Fish and Chips at Lapointe Fish
Fish and Chips at Lapointe Fish
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Lapointe Fish
Lapointe Fish
Lapointe Fish
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2010 Mar 11
went there with my family for supperat trim road location
I ate a sord fish with the manhatten chowder for starter. The soup was awsome, the fish was good but overcooked a bit(i asked for med rare) the sauce on the fish was a caper buter and lemon sauce, way too salty and rich for me, overtaking the tast of the fish.

the portion are big( too big for me, after a starter and entrée you are too full), the restrooms are dirty, wich I wasn't impressed

overall a good place too comme to get full without wasting your money

2009 Dec 26
fish n' chips @ lapointe byward market. honkin' big piece of tilapia with an extra piece of cod on the side. what i like about lapointe's is that they offer choices of many fish from cod, haddock, tilapia and a few other white fish selections. you can also mix and match extra pieces. this tilapia was such a huge ass piece it prolly has its own postal code!!! the fish batter was so thin and crispy and golden it is immediately enjoyable with their lovely tartar sauce and fresh squeeze-yourself lemon. trust me, the juice is worth the squeeze. the well cooked fries were kind of on the slightly soft side, perhaps to contrast with the extra crispy batter on the fish which is nice. but if you want the fries extra crispy, request double fry time.

2009 Dec 26
fish n' chips @ lapointe byward market. honkin' big piece cod. lovely tender and flaky on the inside. ultra golden crispy thin batter on the outside. the batter was nicely seasoned, high quality, very crispy and crunchy, not doughy or fluffy. AND their tartar sauce (which is what draws me to having it in a 1:1 ratio with fish n' chip s) served on the side was really nice. most definite return baby.

2009 Jul 24
I picked up scallops and lobster from LaPointe tonight, for the first time since I moved to Ottawa (Fiancé doesn't eat fish).

Super impressed with the size and the quality of the scallops. The lobster was incredibly taste (steamed and then roasted with onion and mushroom).

Will certainly be back.

2009 Apr 6
Ate at the Lapointe fish near Byward market.
Good food. The seafood was of great quality, my shrimp dish was spicy and delicious. My boyfriends salmon left a bit to be desired (maybe because I don't like maple that much) and he raved about it.

Cheap, good quality, highly recommend for lunch or dinner.

2008 Jul 26
Mr. rdmsgirl and I were wanting fish and chips, and decided to go visit the Bell's Corners location.
Service was a little slow (it took at least five minutes from the time we sat down for us to even acknowledged, but we weren't in any particular hurry). And no spot check at at all throughout the meal to check if everything was okay.

However, hubby and I ordered the pickerel and halibut and WOW - I was in heaven. Light and crispy batter, not too greasy at all. Along with the thick cut fries and the yummy warm rolls, it was a wonderful meal. We can overlook the so-so service, and will definitely be back. The higher priced halibut was worth every penny. This was the first time i've ever been wowed by fish and chips!

2008 Mar 26
I've gone here (to the market grocery location) a couple of times, but today I had the best service ever and I will definitely be returning.
I needed some mussels and shrimps for a meal I was preparing, and then for fun I got some fresh oysters to try as well. The gentleman helping me was very knowledgeable, showed me how to open the oysters (cuz I had NO idea!), let me try the different oysters he had (yupp, I had a taste test of 5 different fresh oysters right there in the store), and he kindly didn't charge me for the oysters or the cool knife I got to open them.
Really outstanding. I love getting free things, and its a good business tactic, because I'll be sure to go back.

2008 Mar 12

This was my first visit to the Kanata location since Lapointe’s parted ways with Market Fresh in Signature Centre. Like their previous location, they are in a stipmall, this one on Colchester Square (behind the OPP Station). Lapointe’s have definitely gotten this location right from the start. The Fish Market although in the same building, isn’t as obtrusive as it is Bells Corners location. There is definitely more of a restaurant feel and less of a retail operation. However some things never change… the décor is definitely kitchy with the nautical theme and gigantic fibreglass fish hanging from the ceiling.

The “Gents” in our party, ordered cocktails while the ladies opted for martinis. I was intrigued by the listing for a Goldfish Martini so I chose that one. It is an interesting concoction of vodka, goldschlager and apple schnapps, very tasty. We enjoyed our drinks while looking over the extensive menu. Fish and Seafood dominate the choices, with a wide variety of fish and several choices on how they can be prepared. There is also a decent wine menu, with most wines available by the glass or bottle.

While perusing the menus (and the countless choices) we decided to go ahead and get two orders of the Mussels in White Wine Sauce with Leeks to share. The mussels arrived along with warm multigrain rolls and butter. Perfect for dipping. There was a generous serving of mussels, and none of which were duds (I hate it when you get unopened ones in your serving). For the main courses, the “Gents” chose to select the Mixed Grill. A nice platter with portions of swordfish, salmon, and halibut served with a side of veggies and potatoe or rice. The “Gents” enjoyed their meals immensely, and were very pleased with the both the selection and preparation of their fish. Us “Gals” also decided to follow the men’s lead in choosing identical dishes, and so we both ordered the Lobster Carbonara. A HUGE portion of Linguini, Lobster Pieces, Bacon, with Chopped Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Onions and Garlic in a creamy alfredo sauce. The Lobster Carbonara was very good, but unfortunately although the lobster taste was present, the chunks of lobster had been cooked down so far that the flakiness of the meat was absent. The portion proved to be too much, and a “take away” tray was prepared for lunch the next day. We finished up dinner with a round of coffees and cappuccinos. Dinner came to $ 100 per couple (including a bottle of wine).

The dinner was all in all enjoyable, and although there are better (more EXPENSIVE) seafood places in Ottawa, we were not disappointed. We will make a note to come back, perhaps in the summer for lunch (they have a patio) and try some of the lighter fare like lobster wraps and clam chowder.

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2017 Sep 18
I went to Lapointes in the market yesterday to pick up some fish for dinner. I hadn't been there in ages and I love fresh fish so I thought I'd stop by for a visit. The fish counter is now located on the left hand side of the store and there is now a refrigerated section on the right with prepared meals. I was there late afternoon so the only items they had left were a couple of sushi trays. Further down on the right is a selection of smoked fishes. They have some frozen fish as well including fish, shellfish, and sushi grade tuna. Lapointes is now focused on selling sustainable fish so it's priced accordingly but the fish is very fresh. I settled on a halibut steak which was sizeable enough I got two servings out of it. I ate half the steak last night and the other is going in a salad for dinner tonight. All in all I was really impressed with the selection and quality of fish however the cost will probit me from going there more frequently.

2006 Dec 22
I used to go to Lapointe Fish to buy salmons, shrimps and other fresh seafood. But I have stopped going there for few years already. Their salmons are no longer fresh. I bought more then 2 days old salmon few times and I simply gave up going there. I still remember the smell that filled my kitchen and we ended up throwing away the cooked salmon after few bites. At 5:00 PM, the staff just put all the fishes in a big box and bring them back to sell the next day.

If you are looking for fresh fish, recommend that you try "Merivale Fish Market". They always have fresh fish.

Words of advice: Before you pick any salmon, ask the staff when the fish comes in to the store. The answer will give you a feeling of how fresh the fish is.



2017 Aug 19
The lunch Haddock and Chips ($15) was good! The tartar sauce and fries are excellent. The coleslaw is made interesting by the use of what tasted like celeriac.

The fish itself was cooked a little more than necessary but didn't suffer much from that. The batter was light and crispy (yay) with some addition of herbs (oh no). I'm a bit of a purist and nothing beats a good crunchy beer batter in my books but I could see how this batter might be more appealing to some people.

Also, great patio! 👍

2014 Aug 4
Haddock in beer batter with fries. The fish was big and really fresh and the batter was not thick, which I think is good. Everyone at our table loved this. Is it as good as Whalebone's? Not sure. Would have to try both closer together to compare.

2009 May 17
Love the wide selection of fish for the fish and chips at the market location. I usually go for Halibut with extra tartare sauce and leave the restaurant extremely happy. The batter is light, the fries hot, the halibut fresh. No room for complaints.

2008 Apr 4
Bell's Corners--2 of us came here for lunch on a Friday. We arrived at 11:45 and got the last table—when we left 1 hour later they were still lined up (there were a couple of large reserved tables for company lunches). We both had the fish & chips special, one upgraded to haddock for $2 extra—basic was pollock. Perhaps a mistake was made but we could not tell the difference! I had the cup of clam chowder which was delicious & loaded with goodies but left me overstuffed. Coleslaw was crisp and tangy, chips were not the seasoned style—very crisp and good, and the batter on the fish was crisp and light. Fish was flaky and fresh. 19 year old date noted that “when there are a lot of white-haired people you know it’s a good place”. Service was prompt & efficient—back after about 3 minutes to see if all was good, checked at 20 minutes; asked about dessert & coffee and then brought the bill. Altho’ it was very busy, food and service were excellent and we’ll be back. *Liked the open kitchen.

2007 Apr 3
Blah - no flavour at all. Soggy fries. Not worth it all. This was about 2 years ago when I last ate a Lapointe's. I haven't been back since, so it might be better now - but I won't find out. I did have the fish and chips here about 7 years ago and it was really good - I don't know what happened....

2008 Jul 24
Skate comes in on Mondays and Thursdays. Even if it's not on display, it's likely to be in one of their shipping boxes.

I paid $10.50 for two wings which should easily serve four people, if not six, assuming you're making a nice salad and a vegetable or two.

2007 Nov 16
Nice! Is it a regular thing, or should I call ahead?

2007 Nov 16
Fresh skate is often available at LaPointe's Fish Market...Byward Market location. They'll even get rid of the hooks for you!