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2010 Mar 22
Great food!
Of course there are some things that I'm not too fond of, but with a buffet-style restaurant you are bound to not enjoy some of the offerings. I've been here enough to have some favourites, and I really enjoy the spanakopita, tofu/broccoli ginger stir-fry, carrot/raisin salad & whatever the curry offering is. The breads are always really delicious too.
The deserts are good if you know what to expect with vegan desserts. They are not blow-your-face-off sweet, but I love that the natural flavours are allowed to shine through. The berry crumble is especially yummy:)
I never found this place to be too expensive, because I learned not to pile my plate high with a crazy amount of stuff that I won't finish. I think it's a fair price for the food that you receive.

2010 Feb 17
if you have room for dessert, i reccommend the vegan chocolate cake!

2009 Nov 12
I usually go here once a month with my mother.

The tofu stirfry is my favourite dish there. Usually is the first to empty, so I reccomend waiting around for one of the cooks to bring more out.

Many cold salad options too. Lots of bean salads, vegetarian sushi, cold pasta salads, 'ceasar' salads.

Desert at the Green Door is good, if you have an open idea of what vegan cooking is like. The chocolate vegan cake is a classic, and has a taste of its own. Not a lot of sugar, so if you are expecting a Betty Crocker cake, you aren't going to like it.

The setting is nice because you get to choose where to sit, the artwork always changes, very relaxing atmosphere.

2009 Jul 5
**I went here during exams earlier this year. I really liked the variety of healthy vegan and raw foods. The desserts were really good too - I think I spent more on the desserts portion. Plus, the cashiers were really sweet. Based on that, I would go here again if I was in the area.

Unfortunately, I have to agree with some of the previous comments. The food was warm, not hot, which makes it hard to enjoy. It was extremely expensive and I didn't like the atmosphere (cold and bland...sort of like a hangout for old folks offense!).**

2008 Nov 14
I went here on October 30th. I enjoyed my meal (it was actually quite cheap!) and particularly enjoyed their homemade pickles and sauerkraut. Mmm mmm...

However, most of the 'hot' dishes were room temperature! It really cut down on my enjoyment of those dishes. I know people have complained about this before (I've never experienced it at The Table though) but I didn't think it would be that noticeable! We were there towards the end of the evening (they close at 9, and we got there around 7:45) so that may have contributed to this, but...bleh!

One other thing I noticed is that not all the dishes seemed to list all the ingredients, which I feel is an oversight seeing that they cater to those with dietary restrictions.

That said, they did have a very nice selection of drinks (hot and cold), it's awesome that they're licensed, their coffee was half decent, and the staff were wonderful, friendly, and helpful.

I will return, but not for the 'hot' dishes! Their soup sure looked good...

2008 Nov 10
I was never a huge fan of the Green Door. The only good thing I ever gobbled up was the wilted fiddle-heads with lemon which are delicious. Otherwise, mostly they need milk and cheese and eggs to make their things more tasty.

The one GREAT thing about the Green Door is that Alanis Morrissett almost always eats here when in town for a concert so there is always an opportunity for celebrity sitings.

2008 Oct 11
I have a vegetarian friend who comes to visit once a year and each time we make a special trip to the Green Door. I always enjoy the food and the atmosphere is fun if quirky. I like the variety of choices and usually we wind up taking TOO much food because we want to sample a little of everything. I love the bread there - nice grainy bread with butter is a treat.
We have always managed to get there when it is very busy, so I don't know if this is always the case, or if we are just unlucky.
Last time we both decided to buy the cookbook because it had some of our favorite dishes. I haven't tried making them yet but I will have to get around to it...
Anyway whether you are vegetarian or not you should try this place.

2008 Feb 6
My favorite vegetarian restaurant in Ottawa!

Everything is good there, but they charge by weight and it can get pricey if you stack your plate. The excellent breads are free though, so you eat as much of those as you wish.

2007 Mar 27
Just came back from supper there....I'm always impressed with the food here. Lots of choices and always being filled up from the kitchen. I swear I had a little of everything! I kept it to a minimum though on one plate...didn't want to look like a total cow!

Anyways, I brought my camera but we were so hungry that when I remembered the camera, I had already eaten half of what was on my plate! Everything I had was full of flavor and the dhal had some nice heat to it. The soba noodle salad was mmmm good...the stirfry with tofu was tasty. I had the vegan 3 berry pie for dessert. It had this amazing pistachio/almond/other nuts topping on it which I thought was the best part of it!

I always LOVE going here and always end up leaving completely full!

2007 Feb 14
kmennie: I had to giggle about you comment on unnecessary tofu additions. An interesting perspective.

I go to the Green Door once every couple of months. I don't love everything that they offer, but there are some regular offerings that I always get (the stirfry, the seaweed, whatever curry is going). I love the variety in the salad bar, and the use of seasonal veggies.

My main complaint is that many of the desserts taste too healthy (the apple pie and chocolate cake for instance). I love the brownies, but it's usually luck to get them.

I prefer the Table for this type of dining.

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2008 Nov 27
I am not a fan of this style of eatery.

Paying by weight should be a crime.

It's a friggin buffet! So how is it freshly made to order?

Bland seasoning. Places like this give vegan\vegetarian food a bad rap.

Won't recommend it, won't go back.

It's no wonder that the Boomers love the place. They're retired and have the money to eat there, and their taste buds aren't developed enough to appreciate flavour.

2008 Jun 30
which is better - The Green Door or the Table?

I vote for the Green Door on Main Street. It has been around even before i was born- 1988. The Table is the copycat. I believe The Table started in in the late 90's.

I spoke with the people at the Green Door and I am impressed with their effort to use local, seasonal, and organic vegetables.

Once, I had the opportunity to help out in a fundraising event for Sierra Club, which was held at the Green Door.I had a peek at the kitchen and I noticed all the basic ingredients are of quality like the organic extra virgin olive oil, San-J wheat free tamari (i.e soy sauce), French Sea salt, Umeboshi (Japanese Plum) Vinegar and all organic flour, milled locally.

I shop at health food store for my grocery. If you check out the prices for those ingredients, boy, you would think how do they make money. I use San-J tamari at home and it costs me $6.00 for a 375ml bottle.

They also take pride in making all the food( all hot food, salads, desserts, chai tea, bread etc) from scratch everyday.

My mother is celiac and they have lots of gluten free desserts, main dishes and salads. It is always good to ask the staff because sometimes I can't read all the signs because there are so many of them.

The only thing I don't like about the Green Door is the waiting in line that makes my food cold. But then again, I know there are no cheap fillers!

2008 Jun 15
I love the food at The Green Door, and the overall selection. Regarding the desserts, the Banana Chocolate Chip cake was amazing. It's also a good place to take kids.