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2011 Oct 3
Out on date/movie this weekend, first time in a long time. Made reservations for Saturday night, good idea, as the place was packed. Overall it met my expectations, service was friendly and quick. Food was so so.

Starting bread was really good. Their olive oil and balsamic are both tasty. I started with sambuca shrimp. Shrimps were good, but I found the sauce too far on the sweet side for my liking. For a main I had wild mushroom risotto. The mushrooms were good, and risotto texture was right on (a slight bit of crunch left) however I found the dish under seasoned. At $23 or so it was pretty pricy for the result.

My wife requires gluten free options. Fratelli offers all their non-premade pasta with gluten free options (corn based). My wife's pasta was excellent, the texture was really good and the sauce was tasty. Full marks on that one. She started with the soup of the day which was a butternut squash. Unfortunately the soup was quite under seasoned as well.

Overall it was ok, and the salt shaker was in easy reach. For pasta lovers with a gluten free requirement this seems a very good option.

2009 Dec 2
Ate at Fratelli's Kanata last week. Have eaten here many times, this last trip was good overall, however was disspointed with our main courses.

We started with some apps, which I will say were delicious and the best part of our meal. Calamari, Zucchini and Sambucca Shrimp. Were passed around and enjoyed by all.

Veal Luisa - ok, but very salty. You expect it to be a little salty due to the prosciutto, but was soo salty that you could not enjoy the dish. Was ordered by two people in our party who both did not finish their meals.

Linguine Vongole - dish had about 4 small clam shells. The sauce was ok, but nothing to write home about. I have had this dish here before and enjoyed it much more in the past. Maybe it was a different chef, but was left lacking after this one.

Margherita pizza was fantastic as usual. I would still say the pizza's here are one of the best in the city. Classic Italian style thin crust.

Deserts were excellent. Fratelli tiramisu was creamy and delicious as usual.

Overall meal was good, service was excellent as always. Will go back again, and would still recommend this restaurant to others.

2009 Jun 2
Like I noted in my review last year, the quality of Fratelli has gone way down. Ever since the mom stopped working, the food has suffered. The Fratelli's have no restaurant experience, and all their restaurants have varying quality of cooks. When it was just the one on Bank, and the mom made all the sauces, etc... it was something to talk about... now they've all become something to talk about... where not to eat!

2009 Jun 2
I have to say, we have always been fans of Fratelli, but we were rather disappointed at our recent visit to Kanata. First of all, the tables were too close to each other for comfort. With the change in floor layout, I felt like I was dining with my neighbour. Next, we waited for 10 minutes for someone to come to our table and take our drink order, bring bread etc. Then...there was the astounding average-ness of the food. Hubby and I both ordered the Caesar Salad, usually reliable, but it was obvously pre-made, ice cold from the fridge, made mostly much pale green romaine and too many romaine ribs and the dressing tasted a bit like supermarket dressing (and being so cold, you could barely taste it). Not only that, the portion was a tad small. For almost $20 worth of salad at an Italian restaurant, it was a let down. I commented to the server about it and she gave me the "we'll let the kitchen know". Ok, thanks.

I ordered the Veal Marsala and the pasta that came on the side had obviously been sitting too long - it had a bit of a skin on it. My husband had the chicken parmesan, which was the best dish of the night, but he had to track down two servers to get some crushed chillies for his pasta. Waiting, waiting...

The wine was probably the best, and much needed, part of the evening - a nice Rioja, not too pricey. Tiramisu for dessert was very tasty.

Sadly, very mediocre for the money. I don't think the attention to detail is what it used to be - perhaps it's the expansion that has taken away the owner's attention but I no longer think of Fratelli as a sure thing for a good, relaxed dinner in the West end. I want to go out with friends this Saturday, and often we would go there but now we're not so sure - they too had a similar feeling on their last visit. I can only hope this is a temporary set back as the choices in Kanata are already few.

2008 Mar 22
If you are looking for a change from Asian I still find Fratelli's Kanata is possibly the best option in Kanata for decent food and service. I was here recently for a lunch and a dinner and though nothing shouted outstanding everything was quite good. I love their arugula salad with parmesan shavings and the shrimp sambucca appie. It can be quite noisy in the evening--especially if you get a young family or group of families near you. I've found lunch too be a little less frenetic. The chicken gorgonzola is a personal favourite and as I tend to eat on the smaller size (quantity) I always take some home for lunch next day. I'd love to see some new good restaurants in Kanata but for now Fratelli's is a favourite.

2007 Jul 19
Mom's night at Fratelli tonight (Wednesday). Wow! The place was packed when we arrived at 7:00 PM. We made our reservation and still needed to wait for about 15 minutes before we got our table. Don't know if this had to do with John Fogerty's concert at Scotia Place at 7:30 PM or the place is always busy. Obviously, this was not the place for quiet conversation. It was okay for me. I just needed to talk louder and I was sure that people sitting close to our table can hear our convesation.

My friend told me that their pasta is very rich. Since we are all on diet, three of us choose to eat salad (2 orders for Caesar salad with grilled chicken and one grilled chicken salad). The caesar salad I had was tasty. I forgot the name of appetizer (or antipasti) my friend ordered for us to share. Some green with 3 stuffed mushrooms.

I like their bread. Very fresh! They claimed that their breads and dressings are made in their kitchens. I like dipping the breads in the olive oil.

We also ordered one Strawberry Tiramisu for 3 ladies to share (see, we really tried hard to be on diet).

Service was alright. Since they were busy, we didn't get very attentive services.

We split the bill and it came to about $28 per person (after tax and tips, no wine ordered). Not cheap for what we ate.



2007 Jul 19
This is the Caesar Salad I ordered ($8.50). I added grilled chicken to the salad for $6.00 extra. Portion was just right. The taste was good. No complaint.

2007 Jul 19
This was the Strawberry Tiramisu ($7.50) we ordered. Taste was okay. Nothing to blow me away though.


2007 Jul 19
This was the Grilled Chicken Salad ($14.50) my friend ordered. Mixed green salad with marinated eggplant and balsamic dressing.

My friend didn't say anything. So, I guess it was acceptable.


2015 Apr 19
The Pizza Margherita here was a tasty choice. It's neat to be able to get a pretty authentic wood-oven thin crust pizza in the suburbs. The spicy oil was necessary for the crust and the pizza was decorated with an insulting sprinkle of parmesan powder, but it hit the spot.

This is an excellent choice for when you're stuck in the 'burbs and want some good pizza!