Opening 2019 !! (continued) [General]

2019 Aug 14
TOPIC continued from Forum - Opening 2019 !!

Opening Soon. Falafel Scoop will be opening up at 398 Kent St. (ex-Shekarchi)

2019 Aug 15
I don't know when Pudgyboys opened on Bank at McLaren, but it looks interesting. Not cheap for what they're delivering, but interesting.

The prices aren't working on their website (at least, not for me), so I took a look at their delivery prices.

2019 Aug 15
The reviews I've seen for Pudgyboys are pretty terrible.

2019 Aug 15
I've ordered through Uber Eats a few times, I think the food is pretty good, fairly high quality sliders and chicken.

The portion to price ratio isn't great and makes it tough to justify.

2019 Aug 15
Pudgy Boys was ok... i tried a few different sliders...

2019 Aug 19
Yuzumi on Holland Avenue where The Bowl used to be. Poke bowls, sushi rolls, cold noodles, rice bowls. They could have kept the old name/signage and simply added an s, since it sounds like they have more than one bowl.

2019 Aug 20
For those bubble tea fans, a new CocoTea store is now open on Merivale (1568 Merivale Rd Unit 12).

Note that they are under soft opening hours which is from 4 pm to 10 pm.

2019 Aug 20
had lunch buffet at the new indian place on Somerset, Mehfil today and it was pretty good for $15 with taxes. Been open for a few months but never seen it very busy... I hope they can make it work because it's so great having more variety in Chinatown.

2019 Aug 28
Heard a rumour that the Coco bubble tea place on Merivale will be expanding to include a Chi Chop. Finally, Taiwanese style fried chicken schnitzel in Ottawa!

2019 Aug 28
That should be interesting warby!

Speaking of bubble tea, a new "Real Fruit Bubble Tea" location will be opening up soon at the Rideau Centre. There are currently two other locations in Ottawa: one at Bayshore Mall and the other at Place D'Orleans.

2019 Aug 29
Marin Urban Beer Garden at 345 Preston Street. Apparently it opened recently.

Their untappd page says it's also a vegetarian/vegan place. Oh, I guess it's inside Pure Kitchen.

2019 Sep 6
Poulet Rouge opening up soon at the Rideau Centre food court, taking over the spot that used to be Torino Grill. Advertisement states that it's "grilled chicken flavours" and asks the question "poutine or rouge bowl? or BOTH!!!"

No indication yet on what's taking over the Green Rebel former spot...

2019 Sep 18
Juice Dudez is opening on Richmond where the old Simply Coffee was (in Q West)

2019 Sep 18
Hi Everyone: I wanted to share that Beckta just reopened for lunch in our wine bar last week. The new lunch menu can be found at: I hope we can share some of our chef's delicious offerings with you soon.

2019 Sep 26
Coming Soon. Score Pizza in the Glebe. Bank/Fifth in the new building across from McD.

2019 Oct 4
Art-Is-In Bakery opening soon in the Byward Market.

2019 Oct 4
Dal Moro's Fresh Pasta To-Go opening soon in the Byward Market. They currently have 4 locations in Toronto / GTA.

2019 Oct 7
"Art-Is-In Bakery opening soon in the Byward Market."

Veddy Eeeeeeeenteresting. Not a move i would have expected when the tourists seem willing to go to them. I wonder how seductive the landlord's offer was.

2019 Oct 7
Adonis sign is up at a mall on St Laurent a few blocks north of the Queensway on the east side.

2019 Oct 10
Where in the market is Art-is-in opening?

2019 Oct 10
The Market location of Art Is In is a tiny shop next to Mavericks Donuts, adjacent to the produce vendors of ByWard Market Square.

2019 Oct 11
Speaking of the Byward, any word on the businesses affected by the William St. fire? I've been waiting for word on this, specifically Le Mien which was right on the edge of the damage (I think they are waiting for engineers to complete their assessments)

2019 Oct 11
It looks like it will be next spring before the restaurant owners can even start rebuilding. They had to get permits from the city to demolish the unsafe parts of the buildings and restore the remaining structures. More info is here:

And here:

2019 Oct 11
Ah... that Acai bowl place didn't even last a couple of months... I saw the Art-is-in signs up today... it must be just a store front

2019 Oct 14
Chilaquiles opening on Beechwood where Arturo’s used to be. Not sure if they will still be on Montreal Rd as well.

2019 Oct 16
I noticed today that Chickpeas on Bank Street is now Open.

2019 Oct 17
Construction has started on a 2nd floor restaurant in the old Real Sports location on George Street in the market.

2019 Oct 18
The new restaurant going onto the second floor of Realsports is an interesting concept. Right now they are filling in the floor where the Realsports screen used to be.

Can't say much more right now, but I will probably be able to name them in a couple of weeks.

2019 Oct 25
Cylie artisian chocolates to be opening Nov in Old Ottawa South. Across (roughly) from Mayfair theatre.

2019 Oct 27
Hero certified burgers has opened up a 2nd location. I noticed the sign last week at 1950 Merivale Road in Nepean.

2019 Oct 27
Oh My Grill, opening in November at York and Cumberland (former Soprano's Pizza).

Mediterranean/Halal grilled foods!

2019 Oct 28
Now Open - Bee Home in chinatown. In the old Pho LA Fusion restaurant.

2019 Oct 31
Pi Co. opening soon at 236 Richmond Road. It's a pizza chain from Toronto, similar to Fiazza and Score Pizza.

2019 Oct 31
@EnglishFoodie: Interesting concept indeed. I'm skeptical on whether they'll do well here in Ottawa. What do you think? I managed to take a "peek" at the construction, if you know what I mean...

2019 Nov 1
Pi Co. looks good based on their Instagram but I have never tried their pizza. It's interesting to me that we're seeing gowth in pizza but I guess everyone loves pizza. It's close to Fiazza though in Westboro so this should be interesting. Fiazza does use local ingredients so they have that going for them and I do really enjoy their pizza.

2019 Nov 3
Pita Bell has new signage on Pocketz location on Carling near Clyde. Not sure if they're moving from the strip mall they're already in a few blocks west on Carling near Maitland, or if this is a second location.

Think it said opening soon, don't think they're open yet.

2019 Nov 5
Apparently a Mexican place will replace the Happy Goat at Bank and Sunnyside.
Timing uncertain.

2019 Nov 6
But Happy Goat is still there, is it closing? Where the hell am I supposed to get my coffee beans if they do?

2019 Nov 7
Not closing, just moving down the street to the old Starbucks location I believe, which would be a bit bigger.

2019 Nov 7
Gazo Fusion Tea and Bakery will be opening up on Rideau by Dalhousie. They serve bubble tea type drinks and other dessert options. They have other locations in Montreal and Toronto.

For those keeping score, there'll now be 4 stores that you can get bubble tea around Rideau and Dalhousie: Share Tea, Presotea, Chatime and soon to be opened Gazo. You can also throw in Sugar Marmalade in there although they're more of a sit-down dessert restaurant.

2019 Nov 8
BiBi's Middle Eastern Kitchen will be opening at 143 Putman (ex Work's/Fraser Cafe/Zazaza). This building was slated for development, but the application was dropped by the developer.

"BiBi’s is a brand new quick service restaurant specializing in Middle Eastern cuisine. We will be delivering our unique brand of food and hospitality throughout Ottawa, with chef inspired Saj wraps and bowls."

2019 Nov 9
‘Hey Kitchen’ will be opening in the space that was The Famous Owl Minerva. Some of the pictures on their windows: Tiger Shrimp Curry Spaghetti, Sliced Beef Teppan Black Pepper Fettuccine, Chong Qing Minced Pork with Peas Noodle, Seafood Supreme Rice Noodle, Salmon Tomato Sauce Spaghetti, Sliced Beef Teppan Pepper Rice, Eel Teppan Pepper Rice, Eel Omurice, Beef Striploin Steak Omurice, Seafood Omurice, Smoked Chicken Teppan Pepper Rice, Szechuan Style Beef Brisket Noodle.

2019 Nov 10
The former Filling Station (sob) location off Clyde is now a Morning Owl.

2019 Nov 11
It's been that for a while now. Not nearly as interesting. We liked the Filling Station a lot.

2019 Nov 12
Ah, ok, was news to moi. I like Morning Owl. I frequent various Morning Owls. I'm sure the various offices around there are very happy witI WANT THE FILLING STATION BACK DAMMIT.

...also, ROBZ, while i'm busy complaining about dead sandwich places...

...this is bad. I'm jonesing. Hey, is Meatpress any good?

2019 Nov 12
Robz moved across the street into the pool hall - did they fold completely since then?

2019 Nov 12
Meatpress is amazing, highly recommend their sandwiches, smoked duck and their take on a philly cheese are my personal favourites.

However they are not ideal for take out, and no Muffaletta.

2019 Nov 13
La Noodle recently reopened after a six month or so closure due to renovations. There appears to be more tables and chairs - more two tops and less clunky looking than the old ones. They now have a noodle making station in the window on the Cumberland side of the building so you can watch the chefs making noodles. I also noticed the resto has been renamed to La La Noodle.

2019 Nov 13
@zym, yep, gone.

@EFoodie, yay!/boo/sigh.

2019 Nov 15
Meat press is amazing and I have done takeout of sandwiches with fries and salad before if you keepin mind of which sandwich may travel better. Etienne the owner / chef used to work at Soif as main chef before Jamie (ex OZ Cafe).

Meat Press is back with dinner service Thurs - Sat so have to give it a try.. the foie gras looks great

2019 Nov 17
I'm sure that there will be a Christmas themed restaurant opening soon named:

la la la la LAAAAAAAA la la ... la ... noooooooodle

2019 Nov 18
Pi Co a build your own pizza chain similar to Scores is opening up in Westboro at 326 Richmond Rd.

2019 Nov 18
House of Pizza is also (presumably) opening soon as their sign is up and they are a house or two east of Richmond and Churchill. Their former location on Richmond got demo'd for the LRT. Going to be pizza wars between Fiazza, Pi Co and House of Pizza. Will definitely try Pi Co, have tried Fiazza and it's like the Subway of Pizza, very bland. House of Pizza is a tasty cheesy oregano'ey lebanese pie.

2019 Nov 21
Take Another Bite, a Manotick based bakery/catering cafe has opened up a second location on Concourse Blvd, off of Colonnade Rd.

My experience with pasteis de nata is not as comprehensive as others on this site, but the ones I just picked up were very good. (Disappeared before there was a picture opportunity.

2019 Nov 21
@Clayton @EnglishFoodie I ducked in to the spot under construction on George today too (formerly Real Sports.) Doesn't look like it'll be open anytime soon, but they're sure putting some skin in the game!

2019 Nov 22
Oh it will be awhile before they open, it's only one floor so they have to fill in the mezzanine with concrete.

But once everything is a little farther along I can speak a bit more openly about the concept. I'm not in a position to divulge right now, sorry for being so cryptic.

2019 Nov 22
@ToeKnee LOL. That's a good one. I want to say more but I'm afraid my lips are sealed with duct tape!

@EnglishFoodie No worries at all on being cryptic... That said, you seem to be quite familiar with the construction. I can only hope that it is going well, especially as it relates to the ductwork!

2019 Nov 22
It's a Hooters, isn't it?

2019 Nov 24
Döner Kabob - german döner kabob is coming soon to 272 Elgin St. They opened their first restaurant in Berlin back 1989. And have restaurants all over the world. Check out their menu. Variety is the spice of life.

2019 Nov 25
The bread looks almost... waffle'esque. ...and they do... doner nachos? doner quesadillas??? DONER SPRING ROLLS???? ...and who orders a side of feta cheese with donair....?

...i'm not sure whether i'm intrigued or offput.
Probably intrigued.

2019 Nov 25
I'm highly suspicious, German Doner Kabob does not have any locations in Germany. For the record I have vague memories of Doner Kabobs eaten in Germany from the late 80's. Pretty sure it was late and there was meat and bread involved ... all other memories disappeared by the morning on multiple occasions.

2019 Nov 25
Sourdough, this sounds like the highest possible praise, if not of GDK, then certainly of German beer. . . . . .

2019 Nov 26
@OSoloMeal ... "DONER SPRING ROLLS????"
Well ... maybe not spring rolls but the East Coast Donair(Doner) Lovers have had Donair Egg Rolls for some time.

2019 Nov 26
Sourdough, this sounds like the highest possible praise, if not of GDK, then certainly of German beer. . . . . .

2019 Nov 26
German beer, so good it makes you forget what you posted

2019 Nov 27
German Donar Kebab aren't German they are Turkish

I have fond memories of eating lots of them from 1992 to 1994 when I lived in Cologne

2019 Nov 27
In the little strip mall on Bank street in Old Ottawa South, just next door to Table Sodam:

Pomelo Hat.

Smoothies and bubble teas., really, that's the name. Googled and now I want to make one.
Its bare white with a counter and some chairs, kind of starkly charming. I want to try.

2019 Nov 29
Zak’s Diner on Elgin is now open. 7am to 11pm daily.

2019 Dec 2
There's a newish bubble tea/bakery on Elgin. I think they have been open for a couple of months now. I haven't been going up Elgin much these days but I may have to change that. The pastries in the window look awfully good ;) More about the shop here:

2019 Dec 9
A few East end places that I haven't seen mentioned:

Meatheads, a take-out place inside a Quickie specializing in burgers, poutine, and wings.

Bistro L'Entre Deux, "Your healthy homemade take-out and dine-in solution"

2019 Dec 10
I saw on Facebook that Allium is reemploying a chef/sous chef. Anyone has details on timing and location of the reopened Allium?

2019 Dec 10
Yes, it was posted on their Instagram recently

We will be opening a new restaurant while allium is being rebuilt. Stay tuned for more details about @brassica_ottawa opening in January on Richmond Rd. There will be mushrooms on toast. #newbeginingsflorist

2019 Dec 10
Pi Co. opening soon downtown on Metcalfe (corner Nepean).

2019 Dec 12
Hot Star Large Fried Chicken at 412 Dalhousie.

This is a Taiwanese chain specializing in large fried chicken cutlets (aka schnitzels). Lots of locations in Toronto but this is the first in Ottawa.

2019 Dec 17
I know precisely nothing about this beyond that chicken is in there somewhere, but i LOVE the name.

2019 Dec 19
Mamma's Shawarma going in where Burrito Shack used to be at Sunnyside and Seneca.

Now someone needs to do something with Chez Ahn's sad shell.

2019 Dec 22
Holy shit! I can't wait to try this. When are they opening? Any clue at all besides 'soon'?

2020 Jan 2
Cabanas Kitchen, the taco place on Bank in the Glebe that replaced Soup Guy ... has thrown on some dark paint and tablecloths and renamed itself Margarita's.

...yah, I know. Had the same thought.