Opened May 2016.

Sansotei Ramen
Ramen  at Sansotei Ramen
Sansotei Ramen
Ramen  at Sansotei Ramen
Sansotei Ramen
Sansotei Ramen
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2018 Sep 17
Last weekend I tied in a trip to Sansotei Ramen with a friend. After a half hour wait we finally scored a seat. The waitress promptly brought a menu and glasses of water. We both ordered starters so I picked the spicy slow cooked wings and my friend ordered the gyoza. The wings I ordered were perhaps the best I've ever had. They had a slightly spicy taste to them and it tasted and looked like they were marinated in soy. My friend gave me one of her dumplings to have and they were also very good. As a main I ordered the tonkotsu and it was very tasty. The broth was rich and was served with two generous pieces of pork belly, lots of thin noodles and mushrooms, and an egg. They seem to have fixed the egg situation since my egg was the same temperature as the broth. My friend ordered the tomato ramen and she enjoyed it very much. It came with a tomato based broth that came with pork belly, a shrimp, corn, and thin noodles. It usually comes with an egg but since my friend is partial to eggs she asked them to hold the egg. All in all it was a delicious meal. Now if I can only figure out how to re-create those wings at home...

2017 Apr 1
Spicy tantan ramen. I think this is the same delicious tonkotsu broth with a welcome but very mild spice added. Hidden is some delicious spicy ground pork,1 piece of chashu and some mushrooms. Superb!

2016 Nov 14
I too popped in for Lunch on Saturday. Got the standard Tonkatsu. No garlic. And my goodness this was great. Run, don't walk to get some.

Also, the egg thing the others mentioned is also true. Let it be in the broth for a while, since it starts cold.

2016 May 23
Stopped by the day after they opened, and the dinner rush was in full force by about 6pm. It was about a 20 minute wait from a line out the door (less if you were on your own). As Inkling said, not a ton of seats inside, but I didn't feel cramped.. they've done a good job with the space.

I had the tonkotsu black (roasted garlic oil) with thin noodles, and my partner had the regular tonkotsu with thick noodles. Both were really good-- I like the extra layer of flavour the garlic oil added, but the regular broth holds up just fine on its own. Rich, creamy, porky, flavourful.

The noodles were cooked really well, still plenty firm as they were served to us and for a few minutes more.

Some room for improvement on the pork belly, which was okay but sort of rubbery, and the eggs, which were cooked right with the yolk having a good firm/runny balance, but hand't been marinated (long enough?) to bring any more flavour to the bowl. The egg also didn't seem as hot as the rest of the bowl, which I heard someone else mention might suggest they had popped in a prepared one that had been too recently in the fridge.

Still some early days kinks to be worked out, but this is the best ramen in the city, hands down, and I'm looking forward to trying out the rest of the menu.

2016 May 17
Went for lunch today. Wanted to order the Spicy Tantan but they had run out so got the Tonkotsu instead. It was excellent. My wife had the Shoyu; also good but I preferred the Tonkotsu. Haven't tried Datsun yet but Sansotei is definitely the best ramen I've had in Ottawa. It was pretty busy today but never more than a handful of people in line at once. Took a while to get our order - the server kept apologizing but it really wasn't that bad. It's a pretty small restaurant, sitting only 30 people. It looks bigger than it is due to the wall of mirrors opposite the door.

As the reddit thread states, there's no takeout. Their liquor licence is still in process so beer is still a future item.

If you like ramen, definitely a place to hit up. Pretty good value too, we were very full after our bowl (and we didn't order any appetisers).

2016 May 16
FYI, according to the Reddit folks this place is now open

2016 Jan 23
warby: thank you for being the bearer of the best news

I am so ridiculously excited about this! Sansotei is the real deal.. they've got a rich and creamy tonkotsu broth with legit umami and straight shoestring noodles, and the black garlic oil is their thing. Of the bowls I've had in Toronto and Montreal, they're right at the top (the miso ramen at Santouka in Toronto is another favourite). Authentic and delicious, and a clear cut above any of the current options in Ottawa. If this Ottawa location is on par with their Toronto shop, I'll be there often..

Here's a photo of one of my own bowls (sans garlic oil)

any rumblings yet about where they're going to open? (I saw some very minor activity for the first time in a while (one guy puttering) inside Raw Sugar the other day, but that's a stretch..)

2016 Jan 21
The Toronto location has line-ups from before opening until the minute it closes nearly every night of the week. It seems to be a hit with the locals and I'm looking forward to it opening in Ottawa since I won't be able to afford going to Toronto anytime soon...

2016 Jan 20
I don't often trust "Best of" anything.

But the Yelping done to Sansotei Ramen has got my mouth salivating and my wallet is grinning.

Picture is a from a real customer ... not the one of the promos found on Sansotei's website.

2016 Jan 19
Sansotei Ramen restaurant was declared "best in Toronto" by .

Coming to Ottawa in spring 2016, according to their website!

Ramen  4


2017 Mar 2
"Some outstanding ramen... I don't see how this dish could be improved!"

It could be improved by magically appearing in front of me rtf NOW.

Damn that pic... i really need to remember not to look at OttFoodies anywhere near lunchtime...

2017 Mar 1
Some outstanding ramen! The tonkotsu broth is rich without being heavy and the egg was perfectly cooked, albeit slightly cool. Truly satisfying, I don't see how this dish could be improved!

2016 Nov 2
This is stellar ramen! I opted for the Tonkotsu Black ($10.75). This is their tonkotsu pork ramen with a dollop of pungent black garlic oil for extra deep flavour. It was served blazingly hot and everything was fantastic especially the pork belly. Like others, I noticed the interior of the eggs were still cool. I suggest dunking them and letting them warm up while you slurp noodles and enjoy the other stuff.

The amazing thing is how fast this meal was. Here's my timeline:

11:05am - I walked in and was seated
11:06am - I ordered and was given a glass of water
11:12am - Ramen arrived and I began to enjoy it
11:20am - Finished my bowl and was immediately offered the bill
11:21am - Paid the bill (receipt stamped 11:21:26)

Seriously, 15 minutes from ordering to done, including Instagram photo taking. Fastest quick lunch I've ever had and quite possibly the tastiest too!