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2015 Jul 22
Here's a nice closeup of that awesome Jerk (right side of pic) with slow-cooked spices and aromatics that add so much depth and goodness.

2015 Jan 16
I visited with Chimichimi for the first time last night. What an awesome find! Delicious food at a very reasonable price.

My small jerk chicken meal (pictured) was $7 tax-in. Tasty chicken--not too spicy--with rice & beans and refreshing coleslaw. A perfect light meal, cheaper than fast food and a million times tastier.

The same meal can be had with a choice of jerk, BBQ, or fried chicken. All of these are pre-made and sitting on a platter in a warming cabinet. You order at the counter, the dishware is all takeout-ready but there are a few small tables where you can sit and eat the deliciousness.

Chimichimi really enjoyed his chicken roti. The squeeze bottle of tangy hot sauce was put to good use and added substantial kick.

Bright green walls combined with what sounded like an audiobook of the Dhammapada on the speaker system made for a surreal and neat atmosphere. Friendly service... Will totally be back!

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2015 Feb 28
I picked up a "Big People" sized plate of chicken to go, choosing one piece of jerk and one piece of fried. The jerk chicken was great as always and the fried chicken was surprisingly delightful considering it is pre-cooked and kept warm on a platter until sold. $15 gets you a platter large enough for 1 ravenous greedy bastard or 2 lighter eaters.