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2018 Dec 12
I went to Gabriel's on Metcalfe for a retirement luncheon yesterday. The guest of honour asked for a send-off lunch at Gabriel's so off we went. This location has a seating area for those who would like to dine-in however it is not as spacious as I had originally thought so our group of 15 took up a whole section of the resto. The inside of the resto looked nice with exposed brick walls and the pizza oven was in full view of the diners so we could watch the pizzas being made.

Most of my colleagues ordered pizzas for lunch and they loved their pizzas. The three coworkers sitting immediately to my left ordered the Gabriel Deluxe and it got rave reviews. One of my coworkers ordered a quinoa burger and really enjoyed it although she said the sweet potato fries were awfully spicy. While I was perusing the menu I noticed they had a lasagna lunch available which consisted of an individual sized lasagna and came with garlic bread and a soup or salad. The option to substitute the lasagna with a mac 'n cheese at no extra charge was available so that's what I ordered. My mac 'n cheese consisted of penne with white sauce and a little bit of grated orange cheddar on top. Using more flavourful cheeses would have been nice but I guess Gabriel's specializes in pizza so maybe the other dishes are an afterthought. The garlic bread and caesar certainly smelled of garlic when they arrived at the table but I was't tasting much garlic as I was eating them. My dish was mediocre at best so next time I go to Gabriel's I will stick to pizza.

2015 Aug 10
Wow! I had a fantastic lunch at Gabriel pizza on St Joseph Blvd. 12$ for the lunch buffet which included a large Ceasar salad to start that was pretty good. A large slice of perfect combination pizza and a hefty serving of delicious fettuccine Alfredo. Garlic bread was also included and it was also tasty. Service was great as well. I had a second slice of pizza it was delicious. This could be a new habit. Absolutely fantastic. I could hardly move.

2012 Sep 18
Sometimes, a dude who was born and raised in Ottawa has got to have a slice of cheese-laden, greasy pizza.

And tonight was one of those nights.

Oh man; so good. This XL Canadian would feed an army, were it not for the fact that I just ate half of it.

2012 Feb 11
When I first tried it, I was a huge fan of Gabriel's. But that was a number of years ago now, and I am no longer one of their customers. I can't pinpoint when it happened, but everything about their pies just started lacking.

The Rideau location in particular is terribly unimpressive -- and by Ottawa standards, at that.

The post below helps shed some light on it. But they are sort of halfway between cheap chain pizza and the pricier family-owned takeout/delivery joints, which I think is enough alone to make them successful here.

2012 Feb 11
Doesn't look like pepperoni to me but hey thats the quality of ingredients that most of the Mid East style Ottawa places are using. LOL love the description of it's aroma when cooked. I'm wondering if it is actually pork or some meat substitute???

2012 Feb 11
Our regular pizza place Ricardo's Pizza had gotten his supplier to bring him some of the product that he ships to Gabriel's and we did an experiment.

Gabriel's brand is on the right in the photo. It had a stronger scent of anise, a less pleasant aroma when cooked, shrunk a marked amount and was much greasier when touched by the heat.

The supplier also mentioned that they ordered much more brick cheese than they used to. One can only assume that this is going onto the pizza top, either mixing with or replacing the mozzarella. Nothing wrong with that. They aren't the only ones doing it.

However, the little guys who use premium ingredients always seem to get short shrift in comparison which I don't understand. My favourite place makes an awesome pie, but can't compete because Gabriel's has a dedicated clientele. I suppose that the Toronto Maple Leafs have the same kind of loyalty, too.

Please feel free to add a few downward-facing thumbs at the top of this post. I'm expecting them. This post is meant to be informative but I'm sure some will take it to be negative. Also, to be completely transparent, the information did come to me from a competitor.

A larger pic can be viewed on my site:

2011 Dec 23
Pizza was ordered in for lunch from their Ogilvie store. No pictures because at our location we are not allowed cell phones or any type of recording devices:( The pies looked fantastic but fell short in the taste department. The pizza had an overwhelming heavy cheese taste with a hint of oregano in the background. The crust was thick and soggy. Our bacon,olive ,pepperoni,green pepper seemed to meld together without any distinctive flavors. One would think green olives with their salty tang would come through yet not a hint of any tang. I did notice that since the last time I had this type of pizza the pepperoni has changed to toonie sized slices. Overall filling but very underwhelming in the taste department. Oh please someone bring a good quality wood fired pizza place with small,medium and large pies that have good quality toppings on top of the cheese made to order. We are due if it's built they will come!

2011 May 14
Was hungover this afternoon and needed some grease. Ordered the combo platter which consists of 3 large chicken strips, 8 zuccini, onion rings and french fries.

Arrived hot and delicious- exceeded my expectations.
Everything was cooked perfectly - highly reccomend for 11$

2010 Sep 21
@ Ken V I guess I should clarify.. the piece wasn't so cold, but maybe 'cooled'.. definitely a notch or 2 below lukewarm. He took it right out of the vertical warming display thing, but it felt like the warming part of it had been turned off long ago.

2010 Sep 18
@ butwhoami. Not sure if this is fact but when I was in a competitor of Gabriel's I asked for a cold slice and was told that it had to be heated up for a certain amount of time due to requirements by the city health inspector.




2011 Apr 28
The all you can eat is not a buffet, but you order from the waitress. You get a choice of:
- pizza: combo, hawaiian, pepperoni and bacon, or veggie
- pasta: alfredo, lasanga, spaghetti (maybe one more?)

So you can either have both pizza, two pastas, one choice of each. Basically for each order you can mix and match to your choosing. It is really fast and they are really good about coming around and taking your orders. What I really liked was that they let me take my 4th piece of pizza home, because I could not finish it! Very good service.

The dinner all you can eat is from Monday-Thursday and it is 9.95.

2011 Apr 27
Tell me more about the all you can eat. Is it buffet? A la carte? What is eligible for AYCE?

2011 Apr 27
I went to Gabriel's at bank and hunt club for their all you can eat pizza and pasta for dinner the other night. It was amazing! I managed to eat enough between the two of us to cover the cost of a medium pizza, so the price was the same. But being able to try all different kinds of pizza was great. The Pizza was really fresh and hot! Love! I will for sure be back, not for just breakfast and take out!

2011 Jan 5
We kept walking past the Bank location and thinking it looked good/interesting. I assumed that it was a nice place - boy was I wrong. The waitress was running around totally flushed when there was 2 ppl in the store. She took our order and then came back 10 minutes later to ask the size. Then we found out that she had not placed our order first as it should have been, but after 3 other pizza orders. She got a bad tip for that one! If busy I can understand but she wasn't!
Then to top it off the pizza was really greasy - I mean dripping with oil.
Won't be back! ever!

2008 Mar 24
My favourite pizza in the world is the Gabriel Deluxe: bacon, olives, mounds of cheese - what's not to love?! I always order from the Baseline location - always very quick and polite service. I've also eaten-in at the Bank St. location - they have a good lunch menu with lots of simple fare as an alternative to pizza.

2006 Nov 26
I went through a phase a couple of years ago of getting their small, double-cheese, plain pizzas; I think they may've had a special or something.

It was quite the mess of cheese, but, yum. Browned just so on top. Finishing even a small alone is not easily done.

Ordered dinner the other week, and I remain fairly impressed. The sauce could be more flavourful, but: cheese generous, toppings fresh, crust not terribly thin despite the request for same, but I have to admit a thinner crust wouldn't have gone well with their style of pizza.

It pains me that there is no dough ball in the centre of the pie -- it looks like that sort, if you know what I mean...

The salad wasn't bad. Extremely fresh stuff, not too stingy on the non-lettuce parts, but it lost points for using those dreadful bitter white parts.

Bonus points for polite and quick service, too.


2013 Feb 8
Hey, New User 3441 from last month...

Twice I've had eggs florentine there and enjoyed the dish both times, although the spinach is simply cooked, no seasoning to speak of. Nice bacon, nice fruit. But on the 2nd visit, on New Year's Day, the hollandaise sauce was lighter than a cloud, absolutely 5 star! Hope that happens again next time!

2011 Jan 13
The breakfast at the HuntClub/Bank location is wonderful! I get the Rise and Shiner which is 3 eggs, homefries, 4-5 strips of bacon and toast. My fiance and I eat everything, even the fruit on the plate is fresh, the over easy eggs are perfect.

My only complaint with this location is most of the time there are tons of servers but no one dedicated to you and they always seem confused. I think this is because they share the tasks and no-one knows who is getting what for whom. I think one time the service was excellent and it was because there was one server there.

Tip my hat to the chef though, best breakfast ever..i even tried other locations and we go out of our way to have breakfast at this location!

2008 Oct 15
You wouldn't think a pizza joint would have a good breakfast, but you would be wrong - these guys are probably the most unknown breakfast joint in town, and it's good, really good.

Fast - BIG PORTIONS - diner coffee as expected, but they keep fillin it, so thats good-many dishes include lotsa cheese surprise surprise, it is a pizza place.

I had the Farmers choice, which makes any big breakfast look measly next to this monster!!
3 eggs with 2 pancakes or Pain Doré with 3 strips of bacon and 3 sausage,i think you can get ham if you want, plus homefries and toast. It's a hangover special for sure!

My girlfriend had the chicken broccoli and swiss omelette, also massive, 3 eggs, toast and homfries or tomates, she loved it.

Open 7 days a week at 7 a.m. definitely reccomend this place, friendly, lotsa seating, wicked food, its got it all.

2015 Nov 5
I had the breakfast fritata a couple of times this week already. It's a small pizza shell with an egg and hollandaise mixture, then any 3 pizza toppings (mine were bacon, onion, and red pepper), and covered with cheese.

For $6.

Both times, it has filled me up so much that I haven't had lunch. Six bucks for two meals? I'm into that.

It's pretty good, too. Just remember to let it sit for a good 20 minutes before eating so the egg has a chance to firm up and doesn't get all over your favourite jumper.