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2008 Jul 7
I was there 2 weeks ago with a friend and we had the "sushi boat for 2". The service was good, and the food was exactly what we needed after a big day at work. The presentation in the "boat" was very nice.

We'll definitely go back, it was nice to sit on the patio and enjoy good food :)

I was surprised to learn that they've been in operation for 8 years.. it was the first time i ever saw that place.

2008 Jul 6
Obelix and I picked up the Sushi Dinner platter on Canada Day. There was tonnes of nigiri and nori and we made pigs of ourselves when we got home. It was just as good as I remember. They have renovated and expanded the restaurant, so there is plenty of room to sit.

2008 Mar 13
Went to Wasabi a few weeks ago (right now they are closed for renovations) and had the soft shell crab bento box... Deelish, as per usual. Great place to eat, food is always fresh, very reasonalble prices!

2007 Oct 9
Ate here tonight and got the Oki-Oki platter. A huge platter of sushi/sashimi and maki rolls for 3-4 people. A lot of food but we like suuuuushi. IT was great, the sushi was so fresh and the service was friendly and fast. I highly recommend this place! It may be more pricey than some places but as far as restaurants in the market go, I think it's pretty swell!

2007 Sep 12
I just LOVE that japanese restaurant!! They have the best sushi in all Ottawa! The fish is amazing!! I usually order the bento box because it has so many "features" (even if it is huge and I can almost never finish it). My favorite sushi there is the spicy salmon one. Sashimi is great too. The food is a bit pricey if you take the regular bento boxes but if you go for lunch, they have lunch bento box that are quite good! Go there, you won't regret it!!

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2011 Feb 13
pretty nice date place with fancy dish set up, food is normal


2012 Mar 9
The lichee martinis go down way to easy... yummy!