Road Trip Food [Travel]

2009 Jul 17
So we're off to Nova Scotia tomorrow ... normally we do the 16 hour trip in one day but this time we're breaking it up into 2 days and will overnight in northern NB

Just wondering what y'all take with on a trip like that.

I just grilled up a huge local-organic pork steak and an even larger cut of ribs, and cut it all up into finger-food pieces.

I often make a big batch of my granola bars for these trips.

Of course some cheese - actually a friend of ours is moving to Edmonton in a few days and was by yesterday and dropped off a big supply of really nice cheeses her mom had bought on a visit a month or so ago. They all seem to still be good.

We normally have a box of crackers like Triscuit or something like that.

There is a big container of home made mac and cheese in the fridge from supper last night that will go in our cooler.

2009 Jul 17
I'd add peanut butter for those crackers (I take it with me on all trips since I can live off the stuff).

I like those packages or easy-open cans of ready-to-eat tuna (PC has just come out with some awesome new flavours, too). They're great for spreading on crackers or making easy sandwiches with.

I also separate mixed vegetables (crudites) into little plastic bags, dip optional. They replace the small bags of chips (more low-energy foods are your friend here, because you'll be doing a lot of sitting in the car).

Celery and Cheez Wiz (yeah, most of you will probably urp at that one).

That's all I have for now...

2009 Jul 17
I love celery and cheez whiz, or peanut butter, or cream cheese. Yum.

A lot of simple sandwiches get taken with us (and by simple, I mean leberwurst sandwiches...)

Olives, pickles, other of those types of foods (pickled veggies).

Almonds, peanuts, other nuts/legumes (oh! roasted chickpeas!!!)

I take heaps of water/cold tea/juice+water with me, because I get really dehydrated and then I crave salty snacks (which I always do...)

We usually only go as far as London, so my snacks are for a 6 hour drive. Have fun out east Zym

2009 Jul 18
I love bringing smoked cured sausage, cheese & crackers or pita. Also, lots of fruit like apples & pears and cherries, or any other berries for that matter.

Bon voyage!

2009 Jul 20
We make a pan bagnat for lunch and pack just that, and a vast assortment of water. Snacking is for the weak! ;)

2009 Jul 23
Once I get close to home (Nova Scotia) and see an Irving Big Stop I like to stop... feels like home. The food is okay but they have homemade desserts and I love the chocolate cake with boiled icing..very yummy!

2009 Jul 23
We always bring grapes and little tomatoes, and cheese of course. Our main is often a wrap, grilled chicken, crunchy red pepper strips and homemade spicy peanut sauce. Very portable, not messy and most importantly, it tastes great!

2009 Jul 23
The only time I eat fast food is on a road trip =) So, I just bring some money and I'm good to go. Nothing says road trip like McD's Big Mac box in the car.