Pho Bo Ga Truc
Foods from Pho Bo Ga Truc

2017 Sep 16
I went here for dinner with a friend last night and it was a first visit for both of us. I've been by many times and was expecting cafeteria style decor but I was pleasantly surprised at how cozy it is inside.

When my friend and I arrived we were shown to a table and were provided with menus. It was hard to pick from their lengthy menu but I settled on shrimp salad rolls to start and my dining companion asked for shrimp spring rolls. My salad rolls were HUGE (even bigger than the ones at the Vietnamese Kitchen) and were stuffed with vermicelli noodles, carrots, cucumbers, mint and a generous portion of shrimp. The peanut sauce that they came with was quite tasty. My friend said her spring rolls were delicious but very hot and she had to wait a minute or two until they cooled down enough she could pick them up.

I ordered a chicken curry with coconut milk as my main course and it came with rice. The portion was generous and the food piping hot. My friend ordered a soup as her main. I can't remember which one she ordered although it had shrimp in it. Her soup was quite large and piping hot. We both enjoyed our meals very much although my curry could have used more heat (as in spice level). The waitress came around regularly to top up our water glasses and to bring us fresh pots of tea.

I was really pleased with the food and service and I look forward to going back again.

2013 Feb 24
Ordered delivery from this place tonight. It took an hour and a half. They messed up our order by giving us the wrong Pho, the wrong drink (was supposed to be a mango smoothy, instead was a lemon drink and was half full), everything was cold, and to top it off there was a piece of plastic in the soup.

I realize there are off days but for the piece of plastic alone I will not be calling this place again.

2009 Nov 7
For some reason, I thought that this was a new restaurant. I guess I had not paid much attention to the building prior to the fire.

I decided to give this place a try one Sunday night. I was pleased to note that it is open until 10:30pm most nights which is a change from many of the Vietnamese places- many close at 9pm.

The restaurant was nicely decorated. I particularly liked the onyx table tops. The table placement seemed too close together though. I'm not sure how this would be on a busy lunch hour.

I ordered a number of appetizers and some Bun.

My two types of Summer rolls(shrimp and pork) were disappointing. They contained no fresh herbs. The shrimp one was completely flavourless. The pork one was slightly better thanks to the tasty grilled pork.

The shrimp spring rolls(fried) were non descript. I could not detect the taste of shrimp and the filling was more like a meaty paste. Perhaps I was given the wrong kind?

I am a sucker for Calamari, so I ordered the deep fried squid which was OK. The batter was thick and quite crunchy.Squid was reasonably tender.

I also ordered some shrimp wontons that were pretty good.

The bun(rice vermicelli) with grilled pork was quite good but again, there was no sign of any fresh herbs.

The staff were friendly and the prices were about average.

I have some better spots for Vietnamese, so I doubt that I'd make a special trip here. I may stop in if in the area or take a gamble with one of the other Vietnamese restaurants further down the street.

2008 Jul 23
BigMouth, Statistics Canada said the country's annual inflation rate jumped to 3.1% in june from 2.2% the previous month, the biggest one-month leap since september 2005.

from may, prices were 0.7% higher. everything is more expensive now, not to talk about the gasoline price!

pasta products were 35.9% higher than 12 months ago. flour cost 44.5% more and bread is more expensive now.

maintaining a business is not going to be easy. i expect to see price increase in many of the restaurants as well.

2008 Jul 23
Overall I like this place. The food is yummy; service is so-so.

Ate here for lunch today. I was surprised that they had changed their menu … a bit for the worse. I always get the vermicelli but saw that they not only raised the prices but also reduced the options. Wasn't too impressed to see this. For a higher price, the option to mix two choices (beef, pork, chicken, shrimp, spring rolls) no longer exists.

The meal was still good and the portion was generous but, as others have stated, there are other dining options in that area which are cheaper and equally yummy.

2008 Mar 25
Went here on the weekend with my fiancée's parents, since it was 4:15 on a Saturday and Ceylonta wasn't open yet ;)

I generally agree with all of the comments that other people have made: you can get better and you can get cheaper. But it's not terrible.

One thing I did like was that they have dried chili sauce as well as fresh chili sauce. It's like the ubiquitous pot of chili sauce in most restaurants, only they use dried chilis and a bit of fish sauce to make the paste. There may be other things in it; I'm definitely not an expert at paste-ology.

2008 Mar 8
I went there with my wife 3 weeks ago. Usually it's good but then, I don't know if the cook was absent. The egg noodle soup wasn't that good. Also, there's always depressing songs playing in the restaurant. Hope this will change!

2008 Mar 6
Went here last night as we wanted Pho without driving anywhere because of the snow.

I found it okay... I've definitely had better for less money. Medium bowl was $7.50, 3 spring rolls for $3.75. I ordered a beef and brisket Pho. I found the beef tough and stringy. I found the menu confusing as they had chicken under beef and then no chicken under chicken noodle.

Any questions were quickly answered. Service was friendly and prompt.

I'm sorry to say that I have had better spring rolls in the city. These were clearly from frozen. They were freshly fried... they were too hot to eat when they arrived!

All in all, it was okay but isn't on my 'must-return-to' list.

2007 Jul 29
I took this photo when my car stopped at the traffic light on Somerset and Bank.

2007 Jul 8
I went to Pho Bo Ga Truc with my boyfriend and one of his coworkers yesterday because his coworker had an appointment on Elgin after dinner. We ordered both the shrimp spring rolls and the pork spring rolls... both of which were good, but the pork spring rolls... mmmmm they are still on my mind today! We all got various versions of rare and well done beef soup... It was very good! We got it very quickly as well, which impressed me. It is certainly just as good as places on Somerset, it just has a smaller menu, which doesn't bother me in the least!




2012 Nov 11
One of my favourite bún in town. Tasty and fresh grilled meats and a good balance of veggies and peanuts, I have to say I have not been in a while. Will try again and post results.