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2008 Apr 2
I had reason to go to Jack Astor's in Kanata last week. I very rarely go to "big box" spots(my 1st ever in J.A's) but went for a different reason. My friend is quite unable to get around at the best of times and all the snow & ice this winter has been tricky. We chose our dining destination because of the handicapped parking--it it as close to the door as you can get anywhere in Ottawa & the service was incredible! We made very basic food choices but they were fresh, salad arrived as ordered--off the menu--digestive stuff too was involved. Food was hot , fresh, service very friendly without being obtrusive. Pointed out restroom location tastefully. Like I said, I don't usually hit these spots but Jack Astor's impressed with kind, cordial service, help(to the car under very icy conditions)and ok food--especially worth it for the parking and extended service. I may come back on my own--I love kindness! Note--its quite loud but seniors or the "traditionalists" may find lots on the menu.

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2008 Jul 14
Wifey had the Beer-Battered Fish and Chips at my recommendation. She was as impressed as I was. Here is the description:
"An old fashioned English recipe. White fish fillets, dipped in a beer batter. Served crispy with tartar sauce made from scratch, fresh lemon and fries. Malt vinegar highly recommended!"

My only complaint is that if they recommend malt vinegar, they should serve it or at least offer it! You need to ask for it if you want it.

This picture is out of focus but you get the idea. It's just a really well done very normal looking plate of fish and chips. The fries are good, the batter is tasty, and the fish is not overcooked.

2008 Apr 4
Very good here! The fish is nicely cooked and beer-battered. The fries are golden, crispy, and relatively thin. Slightly overpriced for what you get but then so is everything else on the menu.

2010 Feb 17
I was dragged here before a concert last night and was pleasantly suprised on the food. Chicken batter was cripsy. Served with plum sauce and fries. Reasonably priced.
My friend ordered some sort of spicy chicken wrap on rice paper but the waiter came out with a different plate all together (not to my knowledge).. anywho our waiter was really cool about it and offered her free dessert or a new entree.
Kudos to JA for being able to serve a full house (they even started playing John Mayer music for all of the anxious fans), the service was so fast yet we didn't feel rushed at all.

2008 Jul 25
I went here today for lunch with colleagues. I would not return unless it was a group event. I also had the hot buffalo chicken fingers - they were a bit soggy, although the heat level was what I was expecting. The worst part were the fries! cold and absolutely covered in salt. I couldn't eat them - this is a first for me. I told the waitress when she came to pick up the plate, and she peered them and said - they don't look too salty.

Work was footing the bill so I didn't care, but be warned!

We also shared the nacho platter and the hot crab and lobster dip. Neither was particular spectacular. The Nacho plate was big, but they only provided one tiny container of salsa - more was brought on request.

A colleague had the beef salad and it looked pretty good - I'd go with that the next time. Generally it's better to stay away from these places.

2008 Jul 14
Having heard that the chicken strips here are prepared fresh to order (not frozen) I opted to try their Buffalo Chicken Fingers. I asked for the hot buffalo wing sauce, but on the side because I don't like soggy fried stuff. When it arrived, it appeared that the sauce was missing altogether. I pointed it out to the server and she said that they'd already tossed the chicken in the sauce and she'd take it away and bring me a new one (kudos for that). Not wanting to waste food, and seeing that the chicken wasn't soggy, I chose to keep what I got.

In retrospect, I should have sent it back because this was so spicy that I couldn't really taste the chicken and batter to notice any benefit from its fresh preparation. They offer mild, medium, or hot. Anyway, I can't say much about it except that the hot is pretty hot! :-)


2010 Jul 30

Jalapeņo Monterey Jack cheese, jalapeņo bacon, jalapeņo zucchini relish, tomato, lettuce and chili hot sauce.

Pretty tasty burger. Had a bit of a kick. Not enough of a kick for me though. Made my on condiment by adding a bunch of tobasco to my side of mayo and spreading that on the lettuce tomato side. I meant to ask the deal with the jalapeno bacon is. I mean... how they make it even though I'm guessing it's pre-made somehow I'm still curious. You could definately taste some heat right in the bacon. Bun wasn't super fresh but not as bad as it looks in the photo. Waitress was very attentive. Fries were ok. I'd go back for lunch.

2010 Jun 17
I had the Smokey Jack's Burger and was impressed by how juicy and delicious it was. The meat patty is of high quality and not too thick. The smoked mozza and hickory bacon provided interest. Certainly one of the better burgers I've encountered.

I opted for the Garden Salad to accompany my burger instead of fries and they brought it to me in advance of the burger. It's the way to go if you want to feel great without bloating! One weird thing: no Thousand Island dressing. I went with Ranch.