Small Hintonburg based Vietnamese restaurant Between Parkdale and Holland on Wellington Avenue in the old location of Richard's Hintonburg Kitchen. House specialities include Hue style soup, among others.

Bn Riu at The Pho Shack
Bn B Huế at The Pho Shack
Foods from The Pho Shack

2019 Mar 13
Well this is bad news for the Pho Shack - it seems a whole bunch of idiots in Texas are giving the place a bad review because a place with the same name down there did some terrible things. See this facebook post and please if you like them log in and give them good reviews!

2016 Apr 20
Yes, I enjoyed the BBH here immensely, nice amount of meat, savory broth and depth of flavour that was very satisfying. However, the sodium levels were out there, really high, bordering unpalatable near the end of the meal. Despite that, I highly recommend checking them out and giving the house specialty a shot. The space is nice and clean. Service was a bit rushed, but the place was busy and orders kept flowing in. They have a steady lunch crowd!

2016 Apr 16
Visited this brand new addition to Hintonburg with my wife on Friday evening. It wasn't very busy but I have a feeling this is a temporary situation!

Knowing that Bn B Huế is one of my favourite things ever, Chimichimi was kind enough to recommend this place after he enjoyed his bowl. This is certainly one of the tastiest BBH bowls in town. I asked for mine with the flat rice noodle, as I much prefer the texture (and find it easier to eat) than the traditional round noodle. There are three sizes; this was the Medium ($12) and it was plenty for me!

The broth is similar to the style at Huong's Vietnamese Bistro but with a richer flavour. Both of those are thinner broths than the super rich wonder-stew at Kanata Noodle House. The variety and quantity of meat here is excellent. The only complaint I had was that the broth seemed quite salty in an MSG sort of way. Don't get me wrong... a little MSG is a good thing (and pretty much mandatory in a competitive Vietnamese broth), but if you like to drink all your broth you may find this one a little overwhelming.

All in all, highly recommended for Bun Bo Hue! My wife enjoyed her vermicelli bowl very much. Our starter spring rolls (cha gio) were affordably priced but not great and our summer rolls (goi cuon) were dominated by thick wads of vermicelli. Small quibbles for a brand new restaurant. Go check it out!

Feb 12
This is my first Bn Riu so I can only speak to how this tasted: fantastic. Lots of seafood, shrimp, fried fish and crab meat mixed in the eggs and floating on top, a few slices of Vietnamese pork, some shredded cabbage, slices of tomatoes and hot oil on top. The noodles were the vermicelli type. Simply satisfying at a very decent price. This was the medium size. I just exercised so I was hungry. I might have the small bowl next time. Lol!