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2016 Dec 13
The place is not fancy but the pizza sure is good. I have been going there for eons and I still do not understand why they do not deliver as they would put every other pizzeria in the area out of business.

2012 May 25
Wow my tastes have changed. Seems to be all about the texture these days. I had a pizza craving and new we wouldn't get into a certain place so I remembered an old greasy spoon that had a passable pie all be it Ottawa Mid East style. I did like this pie at one time but after tasting some really good pizzas I had trouble eating two slices of this soup. At my first bite the texture was a put off mushy spongy soggy. The greasy cheese overpowered the whole pizza that was drowning in sauce to the point water was running out of the crust. The only crispy part of the pie was the edges but it had no real flavor. The place was packed with people ordering pies even before they got seated. How I wish some really good pizza would come to town. Even if it did it probably would not be appreciated :(

2009 Jan 16
I have to say this is the best pizza in Ottawa by a mile. the atmosphere needs work with the orange vinyl seats but hey why decorate when you have the best pizza in town people still come in droves get there early if you do not want to wait for a table

2008 Dec 12
Went to Louis' "Pizza Power" Restaurant recently. Had a riot of a time when I was there. Someone was having their 30th birthday party there and they were being served some special birthday pizza-pies, which I wish I could have taken pictures of because they were completely ridiculous (in a kitschy good way)! They had these heart shaped fries decorating the crust... and they played the happy birthday song over the jukebox and dimmed the lights... it was quite the experience! All of that to say, I thoroughly enjoyed the meat lovers pizza. It is definitely in the style of Colonnade/Bella Vista/Mamma Mia's, but it wasn't totally weighed down with cheese (my toilet thanked me later for that). Service was quick and friendly, atmosphere hasn't changed since the day they opened I'm sure (greasy spoon pizza joint). Overall feeling, recommmended. I'd like to try some of their non-pizza offerings next time.

2008 Oct 18
We were in the east end so decided to go to Louis based on a segment I saw on 'living in Ottawa' show. We arrived at 6:10 and there was a lineup of about 8-12 people. The hostess was offering to take your pizza order so by the time you sit down you could have it ready. The wait was only about 8-10 minutes. The waitresses there are very very efficient, they know their job and they do it very well. The interior is like an old diner and small, not the best place for a first date, but it's to be expected. They do tons of business on a Fri night around that time, with people constantly lined up to pay or pick up their pizza's. It is a thick type crust, so if that's not your thing, then ask for it thin. They are generous with the ingredients, and for the bacon they use real strips (instead of that chewed up looking crap some places have). The sauce has a slight ~cinnamon? or something taste, so some people might not like that. The crust is a lebanese? type and has a yellow colour to it, it is very good. The best comparison in my opinion would be a colonade pizza (merivale).

2008 Sep 23
Louis' place is like travelling back in time and it's great! The place is always packed so it's fun to go and sit but also great for pick-up. We usually make our own pizza but if we are feeling lazy, we'll order only from there. Louis' special is a great pie with pepperoni, bacon and green olives. I usually ask for light on the cheese because they do use quite a bit... Quality ingredients and a hearty meal indeed. Highly recommended :)

2008 Sep 21
Last night when we decided to give this pizza a go, I searched on Ottawa foodies here and couldn't find this vendor....but I was specifically looking for "Louis' Pizzeria and Restaurant". So I made a point to take a pic and comment on it thinking that there was no vendor for this place as of yet. But then when I started now, I realized it is under "Louis' Restaurant" since the address is the same.....anyways, on the box it's Louis' Pizzeria and Restaurant but on the receipt it's Louis' Restaurant and Pizzeria (???). With that being said, you can only pick up, no delivery and the bf said the place is like a little diner and was completely packed! Can't wait to give it another try.


2012 Feb 14
Since the 80's, this pizza is still my favourite of all time! The best of all...that little bread in the middle....hummmmm!

2008 Sep 21
I've always been meaning to try the pizza from here, giving the fact that the place always looks busy...sometimes people even out the door! So our friends tried it one night, us the next. Here's a large mushroom/green olive/pineapple pizza on regular crust (not thin crust which is an option). It is very cheesy and the crust is yellow, which my friend says is because they use eggs in the dough. This was a good pizza in my books, although a little TOO much crust for me but if you like lots of crust....this is for you. I found it a touch undercooked so maybe next time we'll try the thin crust and ask for it to be cooked a bit more. Price came to $23.00 even.