222 Lyon Tapas Bar
222 Lyon Tapas Bar
222 Lyon Tapas Bar
222 Lyon Tapas Bar
222 Lyon Tapas Bar
222 Lyon Tapas Bar
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2010 Feb 18
Finally made our way to 222 Lyon Tapas. The inside is quite small and if it is busy~you will be pretty close to the next person. Not sure why they made the bar area so huge unless that is a big part of their business, seems to make more sense to have more tables, then 1/3 of your whole restaurant being a bar. The wine menu is very reasonable, with most bottles around 30-35$. We started with fried squid, it was not chewy and the dipping sauce was tasty too.(there are no tentacles though). Went on to have the 'spanish meatballs, not sure what meat, but not beef, nice light tomato sauce, maybe 7.5/10. Based on other reviews I didn't want the shrimp in oily garlic sauce, so opted for the other version they offer in more of a tomato sauce, it also has a few little slices of their sausage in the sauce. 8/10. Didn't opt for any desserts. The bill for bottle of wine and the three tapas plus olives to end with came to $80. The waitress has her own homey style although to some ~it might be what they are used to.

2009 Dec 4
Minor quibble, but why would a Spanish restaurant use prosciutto when Serrano ham is available :)

2009 Dec 4
My favourite Spanish restaurant in Ottawa is 222 Lyon Tapas Bar. I am tapas crazy, and the food here is really good.

It's a cozy hole-in-the-wall sort of place, all painted up in warm yellows, oranges and reds. It's very charming and reminds me of all of the little restaurants I used to frequent in Montreal when I lived there.

The service is very friendly and attentive, too. I have been lucky to always get the blond waitress with the sunny personality.

The last time S and I went, we ordered four tapas dishes. In the photo, clockwise from the top, they are shrimp Mona Lisa (in a brandy cream sauce with mushrooms and peppers), chicken al Ajillo (made with prosciutto, garlic, wine and chilli), artichokes in a vinaigrette and a ratatouille of eggplant and zucchini.

The tapas dishes are pretty big here. They recommended two per person and also give you unlimited bread for scooping up the delicious juices.

My favourite dish was the shrimp, so juicy and tasty. The artichokes were great, too. Artichokes are so intimidating to make at home — how do you get inside that vegetable, anyway? But they taste so good, and the sauce here does not overpower the wonderful natural artichoke flavour.

These four tapases, a small dish of olives, a glass of wine and beer, and a dessert that we shared, all came to $72.75 plus tip.

2009 Oct 29
I've never had tapas, and was craving something different so I went there on my lunch hour. A word of advice - don't go there alone if you are craving tapas! As other reviewers have mentioned, the portions are large and so, to get a taste of a few items (which is the point of having tapas) you'll need to spend a lot and will get too much food. They have "specials" which would be suitable for one person (eg. chicken dish, fish dish) but I wanted tapas!

So I ordered three plates - shrimps in some kind of oily sauce with peppers, fried smelts, and the tortilla patata (an omelette with thin slices of potato). A plate piled high with smelts came out first, and were quite tasty with lemon and salt. But then I was waiting and waiting and waiting for the other items... By then I wasn't hungry, as I had filled myself up on bread and smelts (half the plate of smelts. no woman can eat a whole plate of smelts!) but it was tedious waiting there, watching other people get their food while I was waiting for something else to eat. So I stared at my plate of smelts and the bread...

Finally the other items came out. The shrimps were tasty and the bread was great for sopping up the sauce, but the omelette was huge and I could only eat a little bit. It was kind of boring but I think if I'd been there with a group and had a number of other items its blandness would have been a good counter balance.

The bill for three items, plus a cup of tea, came to $35 ($40 once I added a tip). So an expensive lunch, and a bit of a disappointing experience.

I think to enjoy oneself here one needs to go with a group of about 4 people in order to sample a variety of items. A few glasses of wine and some sparkling conversation would also have made it that much more fun!

2009 Jul 26
I'm a huge fan of tapas - getting to try a bunch of different things in one sitting is just about the best idea ever. 222 Lyon definitely doesn't disappoint in this area.

I enjoyed everything I tried and the service was wonderful. The dishes that stood our for me were the marinated mushrooms and the chorizo sausage.

It's a bit small so I recommend calling ahead or getting there when they open.

Don't miss this one!

2009 Jul 26
I finally got to try out this place and I am soooo happy that I did! It is truly a hidden gem in Ottawa, hidden in what looks like a house on Lyon Street. But step inside - and you can hear the buzz of people enjoying themselves and good food. It is a small restaurant which makes for a great intimate setting (perfect for my date - which went wonderfully, thank you) and it is beautifully decorated in a rustic Spanish theme and paintings to match. Even the bathroom is beautiful (nothing over the top, but very nice).

I left the restaurant completely satisfied and I had no complaints about the food or the service. My date and I ordered the following:

-A zucchini soup, one of the two soups of the day ($5.25)
-Grilled Shrimp (and the waitress was kind enough to warn us beforehand that we will have to take the shells off)($8.00??)
-Chicken Al Pajillo (I might have spelt that wrong) (no more than $14)
-A pitcher of Sangria to wash it all down ;) ($25)

(I will comment on the tapas in the tapas section)

The waitress brought two spoons so my date and I could share the soup and she said "here, we like sharing, so I brought you two spoons". I have to say that it is the first time I share soup with someone but I really like this style of eating. The soup was excellent - fresh, creamy, light and comforting. I added pepper to my side but I'm kind of a pepper fiend, anyway.

They give you fresh baskets of bread (soft floured buns that have been cut in quarters) and it was very addictive. They said they get the bread from a portuguese bakery which I suspect is near the Loblaws on Rideau street...

It was the first time my date was trying Sangria and I am so thankful that we lucked out and found a place that serves great Sangria. Not too sour or two sweet, but very refreshing, and the servers always came around at the right time to replenish our drinks.

The ambiance at the restaurant was very nice as there were only about four other tables of people so it really did feel very intimate, cozy, and a bit romantic with all the food sharing I guess :) Schnicken is right, it is hard to hear because it gets very loud very easily so that should be considered - but other than that, I had a memorable dining experience here and I can't wait to go back (and I will try the desserts next time!)

2009 Apr 19
Paid a lunch time visit. The service is very friendly and attentive. Followed the server's recommendation and chose ALFONSO's Salad (amongst other dishes) - the best salad I had had in years. Went back again for dinner, the same day. The place is filled with people who know their foods and whom you see around the town's good eateries. A MUST TRY! (you'll be hooked)

2009 Apr 9
Went on Tuesday and really enjoyed. We were two and 4 plates were certainly enough.

The menu is not super extensive, but there is enough variety and several interesting choices. This is definitely more authentic than some other restos who claim to be "spanish".

We had the scallops of the day (yummy sauce), chorizo, escargots andalusian (I think) and chicken.

By far, the escargots were the best. Mixed with peppers and other seasoning along with a bit of chorizo, the blend of tastes was very nice.

Although I'm not a fan of chicken as I find it lacks taste, I decided to try it. This was my least favorite and I would not order it again. It was missing something and I found it somewhat bland. Again though I find chicken breast to be bland in any case.

Service was wonderful and you are indeed not rushed. It is hard to hear, but that doesn't bother me.

There were quite a few people there - for an Ottawa Tuesday night.

2009 Mar 18
I really have to get to this place. I love tapas because I like to try a bit of everything.

2009 Mar 18
Last night, the girls and I went to 222 after about a year's hiatus. I have been to this restaurant more than a handful of times now. Lots of fond memories including the discomfort of over-eating and wobbling myself around afterward. We came prepared this time: loose fitting comfy clothes (a must!).

Part of the appeal is the wonderful service. The lady who tends to us is so sweet and pleasant. There is no rush to eat and move along. We spent a good four hours taking up space and chatting away the night.

Part of that time was of course spent eating their plates of yummy food. We have our favourites and were quick to recognize them. One friend who doesn't eat seafood ordered the tortilla patatas (I had a taste and wasn't that fond of it -- too much egg. I am used to the ones in Spain with more potatoes, less egg) and the meatballs (SO melt-in-your-mouth scrumptious!). The rest of us shared the olives (anchovy stuffed and regular), smoked salmon (so delicious), breaded calamari (one of the best!), spicy mussels (mouth watering and the sauce … oh the sauce! YUM!), escargots (lovely) and garlic shrimp (tasty and oily). As 222 suggests to its customers, two plates per person is the norm and they are right! The bread is always plentiful and a necessary side to sop up the lovely sauces.

For me, no meal at 222 is complete without the Pears St George (poached pears covered in chocolate sauce over vanilla ice cream). It is a lovely finish, along with a foamy cappuccino.

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2009 Jul 26
There's a variety of tapas to choose from here and everything sounds wonderful - and they are very reasonably priced ranging from $8-14. The waitress let us know that two of the tapas plates there are equal to a regular sized meal. So my date chose the grilled shrimp and I chose the chicken al pajillo (or al parillo?).

The grilled shrimp was succulent, not rubbery. They were perfectly flavored with garlic lemon and salt. The shrimp comes with the shell on and if I hadn't been using my table manners I would've eaten the shell too - it was that good! I think there were about 6 large shrimps which I think was a great value for $8.

The chicken was excellent too. It was like it melted in my mouth lol. I don't remember the main ingredients, I know there was prosciutto ham and...oh damn I dont remember. I do know there was no peppers in it b/c my date didn't like peppers. And the sauce is perfect for dipping your bread in. yumm

Next time I will try one of the squid tapas and the shrimp with peppers.

2007 Feb 10
Recalling a visit a few months ago... the food was great and the service very friendly. I remember, though, wanting to suggest to them replacing light fixtures as, particularly at the bar, the lighting is overhead and harsh. A visit to Home Depot would improve ambiance.