Yellow Chicken Curry at Cafe Saffron
Yellow Chicken Curry at Phnom Penh
Where to get Yellow Chicken Curry

2007 Mar 19
Thoroughly enjoyed yellow curry - chicken was tender and very tasty.Believe they used the chicken thigh for this dish but no bones.

2007 Mar 16
Some coworkers and I went to this great Thai place in Gatineau (thanx ksw!). We ordered four different dishes and some rice to share. This was the one meat dish we ordered (I haven't eaten meat in a long time so the others were quite gracious) but I did try some of the potato and curry from this dish. It was soooo good! Right amount of heat. In the picture, it is the one on the bottom left side.


2009 Feb 26
Went to Phnom Penh recently and ordered the golden chicken curry, spicy.

The level of heat in this thing is pretty awesome: it's more "forward" a heat than some of the curries I've tried, meaning that it hits you right away, rather than creeping up on you.

Quite delicious, with a good balance between the spice and the coconut/peanut.

2008 Oct 27
We ate here on Friday - and I went with my favorite. I ordered it "spicy" which may be too much for most, but it hit the spot. The spicy one comes out a darker brown colour than FF pic below (I'm guessing he ordered medium). This time there were definitely more crushed peanut in the sauce but it was great!

2008 May 2
Here is their famous Golden Chicken curry. I remember enjoying it but not quite as much as I'd hoped given all the rave reviews. Now that I've lowered your expectations a bit you will love it! ;-)

2007 Nov 30
Get the Golden Chicken. Really. NOW! You won't know what hit you. I used to eat this at the Phnom Penh when I went to Queens in Kingston. It's chicken in a rich, spicy, peanut curry. Not sure if it's curry though. The closest comparison to it would be the jungle curry at Royal Thai. But this is much better. A couple of my friends found the medium spicy level too spicy but perfect for me.

We started with the Cambodian spring rolls which were Perfectly crispy and tasty. The peanut sauce with it was good but I nabbed one of my friends sweet fish sauce type sauce which came with his shrimp rolls. I found that went even better.

2018 Jul 26
I ordered the yellow curry lunch special once, recently, and loved it. It was satisfyingly saucy and had a good mix of chicken and vegetables with a side of rice.

2017 Jul 8
I second all the comments. It is a cheaper but tasty option in the centertown area. The chicken curry is their signature dish and is available every day. It is pictured here on steamed rice and beef and zucchini. I chose the soup instead of the spring roll as side. It was chicken and rice.