Izakaya Suisha [Food/Vendor]

2012 May 22
Hi Foodies,

My name is Liz from C'est Japon Suisha Traditional Japanese Restaurant in Centretown. We are hosting a special night to showcase Japanese food beyond teriyaki, tempura, and sushi. The event is called Izakaya at Suisha and will be held for one night, Tuesday May 29th. Executive chef, Yamaguchi-san, will be preparing new dishes that reflect the full extent of Japanese cuisine. We will be suspending the regular menu for that night, and serving small plates and drink specials to share. We would love to have you share our event, and come by to give us a review! Please let me know if you'd like to reserve a table or if you have any other questions.
The link is here: www.japaninottawa.com/izakaya/
Thank you!


C'est Japon Suisha
208 Slater Street
(613) 236 9602

2012 May 22
We're not sure what the plan is actually. It really depends on the success of the evening, whether there will be a repeat. There is a plan to set up a mailing list for those who wish to be notified if there will be another Izakaya night. Send us an email at ottawasuisha@gmail.com and I'll be happy to put you on the list. We promise and pinky swear that your information will not be used for any other purpose. =)


2012 Dec 19
Thanks Niall, for being more on top of things than I am!

@Rizak, It would be best if you let us know about the Gluten-free allergy when you make the reservation so that we have time to accomodate you. I can't guarantee that we will be able to, but the least we can do is mark off which dishes are GF on the night. Again, giving us enough time is the most important =)

@Isabelle, Our website was hacked, but thankfully it's back up again in time for our event! I've replied to your questions in the newer thread.