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2014 Nov 3
This place is aging inside but it still does a brisk business. I really enjoyed this pound-cake style layered Lemon Coconut cake. Perfect for a dessert fix after finding that the place you went for brunch doesn't offer dessert. ;-)

2009 Nov 16
I went because it's the only place I knew of, open late for when you want dessert and coffee.

I'm not so sure on the 'serve yourself side vs. be served' layout. My friend and myself decided to speed up the process and sit on the 'serve yourself side' only to find there were no tables OR chairs left once we placed our order. We asked to be seated on the 'be served side' because of our situation - and we pretty much got laughed at for trying. :( So we ended up just standing there, in the way, cramped, waiting awkwardly for two seats eventually to become available.

The food is alright. I really wish I knew of the Memories place instead what 1103 posted.

2009 Nov 14
Like everyone says: generic desserts, loud atmosphere, way too high prices. A much better choice for dessert in the market is Memories.

2007 Dec 19
Last time I went to Oh So Good, it was on a whim after I finished a work shift in October 2007. I had already picked up a tea at another coffeeshop before I was invited to Oh So Good, so brought it in with me - there was no way I was tossing a perfectly good $2 tea. The staff member busing tables rudely told me that I couldn't bring it in. She repeated herself and walked away. I'd had no intention of drinking it anyway, so I put it by my feet. She was rude to my SO when he ordered at the cash and then snapped at him when he asked for forks since there were none left. If I had known this prior to leaving, I would have said something to the manager. This staff member's behaviour ruined our spur-of-the-moment date.

I keep going back here only for the selection. Each time I've gone on a peak night (Fri/Sat), I've been disappointed. It's loud, the service is either bad, rude/impolite or a combination of both. While they try to make it cozy, they've crammed too many tables into high-traffic areas. My only good experience at Oh So Good was on a Tuesday night at like 8 pm in June and we sat on the patio.

Their standard teapots also suck - you can't pour them without spilling tea everywhere.

2007 Sep 19
Looks seedy, smells funky, prices are ridiculously high and portions are ridiculously small.

2007 Jul 10
Dufflet pastries are generally really good, and pretty reasonably priced: you can get them in Toronto at many grocery stores comparable in cost to the store brand cakes and pastries. They're usually very fresh and tasty and made only with natural ingredients.

2007 Jul 6
These desserts are way too expensive for their quality and size.
I saw that they use Dufflet Pastries, a pastry shop from Toronto and although I've never actually been to Dufflet I think they charge less where it's made.

2007 Mar 13
Oh so? More like so-so! This cafe is not for those who follow a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle since many of their desserts contain lard and/or gelatin. As a non-pork eater I found it difficult to find a dessert which I could eat. And once I did, I wasn't impressed.
We also ordered drinks and every one of us had to send ours back because our hot chocolates and what-not were lukewarm at best. However even when we sent them back, they still came back cold.
I guess my search for a good cafe in Ottawa continues...thumbs down for this one though.