Kosher Coke [Food/Vendor]

2010 Mar 22
heads up for any soda drinkers out there...

Jewish Passover is next week and many grocery stores are stocking Kosher Coke. corn isn't Kosher for Passover so Coca-Cola makes a formula of Coke with real sugar instead of High Fructose Corn Syrup.

it's not quite the same as Mexican Coke in a glass bottle, but there is a discernible difference from the run-of-the-mill HFCS stuff. it's noticably 'fizzier' for one, and has a sweeter almost caramel taste.

i got this bottle at my local Loblaws (College Square) location, which has a huge Kosher aisle and deli. you can find the Kosher Coke is in an aisle dedicated to Passover products, it's near the organic/health food section.


2010 Mar 22
label with ingredients - SUGAR instead of GLUCTOSE-FRUCTOSE

2010 Mar 22
Montreal Kosher (MK) insignia

2010 Mar 22
Toronto Kosher/Kashruth Council (COR) insignia

2010 Mar 23
Does it only come in 2L?

I'ld be keen to try it, but I cannot drink a whole 2L by myself.

2010 Mar 23
unfortunately yes. i ended up tossing a good part of the bottle because it went flat on me.

2010 Mar 23
You need one of these monty (and a CO2 tank :-))

I thought I read recently that all the major soda manufacturers are switching (back) to cane sugar anyway, due to the soaring cost of corn sugar. I guess that has not happened yet?

2010 Mar 23
Is Coke the only soft drink made kosher like this for Passover? Because I dislike colas of all sorts.

I did find recently a bottle of Orange Fanta with English and Arabic script, and it listed sugar as an ingredient, and the taste made me feel like a kid again...

2010 Mar 23

No, many soft drinks are available.

Last year I struck gold and bought a couple of bottles of black cherry soda that was absolutely lovely in taste (which is really hard to find in 2L bottles even if one doesn't mind the HSCS).

I forget who the manufacturer was. I think it might have been an Israeli brand - it definitely wasn't Coke/Pepsi/generic store brand.

*makes note to self to hit College Square this week*

2010 Mar 23
Niall the College Square Loblaws has a few but they're mostly colas (Coke, Pepsi, some mysterious Jewish cola). they did have a few 7UP, orange drank, black cherry soda, and cream soda though.

zymurgist reading up on HFCS, the reason it became so popular in the first place is because the big food conglomerates lobbied to impose tariffs on sugar while giving subsidies to the corn industry. not sure what the prices of corn and sugar are right now, but sugar has historically been econominal inviable to use in production because corn sweeteners were so much cheaper. i doubt the big players in the corn industry would let a move to cane sugar happen. that's big business for you ;)

2010 Mar 24
cracked an Israeli Pepsi i bought a few weeks ago. the ingredients label is in Hebrew so i'm not quite sure whether it's real sugar or HFCS.

it wasn't quite a sweet as the Kosher Coke. in fact, i'd probably say regular Pepsi has more bite than this. it's definitely got a cleaner and smoother taste though. both this and the Coke have carbonation 'bubbles' that seem smaller.

am i really posting tasting notes on soda? remember My Mom's a Foodie wine tasting nights? Ottawa Foodies soda tasting night coming soon haha

2010 Mar 24
can anyone read Hebrew?

2010 Aug 12
bumping this

through the power of the internet, i was informed the first 2 ingredients in the Israeli Pepsi are indeed Water and Sugar

2012 Mar 14
2012 bump!

College Square Loblaws is stocking Kosher Coke for Passover again

2012 Mar 14
monty, the pepsi you posted above (err.. 2 yrs ago) says it's kosher for passover (in Hebrew), so I'd guess there's real sugar in there as well

2012 Mar 17
For once, the internet correctly translated something: the first two ingredients are indeed water and sugar.