated by proven restaurant stalwarts, including an internationally practiced published chef and three experienced servers, two of which are restaurant management degree holders. The branch restaurant welcomes the community with upscale casual service and fair prices, and invites the world with a forward thinking attitude about organic, sustainable and locally sourced foods, including meats and dairy products. When buying from abroad, as those who live in cooler climates must do, we will choose only farmers and companies who adhere to strict organic standards, because we support the idea of community on a global scale.

We are a host and a home to those who seek and produce visual, culinary and musical arts, and we will always seek new ways to instill our space with a sense of fun, creativity and taste.

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2010 Jun 25
Thereís also their organic whole wheat tortilla to wrap everything up.

We eat here about twice a month and Iíll be posting more photos of their yummy dishes as itís taken me years to get around to posting this first one. Yay for the Branch!

2010 Jun 25
Over the years Iíve tried many of their dishes and the one that Iím fixated on at the moment is their fajitas made with marinated skirt steak, peppers, onions and house smoked Portobello mushrooms.

2010 Jun 25
The fixings are guacamole (I always get an extra order of this as it so delicious), shredded lettuce, salsa, cheddar cheese, sour cream, pinto beans, rice, shredded carrots and a slice of jalapeno.

2010 Jun 25
My husband loves the meat and potatoes however they were out of strip loin that night and had to substitute for another cut of meat (it was okay but not as awesome as the original). The smashed potatoes, steamed-yet-still-crunchy carrots and the red wine gravy were delicious.

2010 Jun 25
Before your meal, they bring you a little appetizer that always changes. This one was bruschetta and hummus on a slice of foccacia. Delicious!

2010 Jun 25
I live in Kemptville and the Branch is one of our favourite restaurants. We know the owners, a lot of the staff and regulars so it's become a real homey place for us. We are big fans of Beauís Lug Tread and often start off our meal with a glass.

2010 Feb 23
On yet another boring night with no desire to cook at home, my husband and I decided to venture down to The Branch, meeting my mother there to go over some paperwork and to kill two birds with one stone. You might drive by the place at first, but it wasn't that hard to find (Kemptville isn't a big place, after all) and parking was ample.

I called to make reservations ahead of time, and although the man on the phone seemed to find it humourous, it was no problem. I guess you don't always have to make reservations on Thursday nights...;)

Space: The space was shockingly large and the tables seemed quite sparse -- it was nice to not bump elbows with your neighbour. :) There was a nice collection of art on display, as well. The room was, however, VERY cold and pretty dark...I suppose you could say the lighting was ambient, but I think they could afford to take it up a notch. As for the chill, well...that wasn't ambient at all. We kept our coats on.

Service: Our service was average, nothing too special but attentive enough. Refills on drinks were delivered quickly, we were checked in on a few times. There was one waitress for the whole space, which was only 4 tables, so I'd say the service was alright, over all.

Menu: It was hard to choose what we wanted from the menu, everything sounded great! The beer selection was nice, as well.

Food: For starters, we had the spinach salad, the layer dip and the meat/cheese platter. The food took a little longer than expected but nothing to be upset about -- given the size of the location, we just assumed it was all being made fresh to order, and I don't think we were wrong in that assumption.

The spinach salad was huge and there were giant meaty mushrooms mixed in. I don't like mushrooms as a rule, but my husband ate them all from my plate.

The layer dip was OK, nothing special.

The meat/cheese platter was the highlight of our appetizers -- the walnuts were amazing, and the little portions of meat, cheese, and various accompaniments were wonderfully mixed. The olives were also very, very good.

For our mains, we had the branchburger, the Austin City Limits, and some sort of salmon with cream sauce.

My burger was tasty, as was the poutine that I opted for instead of the plain wedge fries. The red wine gravy was great -- I was pregnant at the time and even the slightest taste of something that once had alcohol was unappealing, but this gravy passed the test.

The Austin City Limits was huge and messy and delicious. The cornbread --almost-- passed my standard for good cornbread, but was a bit too dark (not QUITE burnt) for my liking.

The salmon dish was also tasty, the cream sauce was very flavourful and the veggies that accompanied were cooked perfectly.

We had dessert on top of that, but I honestly can't remember for the life of me what we had.

Overall: We will definitely be making the trip out to The Branch again. It was a nice dose of local flavour and the price point was excellent. Next time, however, we will be bringing our sweaters...;)

2010 Jan 6
I find the menu quite interesting and the price is quite reasonable (really want to try out their $500 Chocolate Cake for $6.99). Kemptville is still a bit far away from Ottawa. So, will likely drop in one day on my way from Toronto to home. Anyway, have added this to my Wishlist.

2010 Jan 6
What started off as a great review was poorly punctuated by your jab,

"I can't stand frou frou places that charge you a fortune for an abstract food sculpture on a plate served by a runway model who knows nothing about the "food", while the air is polluted with some bizzare electronic "music".

Without reading too far into your comment, I can reasonably guess that you are taking a poke at Atelier (overpriced sculpture) and Play/Eighteen/Social (runway models with "music"). IMHO this is so lame. If Branch is so great, then let it stand on its own merit.

2010 Jan 6
I have the great priviledge of performing music from time to time at the Branch. One of the great perks of playing there is beeing fed great food. Something about that place, it's like it's charged with culture and good taste. I think people get stoned on the food and ambiance. There are a number of amazing things about this place for me.

One of them is how welcome you feel when you eat there. The first time I went there, I felt like I knew the staff for years. Down to earth, Knowledgeable, charming and friendly people. Now every time i go back they feel like family. Many people seem to have this experience.

The second of course is the food. And it's not just how good the food tastes. it's their whole philosophy about the industry. buying local, using organic products, supporting their community. I usually get the Austin City Limits when I eat there. It's a plate full of "stick to your ribs" stuff like beef brisket, locally produced sausage, cornbread, potato salad and I forget what else. The chef explained the process he uses for making his Brisket to me. I forget the details except the fact that it was a longgggg process and made me hungry hearing about it. Super tender and smokey, deadly good. And I think i would almost pay $500 for that $500 chocolate cake...

Another thing that's great about the branch is how they support local artists. They always have a display of beautiful art on the walls from local artists. And of course they regularly have live music which I'm a big sucker for. There are very few places in the area that have great food, ambiance, service and music. I can't stand frou frou places that charge you a fortune for an abstract food sculpture on a plate served by a runway model who knows nothing about the "food", while the air is polluted with some bizzare electronic "music". The branch is genuine quality all around, food and staff. An entertaining evening guaranteed at the branch.