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Aug 27
Just discovered this place last week and I've been back 3 times! The oxtail is to-die-for, as is the BBQ chicken. The curry chicken is delightful as well.
The food here has shot to the top of my cravings list; super affordable, hearty and special. Can't recommend enough.

2019 May 15
Went here before a movie last night for dinner on date night. I saw everyone's reviews and decided to take a look.

Yeah, we both agreed this is now go-to place to go before a movie.

I had, and is pictured, the oxtail. Tender, melt in your mouth, with a nice spice hit. The sides were pretty great, and the standout was the mashed potatoes, which tasted garlicy and cheesy, and I could probably just eat an entire bowl of it.

My fiancÚ has the chicken curry, and she absolutely loved it. The chicken was literally fall off the bone, and the spices were complex, layered, and great (I stole a couple bites).

When we go back, we'll go small instead of medium, but I also am looking forwards to trying the Roti.

2017 Nov 22
MMM Curry chicken... fantastic meal although the jerk and BBQ chicken are still my favourite. For a messy eater like me all of that tumeric is dangerous!

2017 Nov 17
Chevon Walker from Gezellig now works here, and has improved some of the already great dishes. I do think I prefer the rough chop slaw to the now blended small smaller sized slaw but that's just me.

I suggest the $7 jerk chicken meal or the $8 chicken curry. Both come with spicy rice and beans and slaw. Chicken is fall off the bone and full of flavour. For the price, quality and satisfaction I haven't found anything better in the City. Service is always efficient and friendly.

2015 Nov 8
Can't believe I haven't commented here yet-- have been here several times in past months. This place is fantastic, and has to be one of the best value meals around to boot.

We've tried pretty much every iteration of chicken available, and it has been great every time-- I'm partial to the jerk chicken which has a very nice heat to it, but the BBQ and curry are quality options too. Plantains at $1 an order makes me want to order way too many every time, rice and beans and cole slaw sides do the job very well, and the patties (spicy and non-spicy) are crisp, flaky and filled well.

If you call ahead, they'll get your order started while you're on your way (although they may occasionally forget..). Very friendly people, and menu prices are somehow taxes in. Not too many places where I can get so much quality food without a bigger hit to the wallet-- the small size is generally enough, though the medium is great when I'm feeling more gluttonous.

2015 Sep 24
One of the best deals in the City for $7. Jerk chicken, coleslaw and rice/beans.

2015 Aug 21
Here's a pic of the menu! If you liked DSF you'll love Do Good Food. Equally great service and much tastier and healthier food!

2015 Aug 19
Wow! Another great addition to the Bells Corners/Nepean area! I got the big people meal with jerk chicken and it was very satisfying. I would argue that it's even more satisfying (with more protein) than a shawarma palace chicken plate, and it's around the same price and makes for two great meals. I also loved the vibe here. Thanks all for recommending it, it's a little hidden from Carling and I likely would have never seen it. Can't wait to try the Roti!

2015 Jul 22
The Big People Meal really is a feast! I eat well and I have lunch for tomorrow. Again, I opted for one piece fried and one piece jerk. The jerk was tastier and spicier this time than I'd had before. Seriously, folks... $15 for a delicious home-style meal that's enough for two? You have no business eating fast food with options like this around! *finger wag* ;-)

2015 Mar 3
I've been here a handful of times now. First time was with Fresh Foodie. I've been craving some island food in this cold, bleak winter, and I kept driving by this place wondering about it. I'm glad I checked it out. First thing to know: this is not a fancy place. This is a hole in the wall. Do not expect plates & silverware. You order. They give you food in a styrofoam container. You pay. You eat. You're happy because you're eating this food.

Why? Because it's good. And cheap. And the portions increase with the amount you pay. Are you hungry? Get the "big person" meal - $14-15 depending on the protein. Do you just need a snack? Get a Jamaican patty for $2 or a snack sized jerk chicken on rice & peas with coleslaw for $7. Somewhere in between? Get a curry chicken roti for $11. It's more filling than you'd think.

Personally, my fav so far has been the goat curry on rice & peas with coleslaw. Straight up savoury satisfaction. Overall, the food could be spicier, but I appreciate that they let you spice it up to whatever level you want - they have hot sauce and if you're really adventurous, pickled scotch bonnet peppers.

Love the reggae and Rasta vibe this place exudes.



2015 Jul 22
Here's a nice closeup of that awesome Jerk (right side of pic) with slow-cooked spices and aromatics that add so much depth and goodness.

2015 Jan 16
I visited with Chimichimi for the first time last night. What an awesome find! Delicious food at a very reasonable price.

My small jerk chicken meal (pictured) was $7 tax-in. Tasty chicken--not too spicy--with rice & beans and refreshing coleslaw. A perfect light meal, cheaper than fast food and a million times tastier.

The same meal can be had with a choice of jerk, BBQ, or fried chicken. All of these are pre-made and sitting on a platter in a warming cabinet. You order at the counter, the dishware is all takeout-ready but there are a few small tables where you can sit and eat the deliciousness.

Chimichimi really enjoyed his chicken roti. The squeeze bottle of tangy hot sauce was put to good use and added substantial kick.

Bright green walls combined with what sounded like an audiobook of the Dhammapada on the speaker system made for a surreal and neat atmosphere. Friendly service... Will totally be back!

Roti 1


2015 Feb 28
I picked up a "Big People" sized plate of chicken to go, choosing one piece of jerk and one piece of fried. The jerk chicken was great as always and the fried chicken was surprisingly delightful considering it is pre-cooked and kept warm on a platter until sold. $15 gets you a platter large enough for 1 ravenous greedy bastard or 2 lighter eaters.