out-of-town foodie [General]

2009 Aug 25
Hi everyone. My wife and I are foodies from Toronto and we'd love to find a one or two nice places to eat when we visit in a couple of weeks. The only twist is that we'll be travelling with our two kids (3 and 1). While we don't tend to go to the high-end spots in Toronto with them, they are quite well-behaved and we do go to many nice restaurants with them here. Usually more casual places but not the chain restaurants with kids menus. Anyone have any ideas for Ottawa? Thanks.

2009 Aug 25
It's not really (ok not at all) a place for young kids, but if you can find a sitter I'd recommend Atelier on Rochester Street.

A 12 course tasting menu in a molecular gastronomy tradition - but the most fun in had a restaurant for as long as I can remember. The presentations and tastes continually surprise, the service is attentive without being intrusive.

And at $75/sitting it is an amazing value (which is saying something). I think there are 80 or so preparations over the 12 courses.

Count on 3 hours if you do go.

If you're like me you'll walk out grinning from ear to ear.

2009 Aug 25
Hi ngleu!!!

There's a tags link at the top of the website and that will take you to various regions of the area, as well as types of food (ethnicity, fancy, pub fare, etc). The numbers in brackets represented more-or-less how much we foodies here like the place.

A few of my favourites to go to with nieces and family friends...

Stonefaced Dolly's (ottawafoodies.com/vendor/897): A must go-to for brunch for delightful eats and a good atmosphere. Saturdays a best bet.

Agave Grill (ottawafoodies.com/vendor/10): For tex-mex, it's really quite yummy, and the service is very fast.

Bridgehead (ottawafoodies.com/vendor/1111) or Planet Coffee (ottawafoodies.com/vendor/1112) for coffee fixes.

The Candy Store (ottawafoodies.com/vendor/1527) is a must visit for your 3 year old!!

If you want fancy-food while you're here, Petit Bill's Bistro (ottawafoodies.com/vendor/1297) is my favourite place to go to, because the service is fairly quick and the owner is incredibly kind to families that come in.

Welcome to Ottawa!!

2009 Aug 25
That's great, thanks.

We're staying at the Westin so they're not really in walking distance, but if they're worth the drive, we'll check one of them out for sure.

2009 Aug 25
hi ngleu, I've plugged the Manx before and it could (depending on your perspective) be an odd choice to bring kids to (its a pub), but they were so accommodating last time i brought out of town parents here that i feel they deserve another mention. There's a couple other places on Elgin you could walk to if the Manx is busy.

2009 Aug 26
Ngleu - If it happens to be a gorgeous day, and you don't mind a drive outside of town, then I suggest that you get out and see a bit of the National Capital Region countryside. A good choice - Kelly's Landing - Kelly's Landing - which is just south of Manotick... Offers great eats, is kid friendly and has a fabulous deck with views of the Rideau. The OF Page, will hook you up with GOOGLE MAPS so you can locate the restaurant (distance is about 25 Kms south of Ottawa's downtown), as well there is a link for Kelly's Website (including pics & menus).

We love it there on a summer's day... you can sit and watch the boats go by. Everything from ski boats with tubers, fishing boats, muskoka wood boats, jet skis, and big huge fancy cruisers (those doing the Great Loop). Will give you an idea of how important the Rideau Canal is to life in Ottawa.

2009 Aug 26
I assume that being with young kids, you would not be dinning very late. Therefore any places really would be suitable. I love Atelier too, but not good for young kids as it is a long dinner. Also, you did not mention what type of food you are interested in...

Walking distance,here are a few that comes to mind where I have seen young well behaved children:

-Murray Street bistro (Market)
-Johnny Farina on Elgin street
-The Grand Pizzeria (Market)
-Sweetgrass Aboriginal (Market)
-Play Food & Wine on York (Market)
-Coriander Thai on Kent
-Palais Imperial on Dalhousie for Dim Sum is very good

The Works is always a fun place for kids I guess. Sugar Mountain on Elgin or the Market should also be a hit with the kids. Don't forget Beavertails, I know they are "cliché", but I still love them :-)

2009 Aug 26
I can second what Poutine said: Play treats its "tiny diners" very well. And I see no reason why Murray Street wouldn't be the same.

2009 Aug 27
Great. We'll try to visit Play, maybe even for lunch if we can't make it for dinner. The Grand and Johnny Farina seem like good casual spots too.