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2008 Jan 7
McMarshal....PLEASE tell me you took that meat back!!! That is absolutely wrong and is like selling someone death in a package.

2008 Jan 7
I've personally had it with this place. Horribly overpriced, crowded, slow and even worse, selling meats that are rotten. Not my idea of a good butcher.

First rotten meat...a few months ago, lamb. I balked at getting $88 worth of frenched rack of lamb -- the dinner simply wasn't that important to me. The woman at Saslove's then offered me two frenched racks which were previously frozen, at a slight discount. Took forever but she wrapped them for me and met me at the cash. At the cash, she said "I'm not 100% sure about this cut here, so I'm discounting it more." I thought it was odd, but there was a lineup behind me (always is, at Saslove's) and I was in a hurry to get home to cook the racks, so I left with it. Got home, unwrapped it, and found it was GREEN, SLIMY, and ROTTEN. $45 wasted.

Second time was last week, a package of ground organic veal. Seemed fine 'til we opened it, and the stench hit us. Rotten. $12 wasted, and the New Year's Eve meatballs a lost dream.

I know that Saslove's is an Ottawa institution, but the Butchery down in Bell's Corners has proven to be a way better place to me. And yes, it's worth driving there rather than biking/walking to Saslove's on Wellington. At least I can serve what I bought with confidence.

2006 Dec 2
There is a location in the Market, and also one on Wellington street. I personally prefer the one on Wellington because I find it has more character and the people are more exhuberant and helpful, plus they have more stuff, but I'm biased probably because I used to work there (although I felt the same way before I started working there). Note: I'm not trying to advertise this place, I'm trying to give more information about what is available there.

Very good quality meats - this is the place to go for organic. Game meats such as bison, plus you can order just about anything special. The butcher will cut any cut you need too, so if you don't see it in the counter - ask.

Both locations have a variety of sausages made in-house. My fave at Wellington is the Sweet and Smokey Bison sausage - it's insane. They also have this crazy bad-for-you breakfast sausage which has sausage meat, bacon, ham and maple syrup combined. My fave downtown is the Duck, Pork, Asparagus and Old Cheddar Sausage.

Another reason I prefer Wellington is that they have stuff that downtown does not have:

Deli meat case that has in-house nitrate free turkey, nitrate free ham etc. plus they get the smoked meat from MTL and I personally find it to be the best I've found from a deli in town.

Large amount of pre-prepared food (a woman named Mama does all the cooking)such as cabbage rolls, brisket (there's this one guy who came in EVERY DAY to see if she had made the brisket), tortiere, Morroccan vegetables, roasted potatoes, lamb curry, knish etc. If you don't feel like cooking dinner it's very appealing.

They also have more "pre-prepared" raw meats such as stuffed chicken breasts ready for the oven, marrinated chicken breasts and pre-assembled kabobs.

Fish counter: 5 types of marinated salmon fillets all ready for the grill, in-season fish, organic salmon from Ireland etc.

You can also get various bulk packs of meat for a few hundred bucks if you're the kind who likes to stock your freezer. If you are at Wellington - look on the wall behind the counter for the package deals.

Staff at Wellington are really friendly and also experienced cooks (they all take stuff home to cook it) so if you want advise on what to do with something or how to cook something, just ask.

Word to the wise: It is PACKED on the weekends, so it's a good idea to go during the week instead to avoid lines.

Oh, and you can get smoked marrow bones for your dog.

2006 Nov 29
Saslove's has online ordering, and they even offer to shop the market for any other groceries you might need, ie: fish, cheese, fruit. I love to shop for food myself, - but it's got to be handy for some folks! I wonder what, if any delivery charge is involved...

I'm really impressed by this, and makes me want to go even more now.

click on "online ordering"

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2006 Dec 2

-Both regular grain-fed and organic chicken available.
-Cornish Game Hen
-Can also special order pheasant, whole organic turkeys, ducks, geese etc.

If they don't have the cut you want, they'll cut it for you if you ask. (Ex: You want your turkey breast deboned)

Also organic deli meat poultry such as organic roasted turkey.

Lamb 1



Turkey 1





2008 Sep 1
Bought 2 hot italian and 2 spanish chorizo sausages for the BBQ yesterday....the italian sausage I found to be waaaay too salty, but had some nice kick to it. The chorizo I liked much better but I'm still reminiscing about all beef smokies from Saskatchewan! I asked at Saslove's if they had any, and of course they had never heard of them, or had any sausages that weren't pork. Oh well....

2007 Mar 17
Great variety of fresh sausage from breakfast to BBQ and everything in between. A bit pricey but well worth it!



2007 Mar 7
Pretty sure I've seen packs of Kobe beef the Saslove's in the Market - last seen about 3 months ago when I was last there, but presumably they know a producer/importer and could order it in if they don't currently have it in stock. Dunno if it's "real" kobe beef, or "kobe style" beef - not sure what the rules are for "real" kobe beef...





2006 Dec 2
Organic beef in variety of cuts available
Also, organic ground beef

Nitrate free roast beef in the deli at Wellington.



2012 Jul 27
2 important things you must look for:

1) Canard entier
2) Sud Ouest (de la France, where else?)

Both are required to ensure real foie gras quality.

When you are in the Southern West part of France, you will get OK prices. When you are in other parts of France, you will pay about 2 times the price. When you get it at Saslove's, you will pay about 4 times the price.

We go to France at least once per year, so we always by it over seas, and bring the Sauternes or Champagne back at the same time, as they go so well together.

2006 Dec 2
Haven't seen it at Wellington loaction, but did see it in the Market last week. Small slice was $7, whole lobe was about $75. No grade on package though, so not sure of quality - though if you asked they could probably tell you.






2008 Oct 28
Found a rare (at least from my experience, and pardon the pun) treat at Saslove's on the weekend: bone-in ribeye steak, aged at least 30 days.

The price difference wasn't that much over the standard, unaged variety, and it was so melt-in-your-mouth good and tasty.

I think I would have preferred them to be more thickly cut, since they were about three-quarters of an inch thick, but that's not a deal-breaker for me.

Also, Saslove's has hanger steaks. Sure, they're cryovaced, meaning you have to dry them out really well if you want a good crust on the outside. Sure, they may come from the States (the fellow at Aubrey's told me that hanger steak is a USDA cut, so it's difficult (illegal?) to produce here). But I don't care. If you've got side dishes (or lots of fries) you can feed three people for four bucks, and the taste and texture are fantastic.