Chicago Style Pizza [Food/Vendor]

2008 Dec 16
I never had Chicago Style Pizza.

The deep dish concoction that is multilayed with pizza sauce on the very top.

Am I missing out on anything ?

I never did see this style in Canada ... is there anywhere (that does not require airplane ticket) that I can dig into one of these puppies ?

2008 Dec 16
Whatever you do DON'T try the frozen President's Choice Chicago Style pizza. It's disgusting...

2008 Dec 16
Yes, you are missing out! Real Chicago-Style pizza is a revelation IMO - spinach is my fave! Unfortunetly I've never had a comparable experience anywhere but in Chicago despite several commercial boasts and including a variety of homemade attempts :(

Gino's East pizza is so famous that I believe you can order one online to anywhere in North America, if you REALLY want the real thing without going to Chicago...hmmmmmm, just how desperate are you....?

2008 Dec 16
You *could* go to Pizzeria Uno, I think there are some locations in upstate NY & Vermont (no longer in Toronto). So if you're willing to drive a few hours (shorter than a drive to Chicago!), it could be yours!

Re: the PC Chicago deep dish pizza, it's edible, I've found the consistency to be a bit off though with that product... the spinach one is bizarre, sometimes more moisture in it than others, which basically ruins the whole 'za...

2008 Dec 17
Looks like I need to wait.

Here is a picture of a Deep Dish from Pizzeria Uno (The original Chicago one).

Aaaaaarrrrrrrggghh !!! (Homer Simpson sound with drooling tounge hanging out).

2008 Dec 17
I always thought that real Chicago Deep Dish Pizza was something I was only going to get to eat when I finally got to Chicago... fortunately, this post came along and I discovered Pizzeria Uno and the history of Deep Dish Pizza. Lucky for me, it looks like Uno is now a franchise and I will not have to wait to get a trip to the Windy City.... Uno is now on my "vacation" list of places I have got to try.

Thanks everyone.

2008 Dec 18
Chicago-style pizza is frigging delicious. While the mounds of toppings are great and all, I think what really sold me on them was the crust. The texture's fantastic!

2008 Dec 23
It's actually pretty easy to make yourself. I make it using a springform pan for ease of removal.
I remember having the most delicious pizza in Chicago at Giordano's. At the time I was living in Seattle and when I got the itch for more I had it shipped. It was good, but not the same as having it fresh baked in their ovens.

2008 Dec 23
As a native Chicagoan, I must weigh in. The franchised Pizzeria Uno is NOTHING like the original Pizzeria Uno or Pizzeria Due in Chicago. The pizzas are not cooked in the same deep cast-iron pans, the cheese is on top, and the sauce is "saucy" (true Chicago-style pizza has crushed tomatoes, rather than a "sauce" on top). Also, if you order sausage, the true Pizzeria Uno pizza has a giant sausage "patty" on it which covers the entire pizza -- not pieces, as the franchise serves it. In addition, at the original Uno and Due, you must place your order while waiting for a seat, as a minimum of 40 minutes is required to make and bake the pizza. This is not the case at the franchise.

So, now that that's off my chest, Pizzeria Uno (even the original) is not the best by a long shot in Chicago. Lou Malnati's, particularly if you order it with the butter crust, is in my opinion the very best. I believe they ship these frozen, as well, though not quite the same as getting it at the restaurant. Gino's is also great. I'm not a huge Giordano's fan, though it will do in a pinch. And yes, better than PC! :)

Back to the OP's question -- I've never found authentic Chicago-style deep dish outside of Chicago. Trust me, I've tried. The frozen mail-order options are likely your best bet (I'm not sure they ship to Canada), but they are VERY expensive. Or, plan a road trip to Chicago (see -- no plane ticket required!).