Recipes from Ottawa Restaurants via the Ottawa Citizen [Cooking]

2008 Mar 5
Years ago, The Ottawa Citizen's Food Section (on Wensday's), had a feature, where readers would write in and request recipes from local retaurants.

I still use two of those recipes, to this day. With some little modification.

They are 1)Zola's Zola's Restaurant recipe for Prosciutto Mushroom Linguini and 2)
The Savana Cafe's Savana Café Pad Thai (International Stylee (i.e. ketchup based) as opposed to Traditional Stylee (i.e. tamarind based).

Does anyone remember the Citizen feature and/or have used any of the recipes ?

2008 Mar 11
SteffQC: Sweetgrass serves both Bannock and Navajo Fry Bread. If you Google them there's recipes out there that are probably very similar.