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2016 May 18
The guy who dredged it had two cigarettes during the process. Mystery solved.

2016 May 18
Delicious, tasty deception and treachery.
I can live with that.

2016 May 18
Vulcan mind tricks. The double smoked bacon is not actually double smoked. It is dredged in a caramel syrup before smoking. Ta-da!

Assuming they still get it from Lavergne Western Beef in any case.

2016 May 17
Double smoked bacon. OMG.

It's so smoky that I had a flashback to my father's hunting camp. It was always smoky inside and there was always some bacon going on the stove.

Yeah. Flashback bacon. That's the good stuff.
Not overly salty, either.

2014 Mar 2
I purchased jerk chicken thighs recently, being a lover of jerk chicken and pork. I simply threw them in the oven and served with some basmati rice. Wow. Just wow. These thighs were amazing. A little different taste than I usually get from Caribbean places, a bit less spicy and it almost tasted like turkey dressing. Sounds odd for jerk chicken but I assure you this was amazing. For $16 I had two meals and I eat more than the average person so while not cheap, not too pricey given the quality.

2013 Apr 16
Saslove's on Wellington is a wonderful place in an era where customer service has been pushed to the way side. Yes there product is fantastic but the people are what keeps me coming back. Knowledgeable and friendly.

2012 Aug 9
Great to know about the biltong. I can't always get to the Butchery in Bellsconer to get my stash.
Everytime I go to Toronto I go to Oakville to fill up my cooler bag with South African goodies.

2012 Aug 9
Beef Biltong from Sasloves - sourced from Florence Meats in Oakville.

If you have never tried it, I highly recommend it. It is leaps and bounds better then Beef Jerky. Perhaps because it is hard to find quality beef jerky in North America, most of what I have had is mass produced gas station crap. Biltong is spiced with coriander and garlic and has an important historical value since it was developed in the 17th century as Dutch settlers (Voortrekkers) “trekked” (which is an Afrikaans word that has made it into English) north east across the South African bush, to settle in the Transvaal, which is today around the general area of Johannesburg, Pretoria and Witbank (

Also, try the piri-piri one, it's nice and spicy.

Florence meats is a South African Butcher that makes biltong, boervors, dryvors, and they carry all sorts of South African goodies. Saslove’s also carries Florence boervors from time to time. If you like sausage, I highly recommend trying it! It is an 80% lean beef sausage spiced in a way similar to biltong.

Growing up, my Mom and I would take a monthly trip to Flourence! Man was it a treat. Fanta, Spar-Letta cream soda, Biltong, Boervors, Milky way chocolates, and of course she would pick up killer cuts of steak and pork.

2012 Aug 1
I shop at the Saslove's on Richmond RD and have always been happy with the service & the product. Their sausages are wonderfully seasoned.

2012 Jul 27
I've been in all 3 Meat stores in the Market, Saslove's, Aubrey's Meat, and The Sausage Kitchen.

I live in the Byward Market (moved there in 1992), I've been in all 3 stores many times.

I'll compare all 3.

Saslove's: Good service, you pick what you want (see), great variety of cuts, delicious, love that place. And unlike some comments, I like the staff (they look like they are always in a good mode). I've participated in an annual Rib contests, and won 5 years in a row... Yes, my recipe is great, but without the best ribs, you can't win...

Sausage Kitchen: I go there for the ham, just amazing (the Polish, the Grand'ma, etc.). If you go with your kids, the staff often will give them candy. Love that place.

Aubrey's Meat: Never again. Yes, they have quality products, but the prices are 33 to 50% higher than at Saslove's, and the quality is the same. Other the the outragous cost of their products, you can't pick what you want, things are all kind of hidden, they pick for you. And I won't get into their Groupon Scam... Pffff.




2006 Dec 2

-Both regular grain-fed and organic chicken available.
-Cornish Game Hen
-Can also special order pheasant, whole organic turkeys, ducks, geese etc.

If they don't have the cut you want, they'll cut it for you if you ask. (Ex: You want your turkey breast deboned)

Also organic deli meat poultry such as organic roasted turkey.










2008 Sep 1
Bought 2 hot italian and 2 spanish chorizo sausages for the BBQ yesterday....the italian sausage I found to be waaaay too salty, but had some nice kick to it. The chorizo I liked much better but I'm still reminiscing about all beef smokies from Saskatchewan! I asked at Saslove's if they had any, and of course they had never heard of them, or had any sausages that weren't pork. Oh well....

2007 Mar 17
Great variety of fresh sausage from breakfast to BBQ and everything in between. A bit pricey but well worth it!



2007 Mar 7
Pretty sure I've seen packs of Kobe beef the Saslove's in the Market - last seen about 3 months ago when I was last there, but presumably they know a producer/importer and could order it in if they don't currently have it in stock. Dunno if it's "real" kobe beef, or "kobe style" beef - not sure what the rules are for "real" kobe beef...





2012 Jul 27
2 important things you must look for:

1) Canard entier
2) Sud Ouest (de la France, where else?)

Both are required to ensure real foie gras quality.

When you are in the Southern West part of France, you will get OK prices. When you are in other parts of France, you will pay about 2 times the price. When you get it at Saslove's, you will pay about 4 times the price.

We go to France at least once per year, so we always by it over seas, and bring the Sauternes or Champagne back at the same time, as they go so well together.

2006 Dec 2
Haven't seen it at Wellington loaction, but did see it in the Market last week. Small slice was $7, whole lobe was about $75. No grade on package though, so not sure of quality - though if you asked they could probably tell you.



2006 Dec 2
Organic beef in variety of cuts available
Also, organic ground beef

Nitrate free roast beef in the deli at Wellington.



2008 Oct 28
Found a rare (at least from my experience, and pardon the pun) treat at Saslove's on the weekend: bone-in ribeye steak, aged at least 30 days.

The price difference wasn't that much over the standard, unaged variety, and it was so melt-in-your-mouth good and tasty.

I think I would have preferred them to be more thickly cut, since they were about three-quarters of an inch thick, but that's not a deal-breaker for me.

Also, Saslove's has hanger steaks. Sure, they're cryovaced, meaning you have to dry them out really well if you want a good crust on the outside. Sure, they may come from the States (the fellow at Aubrey's told me that hanger steak is a USDA cut, so it's difficult (illegal?) to produce here). But I don't care. If you've got side dishes (or lots of fries) you can feed three people for four bucks, and the taste and texture are fantastic.