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2019 Aug 23
I stopped by and picked up a meatball sandwich. It wasn’t very good. The meatballs were lacking in flavour with an overly bready texture and had a thin oily sauce with them. Stick to the pizza.

2018 Aug 12
Went there tonight for a friend’s birthday. We had a long table on the second level. The restaurant has been nicely renovated a couple of years back.

Service was attentive even for a big table.

I ordered the veal piccata and asked for fettuccine alfredo instead of rice and vegetables. It was pretty tasty and tender. The pasta was nothing spectacular but it was al dente.

2013 May 4
The Noci Salad. Greens with a creamy dressing, topped with pears and a huge slice of pancetta. Very good and totally recommend.

2013 Mar 29
Sorry for the poor quality of the picture. Pictured is the cannelloni that I ordered at lunch recently. It was good. It comes with one filled with chicken and one with cheese and au gratin and two slices of garlic bread. While this was hot, tasty and satisfying, I think I slightly prefer the lasagna (see post below under the lasagna heading).

2011 Sep 28
@Ginger Kid,

I've been going to the Johnny Farina's lunch counter for about a year now -- it never used to be as busy but the secret seems to be out now. I recommend the meatball as it's much better and the same price as subway. The coldcut sandwiches are good and I found the veal to be fine, but nothing special. Sandwiches have three bread choices (multigrain, pesto, and.. white?) and the available drinks (included with the special include some regualr pop/juice, Cochrane's Dairy milk or flavoured San Pellegrino).

Apart from salads, soups and sandwiches, they also normally have a few steam trays with various other daily specials. There is normally a pizza-type meal and a pasta dish of some sort. I assume these are the same as what is served in the restaurant.

2011 Sep 28
I would highly recommend the take-out side at lunch time. Very large paninis from $5 ($8 for the more elaborate "special of the day" including a drink. The salads are also great with your choice of ingredients that are much more inventive that your average salad bar.

Their specials are posted on their facebook page (Johnny Farina Deli) everyday so you can see if the special is worth the trip that day.

The line-up can be pretty long between 12 and 1, but it moves at a decent pace!

I will post a picture next time I head over there.

2011 May 14
Reservations for eight Friday for 7. I was not impressed when we were walked back to the bar side beside the washroom door being that the reservation was made a week in advance. The smell of wafting perfume from the ladies room was quite a put off. I ordered one of the evening specials Pappardelle pasta with steak sautéed onions grape tomatoes in a lemon garlic aioli sauce. My pasta was starchy and sticky. It was obvious it had been sitting for a while. Not sure why maybe it was because our party was eight people and coordinating this with the kitchen difficult. Seems the more reviews I read about larger groups the more of a chance the meal turns out not the greatest. Could be an off night since our last meal here was really good. The service was stellar friends even better. Will give this place another chance before writing it off.

2011 Apr 3
Went to Johnny Farina on Elgin for the first time Sat night (~8pm), wont ever go back.

Had the calamari appetizer. It was good. Ill qualify that by saying the calamari was deep fried and not oily. However, the dish was expensive (check out their online menu).

Ordered the rib-eye steak (med/rare) for the main. The steak was terrible. The meat had no colour (was pale), seemed almost as if the meat was boiled before putting grill marks on it for appearances. Never seen or tasted anything like it before.

The service was terrible. If you cant stand bad service, stay away. I did not receive the bread as mentioned in previous posts until i had to ask. The waiter did not write down the order so the side dish was wrong. Did not receive water, waited on a refill of a drink that never came. However, the waiter had plenty of time to chat it up with the waitresses (or hostesses?) at the bar since the restaurant was not busy.

Better to go to Big Daddy's or Milestones.

2011 Mar 3
I have been to Johnny Farina before, and my opinion has always been mixed. I have had great meals here and I have had underwhelming ones. That being said I have never written JF’s off. Last week some friends and I went to JF’s for lunch because we couldn’t get into Milestones or Savana café for lunch on a Friday. I was so surprised and delighted by my meal. We all opted for pizza and beers. I ordered the seafood pizza and in my opinion, this is the best value dish on the menu.

The pizza was nice and thin, the tomato/pesto-mix sauce was delicious and the sea food was very satisfying. For 14-ish bucks, the pizza came with about 10 large juicy mussels still in their shells. I have dished out 14 bucks for this many mussels as a starter at certain restaurants (like Moxi’s – which were not good anyway). The mussels alone were so delicious, it was very surprising. In addition to the mussels there were generous amounts of young scallops and baby shrimp. With a hefty dose of black pepper and parmesan, only to be washed down by a pint of Steigl lager – this was a fantastic meal. To make this deal even sweeter, I had half of the pizza for dinner. This is going to be my dish at Johnny Farina’s from now on. Also, if this dish stays consistent, I will have no problems eating here again in the future.

2011 Mar 3
One of my friends had the bacon and scallop pizza, and the other had a Portobello mushroom, chicken pizza. I tried these also, and they were delicious. ----->
Here is a picture of the bacon scallop pizza.



2009 Nov 26
This is one of the best pasta dishes I have ever had when I went to JF. And trust me, I've had a lot of pasta tastings!

A great place to stop in and have lunch. I've been to JF for dinner once but I like the lunch atmosphere more.


2008 Feb 20
I had an excellent Pizza here the other night. It had grilled portobello mushrooms and chicken and sun dried tomatoes. The cheese was goat and mozarella. All the flavours balanced nicely and the wood oven baked crust was just right. Some places mistakenly think that a dry cracking cracker crust is authentic, but there has to be some chewiness to the dough too. Overbaking the crust is far too common with wood ovens in North America.

I've only had this once at this establishment. I am curious to go back. Also a great selection of micro-beers and German imports.



2012 Nov 12
Here is the picture of the lasagna at lunch time and a pizza my friend ordered.

2012 Nov 11
Will upload pic soon. Very good, saucy lasagna for $11 at lunch time. One of my fav lunch deals downtown Ottawa.

Agree that service quality and speed can vary from time to time. My friend who hate mushrooms always asks for the chicken penne with white sauce without mushrooms but it came with lots of them the last two times. A bit of a turnoff.

2013 May 5
I am no expert in tiramisu but i really enjoyed this one. Light, fluffy and creamy. What is not to like?