Cinnamon Rolls at Bread By Us
Cinnamon Rolls at Alice's Village Cafe
Where to get Cinnamon Rolls


2014 Apr 9
Tried a cinnamon snail. It was good. I was expected a little more, but that may be because of all the hype. It is a croissant with cinnamon and sugar on top. I did like it much more than a traditional cinnamon roll though.

2014 Jan 5
Like the croissants, these delightful cinnamon swirls are quite dense and hearty. The sugar and cinnamon levels are absolutely perfect -- sweet and cinnamony, but neither too sweet nor too cinnamony. Is cinnamony even a word? These are a top notch treat.


2009 Nov 6
Wifey informed me recently that they are no longer served fresh and hot. Too bad -- that might explain why they don't seem so good anymore.

2009 Nov 3
Hmm...they are just okay. Yes, they are cheap, but they're also heavy and oily. I save my $1 and go and buy a quality one elsewhere.

2008 Jul 29
They're pretty amazing for $1. You can get a 6 pack for $4 to take away.
You can also get extra icing if you get them at the bistro/hot dog counter.

2006 Sep 10
These are really really good... almost makes battling the shopping crowds worthwhile! They're available at the hot dog counter just past the cashiers.



2007 Aug 6
These are probably the thing to get here. We got one for the kids and nibbled a bit ourselves. Cinnamon rolls are always good, but these strike the perfect balance of sweetness, moistness, chewiness, crustiness, and cinnamoniness (yeah, I made that last word up).




2012 Sep 5
The Big Nasty is tasty and very good. Personally, I'd rank it third in Ottawa, behind the Sticky Buns from Three Tarts and Art Is In Bakery.