Oz of wine per glass in restaurants [General]

2009 Mar 2
I am putting this out there because I know there are a lot of people on Ottawa Foodies who work/have worked in restaurants and another large amount who love wine and therefore have lots of experience ordering it by the glass in restaurants.

Can someone tell me what the industry standard is for the number of oz of wine restaurants normally pour into a glass of wine that they are selling by the glass?

I also love wine and eat out a lot and have ordered many, many wines by the glass (and otherwise) in restaurants which leads to my issue.

On Saturday night we ate dinner at the Heart and Crown on Preston. This is not my usual type of restaurant choice but we were going to be a group of 6 and were looking for a place where we could eat and then stay on to hear the band and possibly dance.

Normally I consider the venue before I order wine. I will order it at Beckta or Allium or Aroma Meze (as examples) but if we go out to a pub I will order beer since generally you won't get a good wine in a pub (although this is changing).

This location of H&C is marketed as being relatively more upscale than the other location(s?), and their menu, decor and wine list reflect this.

I ordered a glass of Henry of Pelham Baco Noir V.Q.A. Glass - $7.50, Bottle - $31.50. The server brought it and walked away. I looked down and thought: "where is the rest of this glass of wine?" It was a standard size and shape wine glass (from my experience) and the glass was much less than half full. Like, really noticeably less than half. The other guests at the table also thought I had been short-changed. Our server came back and I mentioned that I thought I gotten a miss-pour since it looked like I had already drank half the glass. He said that it was 6oz and that is what it should look like. I said ok.....but did not touch the wine since I was trying to figure out what to do.

Coincidentally, the manager came over to our table a few minutes later to bring us our food (I guess they were short staffed?) and I took the opportunity to mention that it seemed that for $7.50, I should be getting a glass that did not look like someone had already drank half of it (it came out more polite than that - promise). He said they measured against another glass at the bar that had precisely 6 oz in it so he took my glass away, came back and said that mine was exactly the same. What could I do? So I just mentioned that perhaps 6 oz was a little chintzy for the price they were charging or maybe they needed to get a different glass that didn't make it seem so lacking.......(again very polite). He didn't seem to agree. Oh well... I tried - and did not order another glass of wine.

If I had been at a restaurant where I was doing a tasting menu with wine, I would have found that amount of wine (or even less) completely acceptable because you aren't going to drink a full glass of wine with each course but this was ridiculous.

Can I also mention that I went to this location before Christmas for a party and I ordered 3 glasses of this same Baco Noir and there was definitely more in my glass than that or I would have never ordered a second OR third one and I had no issue with the amount that night.

Any thoughts?

Mar 3
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