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2011 Jun 20

Groupon today for Social

2010 Sep 1
Last night I had a reservation at Social. I had never been before and wanted to try it out. They have a birthday coupon emailing list that you can subscribe to on their site. So it was a perfect opportunity to redeem my free desert coupon and try a new place!

The buidling and decor are spectacular! Beautiful art hanging on old brick walls, chandeliers and drapery hanging everywhere. Chandeliers are like jewellery for decor. I mean you can wear a nice dress and have makeup on, but your jewellery is what makes you sparkle!

We were greated by a very handsome waiter at our table, which is always nice:)

We both started off with a glass of Rosé (Domaine Roncée, Chinon AOC, 2009). It was very fresh and so perfect for the hot weather. We aslo tried a delicious peice of multigrain bread and butter.

The menu is simple and straight to the point. They offer you minimal selection but using a distinct variety of proteins for each dish. I had the duck confit with green mango salad and my friend had the pan roasted salmon with quinoa and greens. My duck was very well flavoured and very well cooked. The mango salad was fresh and herbal and the cashews gave it a nice crunch! The jus poured on my duck had an orange essence to it which was tart and fresh, it paired well with the dark meat.
The salmon was cooked to perfection and had a nice crispy skin which was not wet on the plate.
It was cooked medium rare (their recommendation).

And for desert, I had my favorite... Crème Brulée, and my frind had the chocolate desert. This is definately one of my top best crème brulée's that I have had. I love it when the vanilla beans are all sunken at the bottom of the ramekin. The sugar crust was crunchy and hard, which is perfect! And the texture of the cream was soft and creamy.

We were there on a Tuesday night, and it was PACKED! Which is a sign of a very good place. They aren't even affected by the construction on Sussex! The food was really tasty and the portions of meat were enormous. Definately a place to make your man happy if you are going out for a night on the town. I wish I was more dressed up, but we went right after work, so I tied my hair differently and slapped on some lipstick.
I will definately go back or recommend it for a function. They have lots of different private spaces that have a unique decor to them and that can accomodate different parties.
I hope I haven't made you too hungry :)
Bon appétit!

For more pics, visit my blog

2010 Jun 11
Social can be a mixed bag. I would say that if you are between 24-40 it can be a really fun experience.

Courtyard: The courtyard is a real winner at Social. If ever you want to split a bottle with your girlfriends and smoke a few cigarettes under the moon light and away from the rowdy youth on clarence, this is the place to be.

Food: Good, standard. They do meats well. There's actually a nice cheese plate worth ordering for nibbles with your wine.

Service: Service is great, especially if you're an attractive woman.

Lounge: The lounge is beautiful. If you end up going later on a Friday or Saturday night though, the music gets too loud to speak to one another and people crowd up the bar area and Social looses its appeal.

Atmosphere: This place is great for those nights where you want to dress stylishly, wear those stilettos and forget that you live in Ottawa. The place looks good, the people look good and you look good!

2009 Aug 11
I agree with Bok Choy.. our servant ignored us the entire evening, he didnt ask us if we wanted desert, we had to wave at him after 10 minutes of waiting... also he wouldn't bring the bill. we maybe though he had forgoten but when we waved him for the bill he simply slapped it on the table and walked away..

that aside, my poached egg over the lamb was nicely exicuted and very flavorful, although yolk was hard and I though i could have been runny. my duck was dull and very uninspiring but the veggies were nicely cooked and seasoned. I finished with the cheesecake, which i didnt like at all.

all and all I WOULDN'T come back here, poor service and uninspiring dishes

2009 Jun 25
Last Thursday night I visited Social with two friends for dinner and was quite impressed.

We went around 8 and the dining room was almost full, but we were seated right away without a reservation.
The service was fairly solid throughout the night although I would agree that perhaps it is not quite on par with the food.
I was very happy with all the food we tried, including the Select platter as an appetizer and the dessert platter which features a selection, perhaps all, of their desserts.

I had the venison as my main, and it was incredible, particularly the rhubarb bbq sauce that accompanied it.

I will certainly return to Social, good food and I enjoyed the atmosphere also.

2009 Mar 10
I find it funny that the restaurant's name is Social and they tend not to care about service. The one and only time I was here the service was poor and rather rude...I will not be back. the food was fine but there are enough great restaurants that also have exceptional service that I will not be going back to 'Social.'

2008 Aug 18
Here is the food and overall review of my latest 'Social' experience as requested. (See the forum under 'A not so 'social' experience!' for my service comments.)
Needless to say the service was less than impressive the food was ok.
I ordered the beef tenderloin that came with baby potatoes, carrots, a nice jus and blue cheese butter. All was well executed but even though I knew when I ordered it, it was pretty basic. Sometimes though you just need a big piece of beef:)
Everyone else seemed to enjoy their food although not much was said so I don't think anyone was overly impressed.
Unfortunately my plan was to order aps & desserts throughout the evening after I had a base for all of the drinks we planned to partake in but because of the slow service we went elsewhere.
I had a glass of the Seaview sparkling which is always a nice refreshing drink to start off the evening. I have in the past ordered the Cave Springs sparkling which is fantastic! I also had a nice Valpolicella from Luigi Righetti which was nice.
Unfortunately I really have nothing else wonderful to add. Didn't get to experience much because of the previously mentioned service issue.

2008 Jun 16
Me and a friend visited Social for a late supper (9:30) on a Saturday night.

There was a bit of confusion as to who was going to serve us, but once they figured it out, the service was good. The server came back to check on us and was good about refilling our wine glasses.

We split a bottle of chardonnay and I ordered the calamari appetizer (well cooked, interestingly spiced with cumin, among other things) followed by the tuna main course. The tuna was a generously sized steak and was also cooked right (seared & rare). I found the sides quite good as well but there could have been more of them.

My companion ordered two small plates: the tomato salad and the charcuterie, which he said he both enjoyed.

The atmosphere was chic and loungy and I really enjoyed the music playing. It was loud but not so loud that we couldn't hear each other talk.

It's rather on the pricy side, but expected given the type of restaurant it is.

Overall, we enjoyed our experience and would go back.

2008 Feb 16
We had visited Social soon after it opened and weren't impressed with its pretentiousness and amateurishly overdone flavours. That was about 8 years ago though, so we were cautiously optimistic when we visited with friends last night.

Positives: Our server was professional, friendly, and pleasantly formal. Drinks were awesome! The menu highlights local ingredients, although saying "Kevin's bread" instead of Art-is-In struck me as a little too high on the foodie-insider snobbiness scale. Wifey's frites that came with her steak were possibly the best we've had anywhere (portion was tiny though). My slow-roasted crispy duck leg was extremely tasty, although too salty and others might consider it too dried out (the confit should offset that). My in-house smoked salmon appetizer was nice too, but I wasn't expecting a dryish hunk of fish. I guess it makes sense that if they're doing it in-house it would have to be hot smoked. Great flavour though! (Their online menu differs a bit, but I see they have a smoked trout that is specifically described as being "hot smoked". It's possible the salmon was also described as hot smoked, which would mean that my surprise was entirely my own fault.) And when they served our meals they didn't offer fresh ground pepper. ;-)

Negatives: Hostess was somewhat unprofessional (e.g. "You might as well follow me too" when showing two parties to their respective tables). The Art-is-In bread was sliced too thin and was dried out. They served the bread to each diner with tongs but never came back to offer more! Waters were never refilled -- a crime which the universally high salt levels made more heinous. My wife was having trouble sawing through her steak, so she asked for a steak knife. The server replied, "You already have a steak knife, but maybe this one will be better." The replacement looked exactly like its predecessor but did a far superior job of cutting the meat! WTF?? Main dishes were devoid of starch, likely to ensure that diners are hungry for dessert.

Recommendations to Social: If it isn't already done (see above), specify "hot-smoked salmon, served cool" on the menu to eliminate any confusion. When people see smoked salmon, they expect the more common cold smoked lox style stuff. Cut down on the salt a little. Offer refills of water and bread. I see Social excelling in the same arena as Metropolitain -- a trendy environment where one can enjoy a basket of awesome frites (if such a thing were offered), a nice appetizer, and some incredible drinks.

Social has a reputation for seating the most attractive clients in the front window to maintain a certain image. Needless to say, we were seated at the far rear of the restaurant against a little window on the back wall. ;-) I offered to sit next to the window because I like it cold while I eat, but it would have been intolerably chilly for most people.

We decided to skip dessert because of time constraints, so I can't comment on that.

Summary: Come for the drinks. They rival the best anywhere.

2007 Dec 16
I had lunch here at a work function last week. I've frequented the lounge in the past because they have a great drink menu and I really dig the posh atmosphere, but the food just didn't do it for me. I hadn't eaten here for a few years so I was glad to give it another shot.

Anyhow the lunch was a set menu with soup or salad to start, the usual choices of beef/chicken/fish or a veg dish for a main, and creme brulee or a chocolate dessert. Nothing too exciting - but then again it never is at a work function where you're aiming for mass appeal.

Great soup to start, double smoked bacon and potato. Seasoned perfectly, it went down easy considering it was 20 below and snowing outside. For the main, I had the beef tenderloin medallion with roast potatoes, smoked onion chutney, and Pinot Noir reduction. The chutney was noticeably absent, but the sauce gave life to what otherwise was a bland piece of meat. Dessert - I can't ever say no to a creme brulee. Social's version is vanilla flavoured with orange fennel confit. Great end cap to the meal.

Overall a satisfying experience. Having worked in restaurants I know that group menus frequently do not give a true representation of a restaurant's offerings so I'll have to venture back again for dinner sometime...

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2009 Jun 15
Strange: we were there over the weekend, and there was no sugar in my mojito. Still drinkable but, wow, bitter and minty. A couple of people nearby took theirs back up to the bar to get sugar added.

Don't know if this was the product of a different bartender, or if it just meant that I was really bad at getting my straw down past the minty layer.

2008 Dec 12
My new Mojito favorite can be found at Social. Although not cheap ( $11? ), the variation I tried was called a Cuban Mojito. It's alcoholic content is 8 year old dark rum, and Agostino bitters. Although not as strong as others I've had, the preparation was flawless, and the result a total joy to drink. The composition of the drink was maybe a tablespoon or two of sugar in the bottom of the glass (still granular), covered with maybe 1 inch worth (a lot) of mint leaves, and a lime slice. On top of that was maybe 3 inches of crushed ice. It would seem the rum and bitters was poured on top of this whole thing. What was neat about drinking it was that as you moved the straw, you could get different flavours. If you pushed the straw past the mint leaves to the bottom, you had a very sweet flavour.. lift the straw a bit, and very minty, and lift it a bit more and you hit the rum proper. If I were to give a complaint, it would only be that it was served with a straw that was too long. You could not drink from the glass on the table, without lifting your head higher. My solution was to um.. re-engineer the straw's length, much to the amusement of my wife.

2008 Jul 12
i agree -- the social's classic mojito was yummy and refreshing! i just had it.

2008 Feb 16
"Social's Classic Mojito" was delicious and refreshing. Lots of lime, mint, and crushed ice.

2013 Jan 20
Went for a party at Social, wasn't that hungry till I saw someone with a cheese plate with one cheese and a lot of stuff on it. So I got it and was not disappointed at all. For 8 bucks I got a small "Le Cendrillon" cheese plate with cranberry bread toasts, apple butter, grapes, spicy pecans and slices of pear and apple. Even though it was just one small piece of cheese, it took me a long time to slowly go through it all and I was enjoying every morsel. Everything on that dish was greatly pared and probably the one thing I will definitely order again if I'm back.

2014 Nov 3
This is certainly one of the best burgers in town. I enjoyed it on a Saturday during brunch service. I think it was $17, which included this wonderful bacon cheeseburger with pickled onions and a tasty sauce, delightfully potato-y salted crispy fries, and a nice assortment of dressed greens.

Huge thumbs up all around. Top notch platter!