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2014 Apr 16
Dined here last week for the first time. We ordered:

- veggie spring rolls to start
- Panang curry with chicken
- classic pad thai with chicken

The spring rolls were excellent. They are the smaller size and you get three in an order. I'll give them an 8.5/10. Standard but good spring roll!

Panang was good to very good, an 8/10. The chicken pieces were smallish and there wasn't enough bell peppers for my liking but the sauce was excellent and flavourful. I would recommend this dish.

Would not recommend the pad thai though. It was not exciting at all and too sweet. There was hardly any chicken or veggies, although I did enjoy the lack of bean sprouts which are usually over abundant. I give this dish a 5.5/10. It was decent but would not have it again.

The service was exceptional! The lady (owner?) was very attentive. It was also refreshing to dine in a nice, new space.

Overall, I would recommend Phuket and will be going back to try other dishes.

2014 Mar 24
Tried Phuket Royal for dinner this weekend, and I've got to say I was somewhat disappointed.

I was with two friends and we shared the pork spring rolls, pad thai, red curry, and beef stir fry with eggplant and thai basil.

Spring rolls were good, they came out hot and quickly.

The pad thai wasn't overly sugary, but ended up being sort of bland.

The curry sauce was good (and spicy) but the chicken was over cooked and rubbery. Maybe because it was sliced too thinly? It was a shame because the rest of the dish worked well.

The stir fry was by far the best thing we ordered. It had a nice balance of flavours and the eggplant was delicious.

Service was spotty, which we understood since they've just opened, but throughout our meal we were never offered a top up on water, but were offered water 5 times after they cleared our plates away. I'm sure that's just a learning curve for new staff.

I'm willing to give it another shot, since it is very close to my apartment, but Talay Thai still gets my vote as best thai place in the city.

2014 Mar 20
I went here last week and it was SO good. The best thai i've had in the city in a long time. Comparable to Siam Bistro, but I haven't been there in awhile. Traditionally I'm a Green Papaya fan but the value for dollar was really bugging me, so I saw THIS place open up and went for it! They had been open for only 4 days, and although our take out took 30 minutes, it was worth the wait! The yellow curry was the best I've ever had, the Pad Kee Mao killed Green Papaya's and the prices were $3-6 lower... for $50 I got veggie pad kee mao, chicken pad kee mao, pork fresh spring rolls, yellow chicken curry (with the potatoes..mmmm) and an order of rice for $50. The portions were very generous. My mom went the next night after trying my left overs!

2014 Mar 17
I was about to post about this restaurant. I went there few days ago with friends. We ordered couple dishes to share..Pad Thai, Papaya, and red curry. The food was served super fast. We all enjoyed.

2014 Mar 10
Phuket Royal lunch menu.

Curries and rice or pad thai for 9 bucks.

2014 Mar 10
Phuket Royale open as of last Saturday.

Owner/manager tells me it sits around 100 and the chef is from Thailand.

Next entry will be photo of lunch menu.

No take out menu or website yet .... to follow.

Forgot to take pic of inside. It looks nice and clean and spacious.

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2018 Jul 26
My husband ordered this thoroughly enjoyed it. It was not tomatoey for my liking but still very good.

2018 Jul 26
I ordered the yellow curry lunch special once, recently, and loved it. It was satisfyingly saucy and had a good mix of chicken and vegetables with a side of rice.

2019 Apr 24
Grilled pork and spring rolls on vermicelli was very good. There were mint leaves mixed in with the vegetables at the bottom.