What to do with horsemeat? [General]

2009 Nov 18
I was shopping at Loblaw's across the river and noticed horsemeat steaks and ground horsemeat on sale under the name "Chevaline". I was tempted to give it a try, but wasn't sure if I'd like it. What does it taste like? Is there a signature way of cooking horse? Any words of advice from those in the know?

2009 Nov 19
Ground horse meat makes a decent burger, it's typically pretty lean... I'd check out how lean it is and maybe sub some higher fat beef into the mix for a juicy patty.

Edit: maybe someone who knows might want to confirm/dispel the myth that horsemeat is loaded with antibiotics and steroids?

2009 Nov 19
i have never eaten horsemeat and can't help but imagine ponies when i think of it, but i was at a restaurant in kensington market (toronto) and my dining companions ordered the horsemeat special. it was a steak and was served with a wine based sauce.

if i were you, i'd go for the steak, you can always grind it up yourself if you want a burger and then be sure of the quality/contents of the ground meat.

Edit: adding the restaurant we had it at is la palette, and looking at the menu, they served it with a rosemary veal au jus. don't know if that gives you any good cooking ideas, but the restaurant is very well regarded


2009 Nov 19
If it's very fresh, tartare with horse is amazing, very lean, smooth but assertive tasting without the slightly sanguine flavour of bison or the gamier flavour of venison, both of which can be very good mind you.

Burgers can be great as well, either don't overcook it past med-rare or add fat to the patty in some form. I've also made bresaola with whole cuts, it is good but the flavour is quite strong and certainly not for everyone, and it needs a bit of lemon or nice vinegar and bitter salad greens to balance the taste.

Grilled steaks are also pretty popular in Belgium, some of France and Quebec, same thing don't overcook it, it will dry out quickly.

Here is a pic I have posted before of horse tartare I made...

2009 Nov 19
I really enjoy horse meat. For many reasons; horse meat is mostly organic, no antibiotics... It is free range, horses are free to roam in the field, they are not confined like most other farm animals. So once you can get passed the thought of the pretty horse, it is in fact the most humane meat to eat...
In Hull, there is a restaurant, L'Aubergine, that serves Bavette de cheval (like a skirt steak) It is very very good, the meat has more texture then beef, and slightly more chewy. Also, horse meat is darker and I found it to taste just like beef but better. Try it.... you might like it :-)

2009 Nov 19
Regarding ground horsemeat, I believe I've see horsemeat tourtiere at La Trappe a Fromage in Gatineau.

2009 Nov 19
In Japan, horse meat is very popular, eat them as raw like sashimi,it is called "Basashi" (however,I have never tried it before)
"Ba" means horse and "sashi" means sliced, like "sashimi"... (sashimi means sliced flesh.) Usually eat basashi with ginger and soy sauce.
23,000 tons of horse meat are consumed every year and we import them from North America and Australia.

2009 Nov 22
On my way back to the cottage I stopped by the IGA in Wakefield to pick up a couple of things and decided to try some of that ground horsemeat. However, I haven't been able to find any recipes online, does anyone have any suggestion?

2009 Nov 23
I found 19 recipes on the Metro website; www.metro.ca

If you can't read french, at the top, I think there is a english option..

You can also google: recette viande chevaline.

2009 Nov 23
I had taken a look at the Metro Website, however, there only appears to be one recipe for ground horse meat and I was hoping to avoid burgers...

2009 Nov 23
I'm not sure what website you are looking at. The website that Poutine has a link to has 19 recipes. I've copied and pasted the index here for you to browse:

# Recipe Name Realisation
Time Members evaluation
3940 Cheese Horse Meat (or Veal) Burger with Tapenade 30 min
1601 Horse Meat Fajitas 30 min
136 Horse Meat with Mustard Sauce 1 h 45 min
5371 Horsemeat Roast with Blue Cheese-Horseradish Sauce 45 min
5218 Roast Horsemeat with Mediterranean Flavours 1 h 15 min
5216 Horsemeat Brochettes la Trois Pistoles 2 h 16 min
5215 Horsemeat Tournedos with Sweet and Sour Apples 29 min
4264 Horsemeat sirloin with ground cherries 21 min
4262 Horsemeat kabobs 53 min
3879 Horsemeat Cheeseburgers with Tapenade 35 min
3271 Barbecue Horsemeat Sirloin Steaks 1 h 14 min
2172 Peppered Horsemeat Tournedos 45 min
315 Horsemeat Salad 1 h 15 min
141 Horsemeat Tournedos with Herbs 20 min
140 Horsemeat Tournedos with Mushrooms 35 min
139 Fruity Horsemeat Roast 1 h 15 min
138 Horsemeat Roast with Tarragon 1 h 30 min
137 Chilli with Horsemeat Strips 1 h
135 Horsemeat Cubes with Sweet and Sour Apples 48 min

I don't see too many hamburgers there...

2009 Nov 24
Sorry I most have been uncleared, out of all the recipes posted by Poutine, only one is suitable for ground meat; a horseburger (eheh)

2009 Dec 6
Wow, thanks for all the insight and great ideas everyone! I'm not sure if I'll go for the tartare or basashi the first time around, but if I end up liking horse steak or burger, I'll work my way up from medium rare.