Escargots at Le Panaché
Escargots at Le Panaché
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2008 Jun 22
I didnt have these but my date did. They look LOVELY! (and consistent with other pics, which I like)

2007 Dec 5
I have to agree that their escargots are very good. Very nice presentation too!

2007 Nov 6
Amazing, with the Gorgonzola :S I've always been a big fan of Gorgonzola though, presented very nicely with some thyme, the Escargot in Gorgonzola Sauce is just mouth watering, served in a flaked pastry and drenched in Gorgonzola YUM!


2011 Jan 18
So I tried escargots (uh, AKA snails) for the very first at Chez Lucien time while out with some friends. As a newbie, I was understandably a bit squeamish at the idea of eating slimy, earth-crawling mollusks. But they were surprisingly yummy.

They come on a platter (a very generous portion, I thought, given my limited experience) and drenched in a yummy herb and garlic sauce, along with a few toasted pieces of French baguette for dipping. Mm-mm-mm. So, even if you don't like the snails, you can make your very own garlic bread! I couldn't reeeeally get over the texture, even after trying them a second time, but hey, that's just me. Didn't stop me from eating four or five.

Anyway, I suggest you all get adventurous and try yourselves some snails from Chez Lucien! Mm-mm!


2011 May 27
I always wait for the special to include the escargots, then I order them. It is done in a white wine sauce, with fine herbs and mushrooms -- it is delicious when you dip your dinner roll in the garlic butter sauce. Um Umm good!