Opened May 2016.

Sansotei Ramen
Ramen  at Sansotei Ramen
Sansotei Ramen
Ramen  at Sansotei Ramen
Sansotei Ramen
Sansotei Ramen
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2017 Mar 2
"Some outstanding ramen... I don't see how this dish could be improved!"

It could be improved by magically appearing in front of me rtf NOW.

Damn that pic... i really need to remember not to look at OttFoodies anywhere near lunchtime...

2017 Mar 1
Some outstanding ramen! The tonkotsu broth is rich without being heavy and the egg was perfectly cooked, albeit slightly cool. Truly satisfying, I don't see how this dish could be improved!

2016 Nov 2
This is stellar ramen! I opted for the Tonkotsu Black ($10.75). This is their tonkotsu pork ramen with a dollop of pungent black garlic oil for extra deep flavour. It was served blazingly hot and everything was fantastic especially the pork belly. Like others, I noticed the interior of the eggs were still cool. I suggest dunking them and letting them warm up while you slurp noodles and enjoy the other stuff.

The amazing thing is how fast this meal was. Here's my timeline:

11:05am - I walked in and was seated
11:06am - I ordered and was given a glass of water
11:12am - Ramen arrived and I began to enjoy it
11:20am - Finished my bowl and was immediately offered the bill
11:21am - Paid the bill (receipt stamped 11:21:26)

Seriously, 15 minutes from ordering to done, including Instagram photo taking. Fastest quick lunch I've ever had and quite possibly the tastiest too!